Nurses needed for Texas, Florida and Arizona

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Anthony @Strategic Alliance Staffing in Vancouver, British Columbia

95 months ago

We are in need of top notch RNs who are wanting support in being presented to orders we have in the hundreds in these three states. Some destinations offer some awesome signing bonuses like 10,000 in Texas and up to $15,000 in Miami... we have similar perks in AZ - and a flawless BSN New Grad program too in Tucson. We are fortunate to work with high quality Healthcare clients and my candidates are pleased with the choice and caliber of the job orders and clients we offer. A main specialty we offer is toe help Canadian RNs to get to USA either on a TNVisa or Permanently and our US associates we recruit for are pretty supportive of helping our candidates by sponsoring them for green cards as part of the arrangement. If anyone needs more info or simply wants to get going today then just send your resume to me in confidence at

You also also apply online conveniently at

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Susan in Tulsa, Oklahoma

94 months ago

I am soooooo wanting to move out of Oklahoma and close to the coast somewhere. I am locked in a lease at the present time, but will be serious in about six months of finding a new job. I think it's great that there are all the jobs that have great sign-on bonuses. Has anyone ever actually received a large sign-on bonus? I would like to know. It would really come in handy when moving.

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Strategic Alliance Staffing in Vancouver, British Columbia

94 months ago

I think the clever move is to either make your powermove in a permanent way or connect to organisations who can keep you earning, eating and growing without 'locking your options out' of your reach through innnovative and flexible alternatives... still with good benfits to assist your bigger picture. To me, these qualities build today's 'SmartNurse' who really gets to pick their employer through testing the waters (Per Diem and Travel are two strong options) and I am seeing Nurses really make themselves, most of all, happy with their eventual decisions on which team to apply their contribution to healthcare's ongoing 'real-time' storyline and history. How do you know if you are getting the best out there until YOU know firsthand what the best for you truly is? Hospital profiles and fancy money and other niceties... what significant improvement to your life has been gained though when a month later you realise fully how much you feel in the wrong team or city or culture to live in? If a nurse has a moment and is smart enough to make that moment all about them for a change; taking time after planning it to design the next 5 to 10 years of their career and resume. They point where there is a facility where growth is at least possible without question, and in a city they can expand their personalities, in a safe way, ideally where any moneys can be built to take on with you with a cost of living moving down - NOT UP.

While I may be jeered as some simpleton for saying this, I will say it with a love that comes in me from experience and healing .... this Boom Time in Healthcare will change if not end altogether one day. Choice here today as recruiters can prove will not be identical in a year. Lock in on something of power mutually or that creates for you a longer period of some freedom to make better choices as you DO make your move... resist the showy 'big extras' cause often them extras are actually the whole enchilada.

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mmorales173 in Tulsa, Oklahoma

64 months ago

I graduated as nurse in puerto Rico in 1990 ,and worked there for 10 years. and i need information about my license I looking to move to june.and i getting job.I have experience in medicine& surgery, ER recovery room,mental health, and more.But im not sure whta can i do. Please help me. miriam morales

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looking for change in Santa Fe, New Mexico

58 months ago

I am currently an OB RN in NM. I have been a Rn for more than 7 years and been in OB for 4 years. We would love to relocate to the coast particularly interested in the West Palm Beach FL area. I would love to find a Full time permanent position on a Mother/Baby unit or doing couplet care. Also, wondering how difficult it is to get a FL. License anyone know?

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