RN-Coders/Insurance companies

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Jewel in Murrieta, California

84 months ago

I've been in nursing 32 years (RN for 21) and am looking to get away from bedside nursing, and want to work from home. Does anybody know anything about RN Coding or working for insurance companies. I prefer to start my own company with RN Coding, but how hard is it to get clients, how long does it take to get started, and does anybody know how much $ we can make?

Diana in Des Moines, Iowa

74 months ago

If you ever get any answers to your questions, will you please pass them along?

Lisa H. in Augusta, Georgia

73 months ago

I am an RN also very interested in working from home. My focus has been research (as a study coordinator) but I am burned out! Any suggestions?

Vicki in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

68 months ago

I am an RN with 29 years experience (10 years in the operating room)(hospital setting) with the last 12 years in long term care. I would like to hear from other RNs that work from home working for insurance companies and how to get into this area of nursing and where would I get training for this?

gailbaggett@att.net in San Antonio, Texas

61 months ago

I am a registered nurse with over 30 years experience in various nursing settings. My last job was as a telephonice disease management nurse, but the company was downsized and I was laid off. I am very interested in becomeing a nurse coder. I have about 4 more months during which I could go to a coding school. I am 66 years old, but I still want and need to work. Could you please advise me if this is feasible for me. I am enthusiastic and very detail oriented. I also have ten years experience as a nurse auditor, and 10 years in a plastic surgeon's office as a nurse office manager, where I did medical billing and coding.

Jake in Winchester, California

58 months ago

I am a RN as well. Can anyone answer my question? I would like to use my RN degree/LIC to work from home for insurance companies. Can someone be specific about what companies, or avenues I should check out to get into it? I would really appreciate it. It is hard to get a straight answer. God Bless. <ixoye><

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