Returning to workforce in nursing after being a stay at home mom for nineteen years

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rowermom in Palm City, Florida

49 months ago

Need advice, I have been a stay at home mom for nineteen years. I have been looking for a position in nursing. I have an excellent resume from before children. (I worked over sixteen years as an RN- full time ). There are no refresher classes offered where I live. I have been on three interviews. I have been asked at each interview," What do you want for a salary?" My response is "I am sure that what you offer me will be fair". The interviews have all been around two hours in duration. During my follow up phone call the outcome has been "we decided to hire someone with more recent experience." Any suggestions on how to improve my chances of employment?

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rowermom in Palm City, Florida

49 months ago

I have been on four interviews. I have an impressive resume before children. Two of the four interviews the Human Resource individual picked up her personal cell phone and took a call during the interview.Be careful of start up home health agencies. They need a RN license to open their doors before they can take any clients.The refresher course does not guarantee a position.
My previous employee suggested I become a volunteer at the hospital where I worked for ten years as a charge nurse/infection contol nurse. I was shocked of her suggestion. Wish you the best.

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ommmmmer in Jonesborough, Tennessee

45 months ago

Returning RN in Nashville, Tennessee said: I am in TN and I am returning after 16 years. I just decided to do this. I am just starting the process and haven't been to interviews yet. I am still working on renewing my license, and i have similar concerns. There are refresher courses here I think, but at present, I can't afford them. It is a daunting endeavor but I am excited about getting back to the field.

I hope the process goes well for you. My plan is to renew my license and go to temp agencies and maybe try to do some chart review, private duty work or very light clinical stuff until i can get a refresher. I also am going to work on building my RN network and support system- I think that is crucial for good success.

I was home for 10 years and have gone back to work. I started by taking CEU's online for the most common updates usually wanted such a handling blood products and biohazards, patient safety etc. There are several sites that are very reasonable. I had to take 45 credits to get my license out of retirement. I started by doing chart reviews and then got a job in a clinic that treats the homeless and uninsured. I am still doing chart reviews and still at the clinic because I love it. Hope this helps

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Sharon in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

42 months ago

I live in Orlando Florida and the area is also lacking RN remediation/refresher courses for Orlando. There is one but it is in Kissimmee and wasn't up to par for me when I took the class portion two years ago. It is also very far away. I did find an approved program at Herzing College in Winter Park, Fl. campus, although the program is on hold until they find more students. I will have to wait for a call when a class becomes available. It was quite difficult to find them on the internet, so I recommended they advertise more.

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