I am a RN, but I cannot speaking and writting fluency English

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hhsiao in Spring, Texas

66 months ago

hi...dear everybody...
I am a Taiwanese from Taiwan. I finished my 2 years degree in Taiwan.My first language is Chinese. I got my RN license 2.5 years ago, but I still feel not comfortable with my English, so I still stay at school for a while. I only have 4 monthes experience at OR in Taiwan. Until now, I found a job at a acute long term care hospital.I still have a lot of problems with communicate with people even I come here for 5 years. AT the hospital is busy like crazy, I really can not handle it, so I decide to quite, but I have a year contract. They said that we give you a training program, so you have to stay for a year.I am going to talk to the people who interview me. I just think about should I go back school for a while. Their trainning problem is first week you have 1 pt and your preceptor has 5 pt. Following week will be I have two and my perceptor has four...ect...I have to take care the one pt by myself (first week). I really cannot do that. Before I was think the training will be I and my preceptor take care one pt together then following week will be two. I really new in nursing area, even some easy things for a nurse, but I just cannot do it. I believe I do not have the ability keep this job, and I know I will have a difficult time for finding a new job. By the way, this is my 4th weeks, I really try hard...but still not work well. HOW CAN I DO...HELP ME.

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RN doin CNA in Columbia, Maryland

66 months ago

I really feel bad for you. Knowing how to communicate properly is important as a nurse. You are responsible for patient teaching, answering questions, and documentation. Not to mention communicating report to the next nurse, speaking with doctors, and your superiors. I am a little confused as to why the interviewers did not see this as a potential problem. I have heard that English can be a difficult language to learn, so I have a lot of respect for anyone who attempts to learn English as a second language.

If I were you I would go to my nurse manager and tell them how you feel. Let them know that you are not ready to work with patients until you have become more confident with your communication skills. They should definitely understand. I took a spanish course for 2 years, and I would be terrified if they threw me in a hospital in Mexico. I would surely have to quit.

Your lack of communication poses a threat not only to your license, but to the hospital, and ultimately to the patients. Lives are at stake. Repeat to your manager just what I wrote in the last 2 sentences. They may be able to prolong your orientation until you complete some additional English courses. Good Luck!

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hhsiao in Spring, Texas

65 months ago

Thanks for your advice. I think will have a very difficult time for me to find next job. I just think about ..may go back school to restudy all nursing program or attend a nursing refresh course. I still try to find a way, I can go ... Actually I still interest in working at OR, and I will get some information from school. If I study surgical tech, will help me to find a job at OR or not? Some people say yes, others are not...

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