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jonnie8388 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

54 months ago

I would like to speak to others who have been terminate for reasons they strongly disagree with from large corporations that make your incidence "unfightable" and would like to know from a professional who I report this to. in Nashville, Tennessee

54 months ago

I encountered an awfull ordeal with a large coporation for which I was terminated. I actually had no recourse,as they are so big that any fight that may have attempted, I knew that I would lose. I got an expensive attorney and still lost. May we discuss this in its entirety.

cvaleriano in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

54 months ago

I understand my assignment was rediculous and unsafe I immediately went to my supervisor to ask for help and there were people that could have helped me. No one assisted. Even after telling them that I was so afraid I would make a mistake or one of my pts was to critical to even be on that floor and I was afraid he would code they ignored me. I make a mistake and just because the "policy" for that particular incident said I had to be terminated, there were extenuating circumstances and they turned it all around on me. I was personal friends with the unit manager (who was still new at that position) and I have worked on that floor hundreds of times whenn I was a float nurse and my so called "friend" told the review committee that I was "struggling" anyway on the floor but she gave me a good 3 month review just one month prior and I told her I wanted to transfer to the recovery room because the hours were better for child care for me and she told the committee this and another reason they brought up for terminating me was that I had "child care issues". My oldest is 22yrs old, my youngest is 8 and I have one in the middle. Of course I run into child care issues since my oldest moved away for college, but you know, you work it out. I just meant that the RR job would be easier because of better hours. But they turned it around and just said I had child care "issues" . I am sad and mad about what they did to me and if my critical patient would have coded and died I would probably feel even worse. If I made a med error because I was never away from that man's side and I kept him safe and alive for him and his family I can live with that, but it is hard to get past the hurt and anger. That I am struggling with. I'm sorry for you.

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