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Updated 14 days ago

How to obtain a NHA position - 110 Replies

I have my degree in Health Service Management. I would like to get some information on how I can take the Texas boards. I was told that I would need...

Victor Ericsson

Updated 23 days ago

AIT Program - 144 Replies

Does anyone in the general Houston Texas area know of any nursing homes that offer PAID internship programs for A.I.T's? Perhaps even in surrounding...

da great bank

Updated 1 month ago

AIT Study materials - 1 Reply

Right in your back yard K&K Consulting...Charles Vallier


Updated 1 month ago

Liscensing in Michigan - 35 Replies

Here is my email address so we could exchange numbers


Updated 2 months ago

I want to buy existing ALF anywhere in FL. - 5 Replies

Please let me know if your family is still investing in ALFs. I have one for sale.


Updated 7 months ago

Starting a Adult Care Home - 238 Replies

I am interested in starting a respite care center to accommodates children & teenagers with developmental differences. What is the first step to take?

Strugglingsearch in Suwanee, Georgia

Updated 8 months ago

How to get into the field - 69 Replies

Hi all. I'm currently trying to get my administrator's license in GA. I am trying to find out information about administrator in training programs....

mmador in California

Selling study books

Hi. I just passed both my exams in California and am selling my NAB book. I cannot sell the study materials from the study program I bought, as they... in Normal, Illinois

Updated 8 months ago

Nursing Home Administrator - AIT in Georgia - AIT Salary expectations? - 2 Replies

Anyone know how to find an AIT in Georgia? The website lists nursing facilities who have preceptors, but those preceptors mentor internal applicants...

cynthia in Georgia

Updated 8 months ago


It crasy to see how professionals are begging for years just to have A PRECEPTOR TO OFFER an AIT POSITION. unfortunately, before you know, it has...

carlos in Fort Worth, Texas

Updated 9 months ago

Salary inquiry - 2 Replies

I am considering a position for a nursing home facility. What is the average salary for Nursing Home Administrator in the Austin area?

mbrown1972 in Acme Township, Michigan

Updated 10 months ago

Stan Mucinic-exam prep course - 2 Replies

Has anyone take his on-line exam prep course? I would like to know if its worth the money. Thanks

jeremylesko in Elyria, Ohio

Updated 10 months ago

Paid AIT anywhere in Ohio? - 5 Replies

Hi folks, just graduated with my BSHA-LTC from UoPHX in Jan 2013. I'm getting itchy feet because I do not understand how fair it is for an AIT not to... in Bossier City, Louisiana

looking for position in Washington State

Hello Everyone, I am looking to relocate to the State of Washington, particularly in the olympic rain shadow area west or southwest of Seattle. I...

patrick A Ngene in Indianapolis, Indiana

Updated 10 months ago

AIT Programs - 163 Replies

I looking to see how i can get involved in an Administrator in Training program. I really would like to become a nursing home administrator in PA....

patrick A Ngene in Indianapolis, Indiana

Updated 10 months ago

How to locate nursing homes that offer AIT positions - 31 Replies

I have recently completed my degree in Healthcare Administration. I need to get my foot in the door and was informed that an AIT is the best and...

Bobbi in Johnstown, Pennsylvania

Updated 11 months ago

AIT Program in Pennsylvania - 5 Replies

Hello everybody, I am a student of Master of Health Administration at university of Scranton. I am interested in joining an Administrator in...

patrick A Ngene in Fishers, Indiana

Updated 11 months ago

Frustration with finding a AIT prorgram - 2 Replies

Hi everyone!!! I am a Masters graduate in Health Care Administration with over 10 years experience within LTC and ALF, however I have been...

patricia gentry in Sulphur Springs, Texas

Updated 12 months ago

Seeking interim LNFA/Alf position in Texas - 1 Reply

I have been a Administrator since 1979. I would like to find an interim positon as either a ltc admin or as a E.D. Willing to travel for the right...

Jessica Stemmerding in San Antonio, Texas

Updated 13 months ago

Recruiters - 14 Replies

I am starting to believe that recruiters are not out there to help new NHA. They are trying to prove that their company can deliver the "top of the...

Bob in Knoxville, Tennessee

Updated 13 months ago

getting a position - 9 Replies

If anyone would like a truly caring, committed and energetic person, who is a licensed NHA, has a master's degree in public health, 13 years of...

Harry in Pflugerville, Texas

Updated 13 months ago

NAB study guide - 34 Replies

Hello everyone! I recently Passed the national exam and I'm selling the following books: NAB study guide $60 Principles of Healthcare... in Bossier City, Louisiana

Updated 13 months ago

NHA License in TEXAS - 285 Replies

I planning to move to Houston Texas in May 2008. I have a NHA License in FL and want to prepare for the Texas exam, where can I get the current regs...

Lucy in Dallas, Texas

Texas state exam

Can somebody tell me what books to read for Texas nursing home exam.Thanks

Bob in Knoxville, Tennessee

Updated 15 months ago

AIT Nearing Completion of Program - 3 Replies

Hello all. I am an AIT nearing the close of my training program. I will soon be taking the NHA, and then begin what appears to be the daunting task...

JLeonard in Columbus, Ohio

Updated 18 months ago

Interim Nursing Home Administrator Career? - 35 Replies

Does anybody have any advice about making a career out of interim assignments? with 18 years experience as an administrator, mostly in turnaround...

tlewis777 in Jackson, Mississippi

FINDING PRECEPTORS IN JACKSON, MS. (or surrounding areas)

Hello, I was wondering if there is anyone who knows of nursing home administrators in the metro Jackson, MS or surrounding areas accepting...

jacquee in Jeffersonville, Indiana

Updated 18 months ago

Administrator-In-Training (AIT): Nursing Home Admin - 7 Replies

My name is Matt, currently I am a student at Cleveland State University obtaining my Masters of Public Administration with an emphasis on Health Care...

John86 in New York, New York

Updated 18 months ago

What is the best paid study program for National Test. I need to pass! - 2 Replies

Please let me know who you know is good. I am looking for the most test questions and materials

Kim B in Perris, California

Updated 19 months ago

Allen books vs just reading material - 1 Reply

I am studying to take the NAB soon- would anyone who have taken the test advise me if James Allen review study questions prepare you? Or should I...

JK14 in Longview, Texas

Texas AIT help

Can anyone help me? I'm trying to find out when the next preceptor seminar for Texas is. I've tried contacting Jennifer Pfluger and have not been...

Andy in Mullica Hill, New Jersey

MBA Helathcare Admin Looking where to start

I am somewhat lost. I will be graduating with my MBA in HCA and I am confused on how I get involved in an AIT program. The NJ form online for an AIT...

Julia Flowers in Florida

Updated 20 months ago

Boom or bust? - 332 Replies

Are jobs in this industry on the rise? Are there any sub-sectors that are growing? Where are the jobs? Which places have the most nursing home...

jblackwell in Richmond, Virginia

Updated 21 months ago

AIT programs - 8 Replies

Hello, Does anyone know of any Administrator in training programs in Michigan?

C Pius in Bend, Oregon

Updated 21 months ago

AIT programs... suggestions? Advice? Is anyone paying for AIT's anymore? - 3 Replies

I graduated with my Bachelors of Science in Health Care Administration. It is my hope to find a paid AIT program.. literally anywhere in the United...

Lauren in Cleveland, Ohio

Updated 21 months ago


I am currently completing my AIT and I must say a lot of these forums are quite discouraging. Just wondering how realistic it would be to find a job...

angelumpkers in Salisbury, Maryland

florida state test

Hi everyone, I'm got approved to take the florida state nha exam. I'm licensed in maryland and pennsylvania. How do you study for this exam? ...

Jeff in Orange, New Jersey

Updated 24 months ago

Show me the money... - 40 Replies

What are typical nursing home administrator salaries? Do some companies pay a lot more for this position than others? What does a top earner make in...

NursekrisLPN in Grand Blanc, Michigan

Starting program at Madonna University

My name is Kristina and I am new here. I will be starting the certificate program at Madonna University in Livonia, Mi in september. I have been a...

JJ in Winter Haven, Florida

Updated 25 months ago

Trying to Get Started in Central FL - 18 Replies

I am new to this forum, and thought I would seek some advice. I recently moved to Ocala, Florida from Austin, Texas and am looking for a position to...

dkahler in Waverly, Iowa

NAB exams

I have read a lot of comments on what guides to use to prepare for the exam. I have been using Allen's books, which I love and find very...

Debi Covert in Sand Springs, Oklahoma

Updated 27 months ago

LNHA Needed in Oklahoma City and Tulsa, Oklahoma - 6 Replies

I have 2 SNF, one in OK City and one in Tulsa, that each need an experienced LNHA. These are mid-size facilities, and the pay, bonus plan, and...

jmzumara in Fishers, Indiana

Updated 27 months ago

Finding an AIT program - Indiana - 2 Replies

I am searching for an AIT program in Indiana. It seems quite difficult to get the right information and most wth knowledge refuse to speak all...

New Administrators in Houston, Texas

New Administrator with no experience?

What company hire new Administrators in Southeast TX or Houston, TX with no experience?

uzmaqureshi in Richardson, Texas

Assistant Nursing Facility Administrator in Dallas, Texas

I am licensed as a CPA in Texas and New Mexico; I have an MBA, a BA in Accounting and an Associate of Science degree. Twenty years experience as an...

SundayB in Columbia, South Carolina

Updated 28 months ago

NHA Positions (Traveling, Interim, Assistant, Administrator) - 12 Replies

I am currently a licensed NHA in Alabama, Tennessee, Kentucky and West Virginia. I have relocated back to Tennessee. If anyone knows of any open...

Mpho in London, United Kingdom

Updated 29 months ago

Online or classroom training AIT program - 3 Replies

Hi I live in Nj. I was looking for a program I wanted to know if the online classes are just as good as the classroom? And will I be able to pass...

angelumpkers in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Florida NHA license

Hi everyone, I'm working on a NHA license in Fl though endorsement. For those of you licensed in FL, how did you go about providing the...

jsd in Fresno, California

NHA License in California

Hi, I am aspiring NHA and have been recently accepted into AIT program. I will really appreciate any help with study material or any tips or guidance...

jamline in Brooklyn, New York

Updated 29 months ago

NHA Review Course - 2 Replies

For people in New York I am taking survey about how many people would be interested in an NHA Review Course if it was offered? Thanks

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