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Atticus Finch

Updated 1 day ago

OT STUDENT - 188 Replies

[QUOTE who="ashleigh in Enterprise, Alabama"]Got any cota positions in alabama or florida that are in a hospital setting?[/QUOTE] Yes and while...

Atticus Finch

Updated 1 day ago

The Best and Worst thing about Being an OT - 295 Replies

[QUOTE who="yankee_ellen in Plano, Texas"]I am 56 yrs old and wanting to re-career to become an OT. I am in the process of taking my pre-requisites....

bryan jalando-on

Updated 1 day ago

passing the NBCOT exam - 2235 Replies

[QUOTE who="sol in Spring Valley, California"]Hi, just wanted to ask what study tips can you give us on passing this NBCOT exam. Thanks[/QUOTE] h...


Updated 7 days ago

How difficult is Occupational Therapy School? - 41 Replies

[QUOTE who="CaliOT in Santa Cruz, California"]Hi there! So was I and I'm still hesitant about it but after doing extensive research the debt is worth...


Updated 7 days ago

Fast Pace Environments and OT - 1 Reply

The best way for you to find out is to complete some observation hours. But in general, inpatient hospital settings will be fast paced. There are...

Sgirl interested in OT

Teaching vs. Occupational therapy as a career

I am just curious if anyone has ever been a teacher and then switched to occupational therapy or vice versa? If so, how do the two compare?...


NBCOT Character Review -- I'm unable to prove that I've completed the terms of my probation.

In 2008 I was convicted of a misdemeanor for making criminal threats. I was sentenced to 36 months of summary probation, 12 days of CalTrans, 26...


Updated 9 days ago

OT degree from overseas?? Post professional master degree in US? -- 2013 NBCOT NEW handbook!!! - 25 Replies

I think get into university for get an entry could be a little easy since they know if we choose go for entry is because we need to get aprove for...


Updated 9 days ago

Anyone struggling with the OT job market in Canada ? - 10 Replies

Hi Everyone, Can anyone share about working in British of Columbia in Canada as an OT? Is it hard to find job there? Thanks.

lucie lu

Updated 10 days ago

New Grad Salary Negotiations - 2 Replies

[QUOTE who="MellissaC in Plainwell, Michigan"]I am wondering what a reasonable salary for a new grad in an inpatient setting is. I am talking with a...


Updated 10 days ago

Occupational Therapy vs Physician Assistant - 3 Replies

[QUOTE who="amjadjamal in scranton, Pennsylvania"]I am wondering what would be a better choice in between these two field: A) in terms on job...


Considering becoming an OT- career switch

Hello all, I've been working in the field of ABA for 8 years now (since I was 25) and have been a BCBA for 6 years now. I am thoroughly burnt...


OTA Program in NON-Accredited school - American Career College Orange COunty

Hi there! i can use some insights. I'm applying for the OTA program in American Career College but the thing is it's not yet accredited. Any of you...


Updated 13 days ago

Easy OT schools to get into - 66 Replies

[QUOTE who="otmepleaase in Oakland, California"]Hey Everyone. I could really use your advice and encouragement, because I feel really discouraged...

ot applicant

Updated 19 days ago

Occupational therapy master's program - 739 Replies

Hi thinking about the OT application process seems daunting to say the least, how I wish I had taken a year off of school to figure out what I wanted...


Occupational Therapy Salary Discussion

Since there is no new discussion out there, neither are there any official UPDATED data...hows it looking for OTs? Which is the best place setting...

Carolina Girl

Updated 23 days ago

Typical Undergraduate Degrees Earned - 1 Reply

[QUOTE who="jwk83 in Jonesboro, Arkansas"]I am starting school in the fall. I am sure that I want to become a Occupational therapist. I am not sure...

Carolina Girl




Updated 1 month ago

Calling Current OTs and Student MOTs, I need your advice please. - 11 Replies

[QUOTE who="Future OT from San Diego in Poway, California"]Hi everyone, Thanks so much for reading my post. I basically need some...


Failing level I fieldwork?

I just completed my first level I fieldwork rotation and it was an epic fail. I felt totally unprepared for all of the homework and responsibilities...



Hi, I wanted to get some insight into the OT environment in California (visited LA and absolutely LOVED it!) vs Florida (someone was recently...


Updated 1 month ago

OT burnout - 404 Replies

[QUOTE who="Dr Ot in Denville, New Jersey"]It breaks my heart a bit, and I have putty for you.[/QUOTE] I see what you did there.


Updated 1 month ago

NBCOT OTED Eligibility for Category B - 39 Replies

wouldn't it be nice to know who these people are going? :o)


Updated 1 month ago

Recent graduate with a Master's in School Counseling...Am I crazy for considering going back for OT? - 3 Replies

nconfused, I'm sorry but I think all MOT programs are full time.


Updated 1 month ago

Not happy - 76 Replies

[QUOTE who="HappyOtter in Austin, Texas"]A year ago I felt the same way as the original poster on here. I spent way too long lurking around reading...


Updated 1 month ago

Tips for getting into SJSU, Samuel Merritt or Dominican? - 2 Replies

Celeste got it down with the essay part! Creativity in how you present your passion in the essay would make you stand out, IMO. Definitely get more...


PRN - SNFs or ADHCs in Los Angeles

Hi, I used to live in L.A. and worked mostly PRN in SNFs and ADHCs but have been gone for about 10 years. I'm planning a move back that way and...

OTR in Austin

Updated 1 month ago

ot saturation in texas - 2 Replies

Hi Andrea, I am also in Austin, from Austin originally but moved around and worked in other cities and states. The saturation you're noticing is...


Updated 1 month ago

OT's in Acute Rehab - 1 Reply

Hi, I currently work in an acute rehab too. My interventions usually vary depending on the patient's deficits but some of the things involved in my...


OT Continuing Education Courses?

Hi I'm an OT working in an adult inpatient acute rehab unit and also an acute care unit where I see a lot of different diagnoses (hip/knee...


Updated 1 month ago

San Jose State OT - 541 Replies

I'll be attending UNH's OT program this fall and Neuroanatomy is also a prerequisite. Anybody have more information regarding the second section?...


Updated 1 month ago

What is the OT program like at SJSU? - 2 Replies

How many hours did you work while you were in the program, Indeey? This question also goes out to anyone who is attending the MSOT program at...


Gap year work experience- Pre-OT Program

Hello everyone! I am currently hoping to attend an occupational therapy program in the near future. Come this May, I will have a Bachelor's in...


Updated 1 month ago

Summer Undergraduate - 1 Reply

Hi Sabrina! Most OT master programs require a certain amount of observation/volunteer hours in OT so maybe you should find an OT to observe or...


Updated 1 month ago

Returning to OT after almost 20 years! - 1 Reply

Hi Mary, just looking through the postings and came upon yours. Just wondering how your quest is going. I am a Canadian OT who took enough time off...

Scott Harmon

Updated 1 month ago

Starting a Private Pediatric Practice - 114 Replies

Smcclain78 in Marietta, Georgia I am an OT and operate two pediatric therapy clinics. I also partnered with another OT who happens to be my wife....

COTA guy

Updated 1 month ago

Careers othe rthan OT - 298 Replies

With only about 8% of OT practitioners being males, and of those about 2% working in SNFs, there's a reason. I love helping my patients (hate the...


Updated 1 month ago

How do I work as an OT in USA - 13 Replies

Hello, Come September I will be attending grad school in the UK to get my masters in OT. Some of the requirements to take the NBCOT exam are not...


Updated 1 month ago

Home Health Care Per visit rate - 8 Replies

[QUOTE who="Raya in Denver, Colorado"]I get paid 60 per revisit and 75 for evals, 70 for DC Oasis and I get $2 per visit for gas. Hope that...


Updated 1 month ago

loans - 19 Replies

[QUOTE who="Gee and OT in Santa Cruz, California"]Ok so I just got into private also. Has no one even called the govt on loan repayment here's the...


Updated 1 month ago

OT Travel Companies - 24 Replies

Anyone familiar with the current travel therapy market in the LA area? I have traveled in LA in the past and had no problem securing positions. I am...


Updated 2 months ago

Just failed Level II FW...I need help! - 4 Replies

Hang in there. There could be multiple factors at play. I almost failed my final rotation because of "office politics". For some reason there is a...


AOTA board prep

Does anyone know how many people can log on under the board prep at the same time? I am interested in purchasing the course and splitting the cost...

Karen James02

Changing OT field from mental health to acute inpt phys dys

The mental health unit I worked at for years closed, so I took a job on an inpt acute unit at a hospital. I am seeing Clients who have had strokes,...


Updated 2 months ago

Working in USA as foreigner - 1 Reply

Hey Robyn, In order to practice in the United States you need to pass the NBCOT exam. Also, our OT degree is now a masters. I think there might...


Updated 2 months ago

Torn between COTA and OTR - 33 Replies

Burnout and bmeyers, I feel about the same. I'm not yet 30, but I am interested in a more satisfying, patient-centered job versus what I'm doing now....


Updated 2 months ago

How is the OT field in the UK? - 2 Replies

[QUOTE who="anticuti in Brentwood, California"]Lots of demand of OTs in UK, less in big cities but alot everywhere. I was there for a few month. As...


Updated 2 months ago

New Grad - 4 Replies

Esther..... Any tips for a new grad navigating the job market in Ontario? I graduate in May with M.Sc. in OT. I've been keeping an eye on job...


Updated 2 months ago

Obamacare - job cuts? salary cuts? - 4 Replies

Yeah, hopefully OT doesn't become like pharmacy where too many students are being graduated. Haven't heard of people having trouble finding jobs in...


Is continued registration with NCBOT really necessary?

I have been an OT for 25+ years. When I was initially passed the registration exam, this credential was considered by NCBOT to be "lifetime"...

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