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pediatric OT

Updated 13 hours ago

Show me the money... - 77 Replies

I am a pediatric OT with a psych bachelors degree. I think it depends in your interests. If you like a combination of psychosocial and...

pediatric OT

Updated 14 hours ago

Advice for entry level therapist needed! - 8 Replies

I have been a therapist for 15 years. Take heart we have all felt that way initially. #1 I would strongly suggest that your try to find a...

pediatric OT

Updated 14 hours ago

Looking for some career changing advice - 2 Replies

[QUOTE who="pediatric OT in Lexington, Kentucky"]I am a pediatric OT. I think it really depends on your own interests. OT is a major shift from...


Updated 19 hours ago

OT burnout - 429 Replies

KristyC in Davenport, CT said: There will always be more jobs for OTRs then COTAs. There are also more opportunities and room for advancement for...

Teacher Laura

Becoming an OT with Arthritis Pain

Hello Everyone! I have a degree in child development, and looking to do my masters in OT. However, I'm wondering if it's not a good fit for me as...

Gordon G

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Maybe OTR

Updated 7 days ago

Am I too old to begin OT school? - 38 Replies

Your comment is refreshing to me. Yes there are many areas an OT can work in and make a difference to others for the better. I am a career changer....

Stephanie Shane

Updated 8 days ago

I am looking to form a study group or find a study partner for the NBCOT exam! - 64 Replies

Pass the OT is by far the most effective way to pass the nbcot. Check out the article below it might help. http://passtheot.com/to-pass-the-nbcot-...

Stephanie Shane

Updated 8 days ago

Can someone help me to see why I can't pass NBCOT Exam? - 5 Replies

This article might help you understand why you are not passing the NBCOT http://passtheot.com/to-pass-the-nbcot-avoid-these-top-7-mistakes


NYC jobs: work vs cost of living.

I'm a frequent traveling cota who is looking to move to the NYC to do either a contract or a perm position. I'd love to hear from any NYC cotas on...

Cota to ot

Updated 18 days ago

OTs vs OTAs in SNFs - 23 Replies

[QUOTE who="late starter in Granby, Missouri"]I am getting started on taking either the ota or pta and im at a loss as to which area is best or worst...


Occupational Therapy job market in Toronto, Ontario?

Hi all, Been shadowing OT profession, and it does seem as a fun and exciting career and something I am looking to pursue. Despite all positive...


International Bachelor degree in occupational therapy

Hello,I have International Bachelor degree in occupational therapy and came to USA.I am really confused with the situation here. What is my options?...


O.T: Certified in 5 years??

Hey, I'm interested in Occupational Therapy, and i would love to hear what it's like on a daily basis. I plan on shadowing an Occupational Therapist...


Updated 28 days ago

OT in acute care hospital setting - 47 Replies

Hello all, I am a relatively new practitioner, in my first position out of school in an acute care hospital. For those of you who have been in the...


What to look for in a job (real advice) as a new practitioner/first job?

I am looking for advice about what to consider when looking at jobs as a new practitioner. I have #1 asked about mentorship and received several...


Updated 1 month ago

NYS license query - 1 Reply

Elana, sorry no one responded to you. I am in NYS and received my license here. I'm happy to help if I can. I didn't go through the UK to US process....

Long time OT

How do I get pediatric experience?

I've been working as an OT in the SNF setting for 10 years. I'm starting to feel the burn out and I'm looking to switch settings. I've looked at...


Pre-OT, confused about which program and whatnot

I am currently a Pre-OT student. My undergrad will be in cardiorespiratory care (to be an RRT, respiratory therapist). I've already looked at...

Cheyenne McErquiaga

Updated 1 month ago

Please, I would like help deciding between OTA and OT - 3 Replies

Hi, i am 28 have a BAS in Marketing and would like to go back to school. I am worried about excessive student loans, in regards to that do you know...


Updated 1 month ago

Going back to school for Occupational Therapy - 13 Replies

[QUOTE who="ProspectOT_DW in Seattle, Washington"]I'm happy to see this thread because I haven't met any other prospective OT's that come from the...


Updated 1 month ago

Any online M.A./M.S. occupational therapy degrees for entry-level??? - 7 Replies

That is sad that there does not exist any online o.t.programs at present


Updated 1 month ago

The Best and Worst thing about Being an OT - 257 Replies

Is nursing more competitive to get into than OT? I think OT has become even more competitive these days now than it has been before. There's a local...

Erica B

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Updated 1 month ago

Torn between COTA and OTR - 51 Replies

I was on the fence between OTA and OT. I eventually decided OTA, because there are many travel jobs that will pay you between 80-120k (one in Cali...


OT volunteer opportunities in Pediatrics, Assistive Technology and Hand Therapy.

I am currently considering a change in my area of practice from having worked with adults in acute care and Skilled nursing facilities. I am...


What is a good undergrad choice for Occupational Therapy

I really need some advice about what is a good choice for an undergrad degree for Occupational Therapy. I know most people pick a Psychology degree...


Updated 1 month ago

NBCOT OTED Eligibility for Category B - 46 Replies

Hi All, I am new to this forum, and clearly not the first to experience the jump through hoops (add burning hoops for drama). WOW! how...


Worried about criminal background check

So my background check was clear for all my clinical s and I just finished OT school but I'm nervous about nbcot and licensure. I have drug charges...


Updated 1 month ago

please answer this. How practical do you have to be to excel at OT - 1 Reply

Hello Lauren, You emailed me for info on 9/19. I replied with 3 different email addresses and AOL blocked them all. Finally searched the web...


Updated 1 month ago

OT degree from overseas?? Post professional master degree in US? -- 2013 NBCOT NEW handbook!!! - 43 Replies

[QUOTE who="Giorgio in Bobbio, Italy"]It since a while that some one don't write here, but i need some advices. I' m applying to PPMOT, after i saw...


Updated 1 month ago

OT salary in southern California - 6 Replies

[QUOTE who="epiphysis in Bangor, Maine"]Sounds like they're really not saving that much money if they are give out bonuses.----it's seems like a...


Is OT a possibility with my GPA? Could really use some advice...

I'm in NY. I'm considering two OT schools. One of them is private (Touro College) and they look at both your overall GPA and your science GPA. Both...


Career paths for OT's that don't involve direct patient care?

I was wondering if there are any career options for OT's that don't involve direct patient care, in case I ever get burned out later in my career. I...


Updated 2 months ago

OT school why SOOO much group work? - 3 Replies

Thanks OTR and goobers, your words of wisdom are appreciated. Things are getting a bit better, people aren't AS clingy, but I do hate the groupwork. ...


Updated 2 months ago

Night time OTs - 1 Reply

I highly doubt it.


Online schooling information

Hi all- Ive been doing a lot of research on different programs and need some advice! I have a Bachelors of Science degree in Environmental Science...


Updated 2 months ago

Both an OT and PT? - 9 Replies

Honestly, it just seems like a waste of time and money. Ultimately, they aren't going to pay you more, you'll just cap out at some point anyway. ...


Updated 2 months ago

Easy OT schools to get into - 48 Replies

I am liking it a lot... I'm in class now...... you should come here... great school.


Updated 2 months ago

Education for a Degree in Occupational Therapy - 6 Replies

[QUOTE who="Bmel37 in Sacramento, California"]TO THE USER WHO POSTED THIS: "Question 1: You can major in anything you'd like as long as you take...


OT with a learning disability

Hi Everyone, I've heard that doctors can't get hired for some jobs (specifically with the US government) if they have a learning disability like...


Updated 3 months ago

Do I have a chance? - 1 Reply

I am also a male if that helps at all lol?


Updated 3 months ago

Failed Fieldwork II/ Plans for the future - 3 Replies

I know it's been a long time since you wrote this, I guess I should be asking, what was the outcome?


Updated 3 months ago

Canadian trained OT relocating to USA - 5 Replies

Hey! There are a lot of foreign born therapists that work here in the states. The paperwork is the main headache. As far as employers, co workers...


From OTA (Occupational Therapy Assistant ) to PA (Physician's Assistant)

I am currently pursuing my associates and in a 16 month program to become an OTA. I originally planned to continue my education afterwards and go all...


Updated 3 months ago

do you think I have a shot? - 10 Replies

Wow! Thanks for the info and advice. My pediatric ot volunteer experience has been wonderful. I feel like I have learned so much, and this is because...

OT new to HH

Updated 3 months ago

Home Health Care Per visit rate - 19 Replies

[QUOTE who="OT in Fremont, California"]Home care is very stressful. There is tons of paperwork/ computer work. I've worked for current agency for 15...


Updated 3 months ago

PRN - SNFs or ADHCs in Los Angeles - 1 Reply

(bump) Hi, I used to live in L.A. and worked mostly PRN in SNFs and ADHCs but have been gone for about 12 years. I'm planning a move back that...


Updated 3 months ago

Inidvidual Contracting OTR hiring another OTR - 1 Reply

Somewhere in the wording of your contract it should say whether or not sub-contracting is acceptable as per agreed upon. And, actually, it should be...


Updated 3 months ago

How difficult is Occupational Therapy School? - 58 Replies

Hi, i just found out yesterday that my very first choice in MOT programs is probably going away and I am very disappointed about this news. The...

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