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magsm10 in Villa Park, Illinois

Southern Indiana Univerity OTA Writing sample?

I was wondering if anyone has taken the writing sample for the ota admissions process?

pogues6 in Portland, Oregon

Updated 71 months ago

cota or pta - 1 Reply

...which is better and why??? I would like to hear the good and the bad aspects of each field. Thanks!

Kristin Dianne in Cookeville, Tennessee

how difficult is the schooling?

I work a full time job in order to keep up bills and ive been outta school for awhile so im a little rust ya know..im just wondering if its very...

Life Essential Healthcare Staffing in Sacramento, California

Updated 72 months ago

Texas COTA work? - 1 Reply

I've seen a number of various COTA positions in TX. Appears COTA jobs are all in the LTC/SNF arena in most States. Any reason TX seems plentiful in...

nicholsCOTA05 in Tyler, Texas

Updated 72 months ago

can't decide between COTA or RN - 3 Replies

Hi there, I can't seem to decide between becoming and RN or OTA. I was a massage therapist for many years but burnt out from it. I think...

inthemix in Bremerton, Washington

Updated 72 months ago

Occupational Therapy or Physical Therapy ? And community colleges in California? - 1 Reply

Greetings. I'm a former biochemist seeking to re-train and wanting to know... - what are the pros and cons of working as a certified Occupational...

emily in New York, New York

Updated 73 months ago

What is wrong with the OT field? - 2 Replies

I am applying to a PTA program (about a 20min drive from my house) and an OTA program (65 minute drive from my house) to start in Fall 2011. I was...

justagirl in Gurnee, Illinois

Updated 73 months ago

cota schooling difficult - 2 Replies

hi, i originally wanted to go to school to become a physical therapy assistant but became a bit worried when I learned that the schooling is...

seena26 in Keller, Texas

Is there a need for a Scheduling, Tracking & Documentation Svc for Home Health Contractors?

I would like to get your thoughts on a niche need that has come across my way. I have a few PTs and OT's that do contracting in Home Care. They hate...

margaret1 in portland, Oregon

Updated 75 months ago

Per Diem Salary?!?! - 2 Replies

I'm a COTA/L and a recent grad. I have about 4months experience in a SNF. I'm looking to get a per diem job to help pay off my student loans. I'm...

GMT in Cranston, Rhode Island

Updated 75 months ago

what is it like to be a cota? - 1 Reply

I'm very interested in becoming an occupational therapy assistant, is it a good field to get into? Do you like your job? do you have to clean/bathe...

Mallroy in Rochester, New York

What is wrong with the OT field?

I am applying to a PTA program (about a 20min drive from my house) and an OTA program (65 minute drive from my house) to start in Fall 2011. I was...

linda borowski in Spring Hill, Florida

where do they teach occupational assistants

i have a niece who lives in n.j. and works with seniors as a occupational assistant and told me that i would be good at that because of my...

issi58 in Bridgton, Maine

Updated 77 months ago

Anyone have an idea of what I should ask for in salary for a travel assignment? - 7 Replies

I am looking to start with a travel assignment and have been talking with several companies, i dont really know what to expect, so far hourly 26.00...

L Schrum in Orlando, Florida

Updated 77 months ago

COTA - 1 Reply

I am looking into going to school to be a COTA in Tampa,Fl and I wanted to know if anyone could recomend an accredited school I can go to. Also I...

lmkilgore1221@*****.*** in Warner Robins, Georgia

Looking for a Travel Assignment in Ohio

I am currently looking for a travel job in the state of Ohio. I am having some trouble finding one. Does anyone have any information on which...

otadvantage in Tucson, Arizona

Updated 79 months ago

questions about OT assistant programs - 2 Replies

Hello, I am interested in beaing an occupational therapist aide. Penn Foster has a Occupatioanl Therapy Aide program, but I wanted to know if...

otadvantage in Tucson, Arizona

Updated 79 months ago

How do the traveling assignment jobs work? - 1 Reply

I'm trying to research what a traveling COTA does, to no avail. How do these jobs work? Thanks!

otadvantage in Tucson, Arizona

Updated 79 months ago

how long do we have to take OTA boards in TX? - 1 Reply

does anyone know how long we have to take OTA boards in TX? I took it once, but failed.

otadvantage in Tucson, Arizona

Updated 79 months ago

Certificate or Associate's in Occupational Therapy Assistant? - 2 Replies

I am going for an associate's degree in mental health specialist in my town. We don't have an OTA program here so I was thinking about getting a...

otadvantage in Tucson, Arizona

Updated 79 months ago

OTA Interview - 1 Reply

Hi. I am new to this site and was looking for someone who can help me with an interview for my English Composition class. We have to do a...

otadvantage in Tucson, Arizona

Updated 79 months ago

Looking Occupational Therapist assistant CERT. in Illinois? - 5 Replies

Looking for a Occupational Therapist assistant Certification program in Illinois?... I live in northern Illinois about a hour north of Chicago... Any...

OTSara in Spokane, Washington

Updated 80 months ago

Pediatrics - 1 Reply

I've noticed that a lot of the negativity about this field refers to SNFs and ALFs. I'm a student that is interested in working with children. Does...

justin in Cumberland, Maryland

Seeking COTAs in PA and MD

We currently have great opportunities for COTAs in Pennsylvania and Maryland. If interested forward resume to nweiler@valleyforgepress.com

Kavitha Occupational Therapist in Ghaziabad, India

occupational therapy jobs..??

Occupational Therapy Jobs where...??

brenda watson in Ventura, California

Updated 84 months ago

occupational therapy assistant schools - 1 Reply

I am trying to find a school in Los Angeles county of california where I can study to be an occupational therapy assistant. I live in the San...

nirvana1 in Indio, California

Pursuing a career as an OTA

Hello all! I'm on the waiting list for an OTA program. I have a bachelors in journalism, 7 years of pharmaceutical sales(laid off, gratefully!),...

Rick in San Diego, California

Updated 86 months ago

Experienced Therapy Travelors - 2 Replies

Hello everyone, I have been a COTA for 5years. I am interested in taking on travel assignments very soon. I would really like to talk to someone who...

teadrinker in Irvine, California

cpr question

i noticed that CRP Today is non accredited AHA. I was wondering if CRP Today is still valid for an occupational therapy assistant? I remember when i...

Johnny in Rock Vegas in Merritt Island, Florida

Updated 87 months ago

COTA Jobs on the Fl Treasure Coast/using recruiters/temp aganecies - 3 Replies

Hi, just wanted to see if anyone could give some feedback on jobs in this area. Also, the recruiter ads look very enticing. Probably too good to be...

RTLain in Douglasville, Georgia

Updated 87 months ago

COTA - 4 Replies

Looking for an accreditated COTA school near Roswell Ga.

nancy123 in Hollis, New York

PTA exam

I am PT grad in NY..i have tried NPTE couple of times but keep failing it for few points. I am planning to take PTA exam in a month time. i have got...

zilam98 in Cleveland, Ohio

Updated 89 months ago

PTA versus OTA...............is anyone happy on this forum? - 4 Replies

I am exploring the world of OTA as I did not get into the PTA program. From what I've read on this forum, well, it's quite dismal. Is anyone in...

otme in Gig Harbor, Washington

salaries in gig harbor

I can tell you without any doubt, the salaries posted on this board for COTAs in Gig Harbor are absolutely over inflated. SNFs pay more. There are...

Judy in Orlando, Florida

Updated 91 months ago

Name change for COTA - 2 Replies

I have been reading on some other sites that some COTA's would like for the assistant in COTA to be changed. Does anyone have a thoughts on this...

Linh in Los Angeles, California

Updated 92 months ago

Looking for a COTA in Colorado - 2 Replies

I am currently seeking a COTA for a position in Denver Metro area of Colorado. Can anyone advise me of a good place to source for candidates -...

kim mcp in Bronx, New York

school based OT jobs in south florida

Hi does anyone know if the public schools in florida hire OTR's directly. I will be moving to florida soon , and would like to work in the school...

sonia in Chandigarh, India

Updated 94 months ago

gifts - 1 Reply

Hello, I am getting ready to move on from my first rotation to my next. I wanted to get a gift for my supervisor who has worked so hard at educating...

Keely Morris in Elgin, Oklahoma


I am a COTA with 8 years of experience looking for employment in Owasso / Tulsa OK area.

ardentanglophile in Bellevue, Washington

Updated 94 months ago

COTA - 1 Reply

I am currently enrolling in school for the occupational therapy assistant program. Then I started to investigate a little more closely. According to...

Jennifer in Charleston, West Virginia

occupational therapy assistant working mentel health

what are your views of working in the mental health field as a COTA? I worked years ago as an habitation assistant, wondering how much different a...

Jason in Austin, Texas

Updated 94 months ago

starting career with traveling agency - 1 Reply

Hi Folks! Can anyone describe how traveling works. In particular, I would like to hear from any new graduates who started with traveling agency. Do...

camphs01 in Junction City, Kansas

Updated 96 months ago



Jason in Houston, Texas

New Travel Occupational Therapy Job Board

Are you needing to fill a temporary position with a traveler, but have been unable to fill it with the travel company of your choice? Why not...

hshaw in Ada, Ohio

great job opening in northern ohio for certified cota or otr

Hello! I'm a COTA currently working for a great company who is looking for someone to work at a facility in northern ohio between toledo and...

fresh727 in Palm Desert, California

Work in schools and make your own schedule helping children...TOP PAY full or part time!

Come to sunny southern California and help our team meet the needs of disabled children in our community. This job is currently available and pays an...

Confused in Columbia City, Indiana

Colleges in NE Indiana

The only school I've found for OTA's in NE Indiana is Brown Mackie college. I'm wondering after completing this associates program if you'll be...

Darren in Omaha, Nebraska

Updated 98 months ago

Traveling as a COTA - 1 Reply

What are your experiences with travel companies? What companies should one be cautious of? What companies would you recommend?

Indeed Help in Stamford, Connecticut

Updated 98 months ago

Early intervention COTA - 1 Reply

I am a COTA looking for an early intervention job in Indiana. If anyone has any needs please let me know thank you.

Wendy in Sherman Oaks, California

Updated 99 months ago

A Typical Day as an Occupational Therapy Assistant? - 1 Reply

Hello! I would love to hear what you do from the beginning of the day till close! What are your responsibilities? Can you describe what...

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