Questions about Occupational Therapy Assistant and Physical Therapy Assistant

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Yoobingsoo in San Antonio, Texas

74 months ago


I'm having a hard time deciding what I want to get an AAS in. I'm currently doing prerequisites for the Respiratory Therapist program in my community college but I'm trying to look for a backup just in case.

- First off, how physically demanding is being a COTA? Probably less than PTA, since OTAs have a more diverse range of duties they must fulfill compared to PTA; or in other words, they don't lift as much as PTAs, correct? And if that is the case then, is it more mentally demanding than PTA? I'm asking this because I have some back problems that I need to be conscious of, but they do not get in the way of daily activities. The severity is just a little above mild depending on my back's condition.

- Which field is more flexible in terms of working hours? I'm aiming to find part time after graduating because I have volunteer work that I do and my goal is to continue it even after graduating.

- How is a day in the life of an OTA/PTA like? Do you work with equipment, what kind of patients, what kind of duties do you attend to, do you work with the doctor, do you solely work with patients, etc?

- Lastly, do you personally find the job rewarding? =) And would you recommend me to go for OTA or PTA and for what reasons?

Thank you!

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