Getting an Office Administrative Assistant job.

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How did you get your start doing Office Administrative Assistant work, and what career moves did you make to get to your current position?

Do you need a particular educational background?

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nacon in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

68 months ago

I saw this today and had to reply to the question of how I got started working as an Office Administrative Assistant. In 1988 I was working at an assistant manager of a very large bed & breakfast in Bucks County Pennsylvania for 3 years when the owner decided to sell and retire to Florida. I was looking for a job when a friend told me about an office receptionist & administrative assistant position for a building management firm, that I applied and was hired. In those 3 years I had mentors to assist in teaching me accounting, customer service, working w/contractors, leases (which is what this position is seeing to the needs of the tenants of the building)and office procedure. Three years later the owners sold the building and my employer lost the management contract of the building and I was looking for another job. I applied for another AA position with another building and was hired.

With all I learned from my previous position, my new manager became a mentor teaching me more facets to property management, my position was Assistant Property Administrator. After 8 years the property was sold, the new management company kept me in my position and I stayed with them for 3 years until I was offered a position at another building and excepted it. Unfortunately after 1 year the owners sold the property, I stayed with the new owners 3 years when they decided to make internal changes.

I needed a job and excepted a temp job as a customer service/credit manager. This job lasted 3 years until the recession happened April 2009. I am 68 years old and need a job despiretly. I have not money to retire, have no savings, no retirement fund to fall back on. Today they are looking for someone with a college degree with what I once did. I could cry and sometimes do from the frustration not able to get a job. There are no mentors in this world today willing to give someone a chance to prove themselves.

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Cyan in Chanhassen, Minnesota

58 months ago

I can only offer empathy to your situation. I'm much younger than you and don't have ANYWHERE near the experience you have, but I am encountering similar struggles. I believe it is true that there are no mentors out there today who are willing to give someone a chance.

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Isis in Kirkland, Washington

57 months ago

I am so sorry for what your going through I have no experience as a AA but want to get into this field. It is so true that no one wants to give you a chance. It's a shame too because I even tried to volunteer at local non-profits in there clerical department for experience but no luck there.

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