Unable to find work in NC.

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Clayton Cox Sr. in Raleigh, North Carolina

98 months ago

This is supposed to be bible belt "U.S.A., and I was taught to believe that everyone can make mistakes in his or her life, and that we aught to be as forgiving as we ask GOD to be with us when we fall. Well someone forgot to tell the people here because,I've been here for a year now and because of my background, I have not gained employment. It doesn't matter that the felony is over ten years old.NOW I ASK, "WHY MUST I CONTINUE TO HAVE TO PAY FOR A MISTAKE THAT I MADE SO LONG AGO?!! MY HEART HAS CHANGED ,WHAT HAPPENED TO SOCIETY?!WHY ARE YOU NOT AS FORGIVING AS THAT ESSENCE THAT YOU PRAY TO EVERYDAY?!! ARE YOU PUTTING YOURSELF ABOVE "GOD"? ARE YOU MORE PERFECT THAN HE?I'VE LEARNED FROM MY MISTAKES AND FACED THEM TO KNOW THAT THEY WHERE JUST THAT.PLEASE FORGIVE ME FOR BEING HUMAN,I KNOW THAT I AM PRONE FOR MISTAKES, UNLIKE YOU PEOPLE WHO ARE ABOVE BEING HUMAN.IF I was weak as I used to be ,then I would see myself sticking half of you up for classifying me as an criminal.One thing for sure, I'm glad that I do not need your society to validate my manhood, I thank my LORD and savior "CHRIST JESUS" FOR HIS FORGIVENESS ,AND VALIDATION. It is his stregnth within me that keeps me from becoming what you have so tried to label me as!! NO!! All people who commit crimes are not all criminal minded, some just have to find their place,while the others struggle to rise above denial.Look at yourself the next time you tell that little "blnk" lie

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Heather Higgins in Tampa, Florida

67 months ago

[Did you go to Northeast Jr High?

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c.cox35@*****.*** in Collingswood, New Jersey

67 months ago

Heather Higgins in Tampa, Florida said: [Did you go to Northeast Jr High?

no, actually I live in NC. and are looking for contacts for possible employment

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