Is it worth the training, the cost, the leaving my current career? Is this a woman's trade?

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bobtheparamaybe in Palm Harbor, Florida

54 months ago

Hey there everyone,

I've been reading the forum's discussions, and like many career fields, there are always the many discussions about how below average the field pays, how badly the treatment is, how demanding or stressful the career field is, how it's only for women because male attorneys won't hire a male when they can hire a submissive, hot, nice smelling woman. I am taking most of the negative posts as grains of salt. I know there is a certain amount of natural discord and a longing for the independent life, that we as humans seem to be innately drawn to, but never to attain.

I need the straight dope here. I can not afford to waste time. I am 34 years old, have 2 years of college under my belt, and have had IT jobs, analyst jobs (profit forecasting) and retail sales jobs. Currently, I'm an analyst at a company that has had a pay freeze for the last 4 years. I make $32k a year, and that is verrrry low for the job title, I've had it, and so I thought, if I'm going to make a change, I am going to make a really good change. I keep reading that the starting pay for a paralegal is around $36k. Is this a joke? If/when I get another company to hire me, I will likely be making $40k/year starting. I have no college degree and I can easily get a sales job for $45k+ a year, and if it's a big company, I could make $50k-$80k entry, and $70k-$100k as a manager. I thought the point here was to excel beyond. But after all of the posts, I'm starting to wonder if this is more of a wayward fantasy of mine that I've been sadly looping in my head since my father took me to law school with him in the 80s. A bachelor's degree AND more $ paid out and school to attend for a paralegal certificate, and all you get are attorneys with issues, people asking you why you have a woman's job, no one wanting to hire you because you're a man, pay that you could easily make doing many other things out there and high stress levels?

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Paralegal in Dallas, Texas

54 months ago

Starting salary is lower than $36,000.

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BG in Carlsbad, California

54 months ago

Don't give up the 32k day job unless you really want to take a turn for the worse. An older guy looking for a career change has little chance at being hired by a law firm.

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