Getting accepted to a Pathologists Assistant program.

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Miss Reed in Ormond Beach, Florida

40 months ago

I have recently been looking into this career. It sounds like exactly what I want to do. I'm an undergrad right now and I've taken bio, anatomy, micro, and some other sciences. I still have a few more to take but I attend a regional campus for my university and they don't offer the classes I need. There is a state college in my area that does so I thought about taking them there. I just don't know if taking classes from a state college as opposed to a university will make a difference when compared to other applicants. I mean chemistry is chemistry I wouldn't think it varies too much. I just don’t want to hurt my chances of getting accepted… Any advice on this??

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MD_PA in Millersville, Maryland

40 months ago

By state college do you mean like a community college? As long as your class fulfills the prerequisite requirements it shouldn't be a problem. I took a few prereqs as a post-bach at community college and got accepted into a program before I had even finished all of the classes. Then again, it also helps if you do well in your classes.

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yellowpens in Portland, Oregon

39 months ago

I don't think pathA programs care so much about where you take your classes.. as long as you do well and have a well-rounded application. Make sure to get in some hours shadowing/ volunteering/ working in pathology (either with a pathologist or a pathA) as well as some community service.

Some medical schools care where you take your classes (because universities tend to grade harder. For example, at Cornell if you missed the spelling on an organic molecule you'd miss the entire question. At my university, you'd get partial credit for that... and at community colleges they're usually even more generous on grading.) I haven't heard of it being an issue for path schools, though. Good luck!

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