Interested in becoming a pathologist assistant

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zeee in Pennsylvania

69 months ago


I was looking for some advice. I'm really interested in becoming a pathologist assistant. Growing up, I thought I would end up as a doctor, but turns out its not for me, after a few rejections, (an acceptance too tho, not that it matters). I graduated with a degree in Biology last year, my GPA when I graduated was 3.57, cumulative was 2.94. I ended up doing bad on some of my courses (especially chemistry, its not my friend). The reason I didn't do so well or average on other classes was also because I was the only one working in my family at the time, meaning groceries, bills, etc, not that schools care so much about your personal lives, its just I'm trying to point out I'm not completely stupid, at least I hope so.

Anyways, Im rambling. I know to get some shadowing experience definitely before I apply. And I'm going to start studying for GRE's (did horrible on mcats sadly), ..

But I'm wondering if I should take some post bacc classes?
should I get a second major?
or just some general classes involved with anatomy and physiology, which i have already taken but of course higher level ones?
What should my aim be for GRE scores?
What can I do to show schools that I am a serious candidate and not the same student as before?

Also, I am interested in forensics, and was wondering if there are opportunites for path assistants in that job field?
And, and and, I know a lot of questions, I'm been looking at some job openings for path assistants, and don't see many near Easton/Allentown, PA, are they usually more in the larger citites, NYC im guessing?

Thanks and I appreciate any input =)

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