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joshuajroberts in Ashtabula, Ohio

Updated 87 months ago

Everest Institute in Miami - 6 Replies

Is anyone here attending or graduated from the Patient Care Tech course in Miami? I've heard so many negative things about Everest but after thinking...

joshuajroberts in Ashtabula, Ohio

Updated 87 months ago

BAD SCHOOL - 2 Replies


joshuajroberts in Ashtabula, Ohio

Updated 87 months ago

Becoming a Patient Care Tech in Toledo Ohio - 3 Replies

Hi, can anyone help me? I am a STNA looking to be a PCT in Toledo, Ohio. I would like to find the dialysis training center that offers to pay for me...

joshuajroberts in Ashtabula, Ohio

Updated 87 months ago

Finding a job as a New Graduate Dialysis Technician. - 1 Reply

Hi i am thinking of taking a Dialysis Tech course.I wanted to know how hard is it finding a job when your done with school.I see a lot of new patient...

joshuajroberts in Ashtabula, Ohio

Updated 87 months ago

pct - 1 Reply

Hi I just wanted to know since I got my PCT certification in Pheonix,Az is it nationwide;could i use it in California?

joshuajroberts in Ashtabula, Ohio

Updated 87 months ago

Are patient care technician job opportunities growing or declining? - 4 Replies

Are jobs in this industry on the rise? Are there any sub-sectors that are growing? Where are the jobs? Which places have the most patient care...

joshuajroberts in Ashtabula, Ohio

Updated 87 months ago

PCT schools in So-Cal - 1 Reply

Does PCT school in S. California exist? How come i can't find a single school here?

joshuajroberts in Ashtabula, Ohio

Updated 87 months ago

Dialysis Patient Care Technician jobs in Florida for Non US Citizen - 2 Replies

I am based in the Isle of Man in the UK and wish to relocate to Florida. I have been in dialysis for nearly 2 years now and love my job and wish to...

joshuajroberts in Ashtabula, Ohio

free or low cost pct course in NYC

I am searching for a PCT course in NYC that is either free or low cost in which I can pay monthly. I would also like to know if I could use my PCT...

joshuajroberts in Ashtabula, Ohio

Hemodialysis Technician Training in Ohio

This is a growing field and yet I have found it very difficult to find a reputable institution to attend for hemodialysis technician training in...

joshuajroberts in Ashtabula, Ohio

Updated 87 months ago

VIP TECHNICAL (Patient care technician/health unit coordinator) - 9 Replies

have anybody ever heard of vip technical in southfield,mi? they teach the patient care technician program. i spoke with a lady from there. the...

joshuajroberts in Ashtabula, Ohio

Updated 87 months ago

Resource PCT - 2 Replies

What does the Resource in resource PCT mean?? I just got my CNA certification and started looking for jobs and came across this for a job. What does...

joshuajroberts in Ashtabula, Ohio

Updated 87 months ago

patient care technician - 3 Replies

Is there a difference between a Patient Care Tech and a Patient Care Associate in regards to their job description?

joshuajroberts in Ashtabula, Ohio

Updated 87 months ago

Patient Care Tech - 4 Replies

I am a Pct in Birmingham,I am 50 years old , I have not worked since Oct/o8..Most hosptials here in ALA will hire the younger ones because they think...

joshuajroberts in Ashtabula, Ohio

Updated 87 months ago

CNA - 3 Replies


Dhalimama in Texas

Legitimate sites for searching for jobs overseas?

I am considering working abroad. I have 10+ years experience in social service and a MA is Sociology. The websites I have come across are a bit...

Caligirl2 in Silicon Valley, California

Affordable Patient Care Tech Courses in San Jose, CA area?

Any feedback pos or neg about certain schools would be awesome! Happy New Year!!

bridges in Lehigh Acres, Florida

Updated 98 months ago

School - 1 Reply

Is a Patient care technician the same as a cna

fazon in Lakeland, Florida


is it worth being a certified nursing assistant

Carmen in Bronx, New York

Updated 98 months ago

ceritied nursing assiant - 3 Replies

looking for work in rochester new york

marsha in Miami, Florida

Updated 99 months ago

pct(patient care tech) - 4 Replies

how does it feel to be a pct is it worth it?

AngelinnaS in Riverside, New Jersey

Updated 102 months ago

getting started toward a career at 46 - 1 Reply

i am interested in a career at my age ,taking care of the elderly can get me stated .i really love taking care of people that need me,so am looking...

yvette30 estremera in Somerdale, New Jersey

NJ Dialysis technician average starting salary

I have a question? I reside in NJ. I attend a 1 yr training program at a technical school. I'm about to graduate in 1 month. Is it going to be hard...

kmbrly_mcgraw@*****.*** in Fort Wayne, Indiana

Updated 102 months ago

looking for cna/ patient care work here in indpls,indiana - 1 Reply

patient care work needed in indls.indiana

Rossie in Titusville, Florida

Medical assitant

MA, CNA, Phlebotomist,Dialyis Teh

RDA in San Leandro, California

Updated 104 months ago

Where can get training for patient care technicians - 1 Reply

I was just informed today that a patient care technician is not the same as a nursing assistant that they can do more and earn more. I was told some...

Benjala Phillips in Kansas City, Missouri

Updated 106 months ago

PCT - 2 Replies

I am currently in school learning PCT. I love working with people. I am a 44 year old male. Helping people with their health needs is a wonderful job...

herberth payan in Nueva San Salvador, El Salvador

ederly care

i want to know more than the care patient

Nancy Miller in Evansville, Indiana

Updated 115 months ago

What do you enjoy most about your patient care technician career? - 1 Reply

What do you enjoy most about being a patient care technician? What do you dislike the most? Is it challenging? Are there many opportunities to...

dawn herbert in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Updated 125 months ago

Top patient care technician skills needed to get the job. - 1 Reply

What are the top 3 traits or skills every patient care technician must have to excel? Can you suggest any tips or insights to develop your patient...


Tips for patient care technician interviews.

Do you have any tips to help prepare for an upcoming patient care technician interview? Are there common interview questions that come up again and...

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