Getting a payroll specialist job.

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How did you get your start doing payroll specialist work, and what career moves did you make to get to your current position?

Do you need a particular educational background? in Brooklyn, New York

70 months ago

what educational background is needed to obtain the position of a payroll specialist in Tacoma, Washington

68 months ago in Brooklyn, New York said: what educational background is needed to obtain the position of a payroll specialist

Hello, accounting can help you.....Good Luck!!!! in Brooklyn, New York

68 months ago

thanku.....also...they have different degrees in accounting do you know which one is more relevant to the career....

dpwilliams in Pottstown, Pennsylvania

39 months ago

Having the accounting background is a tremendous plus. It helps to better understand the effects that a payroll department has in the accounting department. However, I have found that it is more important to have the ability to process payroll for larger volumed companies if you want to receive a higher rate of pay. Today, most companies are using e-time versions of payroll software. I come from a company that processed in-house and was totally manual. Employers are not willing to take into account that processing procedures performed manually requires much more attention to detail than processing electonically, not to mention more time consuming. If you are outsourcing payroll, make sure that you attend as many of their training programs as possible.

dee in San Antonio, Texas

21 months ago

I have over 22 years in accounting as a full charge bookkeeper which include doing HR and payroll, basically if you understand the Federal payroll laws concerning overtime, hiring etc. and read and learn to understand all laws concerning hiring, terminations, garnishments, benefits, payroll taxes, you have to be currently with all the changes occurring within the last years.

usually I paid an average of about 20 employees per company. Until the last company, I started in Accounts Payable Specialist and was promoted to Payroll Supervisor with about 500 employees, this was also In-house payroll.

The object is know your State, Federal laws pertaining to all payroll, how to handle new hires and terminations, benefits etc. As long as you are willing to learn and read a lot concerning payroll. Take a few courses - basically the state will hold payroll work shops for all HR, payroll employees to keep current with new laws.

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