need a job!

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Diana in Long Beach, California

74 months ago

I'm looking for a job being someones personal assistant. Possibly an ederly person or couple that needs someone to run errands for them, talk to them or maybe just take walks with them. I am a single mom so my hours are limited. I can work 5 days a week, morning to late afternoon until I have to pick my child up from school.

Justina Ivy Narkwah in Accra, Ghana

50 months ago

I would be very grateful if you assist me to get the job.

Thank you,

Justina Ivy Narkwah

natalie in Palmdale, California

50 months ago

i am a high school student,i am 16 and i am willing to spend all of my free time with this job.i get out at 2 so i would be able to work from 3 to 9 pm(:


50 months ago

Natalie -

This job posting is like 3 years old. Go to Amazon and find the book: The Essential Handbook for Personal Assistants and it will show you better ways to find a job in this biz.

Good luck.

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