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Jay in Metairie, Louisiana

83 months ago

What type of information can I expect to learn as a peronal banker? I am considering taking a position as a PB and take a paycut of 30k+ if I am exposed to some good training and learning that will assist me in my life. What kind of training does Chase or other banks offer for PB's? Thanks in advance ...


Former Chase Banker in Chicago, Illinois

83 months ago

Don't do it. I was a banker with Chase for two years and I have not met anyone who did their job honestly without scamming customers or other bankers and enjoyed their job. When I first started, I met a few bankers in the president's club (top 100 bankers in the country) and their advice was for me to find a hustle. According to them, everyone who does well has a hustle of some sort. In hindsight, they were absolutely right. If you have other options, take a different job. I would never recommend anyone to take a personal banker job if they have other choices. Several bankers I worked with (myself included) quit without already finding another job, and we were much happier with nothing.

sally in Evansville, Wisconsin

83 months ago

Wahts a hustle?

Former Chase Banker in Chicago, Illinois

81 months ago

A hustle that I commonly saw was signing customers up for credit cards, rewards debit cards, business lines of credit, and several other bank products without properly telling the customer what was being done. Far to many times, people came in asking how they were signed up for these fee based products. Management said nothing. In my opinion, they were being willfully blind to the situation. Some in management were former bankers involved in these same practices.

Former Chase Banker in Chicago, Illinois

81 months ago

Donna Hooker in Fort Worth, Texas

81 months ago

Hi, Jay,

I've never worked for Chase, per se, but I worked for Bank One before Chase bought it. Twelve years ago, I advanced from Teller Manager to Personal Banker and received one week of formal, in-depth training from Schneider Sales Management out of Englewood, Colorado. I then received additional, ongoing training for the remainder of the time that I was with Bank One.

My initial one-week training came from Schneider's "Selling for Bankers" program. In 12 chapters, we covered a lot of territory:

Section I: Selling to the Customer's Viewpoint
Chap. 1 Selling to the Customer's Concept of Value
Chap. 2 Adjusting to Customer Behavior Styles

Section II: Gaining Customer Trust
Chap. 1 Making Positive First Impressions
Chap. 2 Creating a Unique Selling Proposition

Section III: Profiling
Chap. 1 Effective Listening and Profiling

Section IV: Coaching and Persuading
Chap. 1 Coaching Your Customers to Financial Solutions
Chap. 2 Using Sales Resistance to Advantage

Section V: Advancing Customer Action
Chap. 1 Gaining Customer Action
Chap. 2 Adding to the Sales
Chap. 3 Writing Sales Letters and Selling by Phone

Action Plan: Planning Your Sales Development Strategy
Chap. 1 Preparing Your Sales Game Plan
Chap. 2 Getting Started: Your Personal Action Plan

This was the beginning of my career in selling banking and credit union products. Since then, I've received other training from this same company at the credit union where I now work. I love what I do; I love helping customers with their various banking needs.

The success or failure of any personal banker depends on several "keys," one of which is outstanding customer service. Developing this level of service takes time, patience, and hard work, but it's within the grasp of anyone who desires to become a personal banker. Don't give up. You can do it.

Hope this helps.


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