I'm a Personal Banker, not a Writer, part. 1

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donnahooker in Fort Worth, Texas

113 months ago

Many people across the world are experts in their chosen professions. My guess is that a large portion of them cannot form a coherent written sentence. These people hire professional writers to do it for them. Unfortunately, for me, that?s my case. Fortunately, for me, though, my husband, Mike, is a writer.

I have thirty years of personal banker experience, a career?s worth of ideas, thoughts, dreams, wishes, successes, failures, opinions, and beliefs that I want to share with less-experienced PBs and those who want to enter the business. I want everyone reading my posts to know that my words are mine.

I?ll explain the process of how we, Mike and me, create my posts, articles, and other forms of writing:

1. I have something in mind that I?d like to tell other people about.

2. We sit at the kitchen table: I with my ideas, etc., he with his notebook, pen, and digital voice recorder.

3. I give him a general idea of what I want to say in my post. He then starts asking me questions as if he were interviewing someone for one of his articles.

4. After our interview, he enters his notes into the computer. He then forms my ideas into a coherent stream of words and sentences.

5. When he has a rough draft, he has me proof it.

6. I proof it, make changes, and give it back to him.

7. He makes the changes, polishes and tightens it, and I proof it again.

8. He makes any additional changes, and I give it one more proof. Usually by that time he has on paper exactly what I want to say and how I want to say it.

9. Then I type the words into the forum box, article box, etc.

(Continued in I'm a Personal Banker, Not a Writer, part 2.)

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