From a Clearance Investigator to a Career in Personnel Security Management?

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Stephen in Falls Church, Virginia

91 months ago

Currently, I'm a security clearance investigator for a large contractor. I won't name names, for obvious reasons. I do fieldwork for clearances for government contractors and determine coverage periods, etc etc. So, I'm really familiar with JPAS, EQUIP, etc, etc... I know the personnel security system from both sides... I know what goes on when a subject is investigated, what may or may not have an impact on the investigation and how- as well as basic procedures, protocols, etc for someone applying for a clearance needs to take. Any good, well-trained clearance investigator SHOULD have these under his/her belt.

That being said, I'd like to move away from the field and move into a personnel security administrator position. Has anyone heard of that happening? Obviously, I'd consult with the DSS Academy and specialize with some training also.

My question is, would my 3-4 highly productive years as a experience as a security clearance investigator working on several contracts (not just ones overseen by OPM), help me out when looking to move to "the other side"- a position in personel security management? And possibly even an Assistant FSO position one day?

Does anyone have any knowledge of this? Would you be willing to provide me your feedback and advice?


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