How do I get into the industry?

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DB57 in Columbia, South Carolina

2 months ago

Hi, I recently graduated with a BS degree in Biology and I am trying extremely hard to get into the pharmaceutical sales industry. I am great with people, took a ton of relevant courses from Economics to Public Speaking to Organic Chemistry, and I love traveling and talking to people. I know this industry is the right fit for me but the only problem is that I wrestled all the way through high school and college. Doesn't sound like a problem, it paid for my school and all but the time I dedicated to the sport didn't allow me to get much job experience... I have worked for my dad's construction company during summers mostly and besides that my wrestling was my job. While I was a NCAA scholar-athelete I even made it on the Dean's List which I mention on my resume!

I just got CNPR certified through NAPSR even though an older friend of mine told me it was useless. But the first and only company I have heard back from on my applications asked me if I was certified and I was cut from the interview candidates because I wasn't. I studied for two days and passed the exam.

Basically my question is how do I get my foot in the door? Anywhere! I live in Columbia, SC and have applied to all the entry-level pharma sales jobs I can find here. I have emailed staffing companies and recruiters to help me. I've even recently started applying to entry-level jobs in TX, AL, and others. The majority of applications I have filled out are online because I don't know where to go to find a pharmaceutical company that I can just walk into and ask for an application face to face. I'm reaching the end of my rope and I am about to join the military because I have very few options because of my lack of job experience.

Any help would be much apprecieated, Thanks

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