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Updated 6 days ago

Lies about pharmacist job market - 810 Replies

[QUOTE who="Pharmgoingdown!! in Hollywood, Florida"]Our district manager waved a stack of applications Saying look how many people need jobs! Don't...


Updated 8 days ago

High school student wanting to become a pharmacist? - 23 Replies

I did write an article on this subject. I've been through this process so if you have questions on it just leave a comment in the article. ...

Used Rph

Updated 12 days ago


But I thought PBM's lower payor costs and improve health outcomes?


Licenced Pharmacist from Greece to Ohio...Help please!

Hello everyone. I am Greek Pharmacist, I live in Athens and I have been working as a retail pharmacist for the last 3 years. My aunt lives in Ohio...


Updated 13 days ago

Don't become a Pharmacist - 362 Replies

Hello everyone. I am Greek Pharmacist, I live in Athens and work as a retail pharmacist for the last 3 years. My aunt lives in Ohio and I am thinking...

Rx Veteran

Updated 19 days ago

Pharmacist license reinstated - 4 Replies

@james: If you went through a pharmacy recovery network like PEAC in Maryland, they can guide you for free. NJ should have such a resource. My...


Updated 25 days ago

Pharmacy school--think twice and if your answer is still yes keep thinking until the answer is NO!! - 11 Replies

Pharmacists are like robots to the chain pharmacies and such. The long working hours, stress, multitasking, and other things do take a toll on...


Updated 1 month ago

Alternative Careers in Pharmacy - 265 Replies

[QUOTE who="PharmacistKeith in Louisville, Kentucky"][/QUOTE] Hey - what are you doing now? 'Life after Pharmacy' is exactly what I needed to...


Updated 1 month ago

Nuclear Pharmacy - 2 Replies

[QUOTE who="OmiPharmD in Toulon, Illinois"]SpirivaSunrise has a fantastic thread on "Day in the life of a nuclear pharmacist" that...


Updated 1 month ago

Applying for a Job at Rite Aid - 44 Replies

[QUOTE who="teneara in baltimore city in Ellicott City, Maryland"]iv'e shop at rite aids for someny years and i found they have good sales reasonable...


Updated 1 month ago

Which states have the greatest pharmacist shortage? - 26 Replies

[QUOTE who="super trader in denton, Texas"]You either are lying or you're picky about where you want to work and the hours.There is something wrong...


Updated 1 month ago

pharmacy in UAE - 175 Replies

[QUOTE who="panyami02 in Bradford, United Kingdom"]I have 1 year pharmacy experence in pharmacy dispensing and my wife hae 16 months expernce as a...


pharmacist job requirement?????

hello friends, iam registred pharmacist after doing 2 year DIPLOMA IN PHARMACY and having 4 years of exprience. i want to work in USA, CANADA,...


Updated 2 months ago

Looking for pharmacy internship-Have FPGEC- Need Visa Sponsorship - 72 Replies

hi I am canadian pharmacist who would like to find a pharmacy to do 1500 hours of internship in order to write the Naplex. Anybody has any...


Updated 2 months ago

FPGEE - 152 Replies

[QUOTE who="fedegibby in Rome, Italy"]Hi, I'm Federica from Rome, Italy. I need to prepare the FPGEE exam. Can you help me suggesting some books...


Updated 2 months ago

Pharmacy School Admissions - 152 Replies

[QUOTE who="Mkorn2315 in New York, New York"]Hello all. I am currently 24 years old and graduated two years ago with a Bachelor's degreee in business...

Pharmacy Services

Updated 3 months ago

Cannot find a job as a pharmacist in the USA. Unemployed pharmacist seeking helpful advice please - 57 Replies

An Independent Pharmacy opening a new location in Clinton, MD is seeking a Pharmacist to start employment immediately. If interested please send...


Updated 5 months ago

Is it Better to Resign or be Fired? - 7 Replies

Don't listen to this garbage! Just stick around until they fire you. There is absolutely no reason whatsoever to believe they will even act as a...


Updated 5 months ago

Pharmacy jobs in TN - 1 Reply

I am now hiring for a Director of Pharmacy in Danville. Illinois in a magnet hospital and the client is willing to pay relocation. Must have 2-5 in a...


Updated 5 months ago

Seeking Intern Pharmacist Position - 126 Replies

I am pharmacist from Iraq trying to do my internship in ma since 7months I try all pharmacies even volunteering and even I couldn't find pharmacy...

Potential PharmD

Easy to find work in Canada ?

Hey, I'm new to this board...and as I understand, this board is dominated mainly to the US job market. With that said, is the demand for...


Updated 6 months ago

Canadian pharmacist - 35 Replies

I am from india only. you need to get in to canadian education. i suggest one thing that you use second career as a option study pharmacy assistant...


Posted Salary Figures

The figures posted here are a bit skewed....they include Pharmacy Tech salaries along with licensed Pharmacists' salaries in their computations....not...


Updated 7 months ago

DESPERATE for a JOB!!!! - 3 Replies

hi Keith I give you a lot of credit.


Thinking about becoming a pharmacist

I recently graduated high school, and starting community college in the fall. I am interested in going to school and becoming a pharmacist. I need to...

Rx Veteran

Updated 8 months ago

Automation. Death of Pharmacy - 1 Reply

"pharmacist checking labor" While verifying fills did occupy some of my time. My real job, for 30 years, was assessment of the drug, patient,...

Unix Brat

Reusing pill bottles

Is it against the law for pharmacies to reuse Rx containers, ones that have been thoroughly washed and labels removed?


Updated 9 months ago

Pharmacy internship for International Pharmacy Graduates - 2 Replies

I have FPGEC certificate, passed NAPLEX and looking for internship opportunity. I live in Sachse,Dallas, Texas.I am interested in volunteering and...





Updated 9 months ago

Future Opportunities in U.S. - 1 Reply

Hello SeanKumar, I saw your post and basically was looking for opportunities in India to do a PharmD and then moving back to US for my...


BBA to Pharm D - Help!

After graduating with a business degree, two years ago, I have decided to pursue my Pharm D at Kansas University. The issue: As my BBA did not...

NoFreeOxycontin in Detroit, Michigan

Updated 10 months ago

Hospital-Based Pharmacy Career? Good/Bad? - 3 Replies

I'm aware that many people now advise not to go into pharmacy due to the situation of schools over flooding and graduates, not enough job openings...

carlofeliz in Arequipa, Peru

Updated 10 months ago

BS Pharmacy vs PharmD? - 12 Replies

Are BS Pharmacy degrees still in demand vs PharmD?

Barbara in Bradenton, Florida

Updated 10 months ago

New grad in May looking for a retail/hospital position - 8 Replies

Hello all, I am about to graduate in May this year and am interested in any position in pharmacy. The primary location I am looking at is the NJ,...

Rx Veteran in Maryland

Updated 11 months ago

I am looking for pharmacy graduate intern or pharmacy tech. positions (in PA, DE, NJ areas) - HELP! - 1 Reply

I graduated from pharmacy school (Pharm.D.) in 2008, and worked in the pharmaceutical industry for about 4 years after graduation (I do not have my...

Ashleygets in El Segundo, California

insight on pharmacy school. how old is too old? can you be too old?

Hello everyone, I am 22 and my bf is 49. I will be starting pharmacy school soon and have been talking about it with my bf and now he is thinking...

Kub in Vancouver, British Columbia

Canadian Pharmacist Looking to Relocate to the United States (California)

Hi there. I am a hospital pharmacist from British Columbia, Canada (no residency, worked in front-line dispensing and administrative positions)...

Pharmaciststeve in Panama City, Florida

Updated 11 months ago

Why were you fired as a pharmacist? What did you do if you were not working? - 2 Replies

I want to know to those who were laid off or fired...what was the reason?

Jane Doe24356 in New York, New York

Updated 11 months ago

Working in the US as a Portuguese Pharmacist ? - 1 Reply

Hi. I would like to know more about the next topics: - Are employers open to hire foreigner pharmacist? - Whats the average salary ? - What...

UsedRph in Madison, Alabama

Updated 12 months ago

Pharmacy job market - 17 Replies

OK, guys, I am a senior in college and I have been set on pharmacy school for sometime now. I did above average on the PCAT, have a good GPA, etc....

UsedRph in Madison, Alabama

Updated 12 months ago

Pharmacist Salary 2012 - 2 Replies

My question is how are our salaries? If you are lucky enough to have a job as a pharmacist, what are you earning? I work for the 'WALMART' and I...

UsedRph in Madison, Alabama

Updated 12 months ago

Will the job market for pharmacists improve anytime soon? - 5 Replies

Everyone's been talking about how the market for pharmacists is oversaturated, and how too many pharmacy schools are opening up, causing many new...

Rx Veteran in Maryland

Updated 12 months ago

New Career - 11 Replies

Has anyone successfully left the Pharmacist profession? Please share how you did it. I'm looking for a change because I can't find any pharmacist...

Shadwa in New York, New York

Updated 13 months ago

clinical laboratory scientist vs pharmacy - HELP! - 10 Replies

Hi all, Would like to get some advice on this forum - I'm a student debating to go into pharmacy or CLS (Clinical Laboratory Scientist - the guys...

J Smt in Hamilton, Ontario

Updated 14 months ago

Getting licensed after a DUI - 1 Reply

I was hoping for some advice about trying to get licensed in a new state after having a DUI on my record. I'm currently licensed in three states,...

glache in Australia

Is long-term relief work detrimental to the development of a young pharmacist?

I've been working as a relief pharmacist since registration, so a total of 18 months. Mainly in hospital, but with some retail chucked in. It was...


Retail pharmacist job market in Oregon

My family is considering moving to the Portland, OR area and I am wondering how long it might take me to find a retail pharmacy position there. I...

Scared for Rx in New York, New York

Updated 15 months ago

is there a shortage of jobs for pharmacists? - 152 Replies

Living in VA Beach currently and there seem to be no jobs available locally for pharmacists. All the chains claim they are laying off...

J Smt in Ontario

Anyone with experience reporting criminal convicition?

Any help would be helpful

AL in Toronto, Ontario

Updated 16 months ago

internship in canada after pebc evaluating exam - 67 Replies

Hi, I'm a pharmacist from the Philippines and I'm planning to take the pebc evaluating exam in January 2011 and I'm planning to practice in Alberta....

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