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Updated 1 day ago

Lies about pharmacist job market - 1492 Replies

[QUOTE who="Anthony in Tempe, Arizona"]Any exciting pharmacy news anywhere?No job explosions in Phoenix area a few jobs here and there that's about...


Updated 1 day ago

Cannot find a job as a pharmacist in the USA. Unemployed pharmacist seeking helpful advice please - 73 Replies

I have contemplated changing careers and going into a health field, one of them I considered is pharmacy. Of course I was dissuaded! I have...


Updated 3 days ago

Future for a reinstated pharmacist - 21 Replies

The California State Board of Pharmacy is hateful to its licensees.

CU PharmD

Updated 28 days ago

Don't become a Pharmacist - 290 Replies

Please kill me, I hate my job. I dred going to work. There are no jobs in Denver, it's saturated and I'm lucky I have the job I have. The job I hate....


Updated 1 month ago

Looking for pharmacy internship-Have FPGEC- Need Visa Sponsorship - 71 Replies

[QUOTE who="Luana Mendes in Columbia, Maryland"]Yes I work 40h/week, but they only pay me for 15 of those hours. The more hours I do the faster I can...


Updated 2 months ago

Which states have the greatest pharmacist shortage? - 45 Replies

PS Don't even consider a job with CVS....they are on the H1B band wagon and booting experienced pharmacists to hire in the 23 yr olds or the H1B visa...

Paul M


Pharmacist in need If you are licensed Pharmacist in Florida please contact me. Looking for Position in North East Florida for Full Time and Part...


Anyone working in an outpatient pharmacy setting I could really use your help!?

If anyone would be so kind to answer these questions I would be grateful. Its a interview for anyone that would be kind enough to answer about their...


Updated 3 months ago

we are looking for pharmacists in USA - 8 Replies

Hi, I am interested


Updated 4 months ago

BS Pharmacy vs PharmD? - 12 Replies

This is absolutely correct, and it is happening in several other health care related fields as well. It has also happened with the basic LVN program...

Ctorres94 in Montgomery, Alabama

Becoming a pharmacist

Hi all I'm new here and have pretty much just hit a huge block in my life. I was in information systems and decided that I wanted to become a...

pharmageddon in New Jersey

Updated 6 months ago

Are there NEW PharmD GRADS (from 2010-Present) having trouble? - 2 Replies

I have been unemployed since 2014. I am wondering if there are many others like me in this situation. I am seeing a lot of mixed things on this...

Tech Lectures in Littleton, Colorado

Updated 6 months ago

is there a shortage of jobs for pharmacists? - 157 Replies

Living in VA Beach currently and there seem to be no jobs available locally for pharmacists. All the chains claim they are laying off...

Raymond Iocco in Alpharetta, Georgia

Updated 7 months ago

Investment Strategies...How to protect our savings, our stored sweatshop labor for the future - 2 Replies

Let's start a thread here about money. Everybody is welcome. Spirited disagreement is encouraged. For instance what is your allocation among the...

No jobs in Chicago, Illinois

Updated 7 months ago

What cities are in high demand for Pharmacists? - 5 Replies

While there are cities that the market is very saturated, there have got to be cities that Pharmacists are in high demand. Which cities/areas do you...

Anaz in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Updated 7 months ago

Seeking Intern Pharmacist Position - 140 Replies

Hi, I am a foreign pharmacist. I have my FPGEC Certificate and I like to start my internship anywhere in USA.I am Canadian Citizen and like to work...

Copperpenny in Boston, Massachusetts

Updated 9 months ago

Alternative Careers in Pharmacy - 186 Replies

I have been helping my mom search for an alternative job in pharmacy. She no longer has her license as a pharmacist, but has 30 years of experience....

Mona in Fontana, California

Updated 9 months ago

Licenced Pharmacist from Greece to Ohio...Help please! - 6 Replies

Hello everyone. I am Greek Pharmacist, I live in Athens and I have been working as a retail pharmacist for the last 3 years. My aunt lives in Ohio...

peter morgan in Saugus, Massachusetts

Updated 10 months ago

Pharmacy or Computer Engineering? - 7 Replies

I am really good in science and math. And I want to go into the medical field, but reluctant to get my hands dirty, so I decided to choose pharmacy....

MrPharmD in New Jersey

Updated 11 months ago

no pharmacist jobs available - 5 Replies

any ideas on where to go for a rph out 6 months is reallly bad...any alternate career suggestions?

asb1990 in Queens, New York

Updated 12 months ago


my god....if i knew the market would be so utterly horrible i would never have become a pharmacist. 2 years in and i can't even find a stable...

MrPharmD in New Jersey

Federal Pharmacy Law ebook Part 3

Review Federal Pharmacy law and be equipped for your MPJE Part,1, 2, & 3.. On sale for only $3.00 each

DP in Detroit, Michigan

Updated 12 months ago

FPGEE - 132 Replies

I am preparing for the FPGEE in April 19 2010. I need help. Please I will appreciate any help I can get from anybody who has done the exam or who is...

MrPharmD in New Jersey

eBOOKs: Practice Questions for Success: MPJE (DC, TX, MD, NY, NJ) CPJE, FSDLE

Are you looking on getting licensed as a pharmacist in DC, VA, MD, NJ, CA, TX, or NY? Why not buy one of these ebooks to test your knowledge after...

Spencer Yuan Chiu in Taipei, Taiwan

Updated 13 months ago

H1B pharmacists -- adverse effect on American PharmDs? - 2 Replies

1,874 foreign pharmacists were approved to work in the US this year on H1B visas. Last year the number was 1,955, and in 2012 the number was 1,828. ...

asb1990 in Queens, New York

Updated 13 months ago

Is it possible to work during pharmacy school? - 1 Reply

Appreciate the feedback

1 in San Francisco, United Kingdom



1 in San Francisco, United Kingdom



paul in Orange Park, Florida

Hiring Pharmacist in NE Florida

One with knowledge of compounding and long term care is preferred.

Roshan in Thrissur, India

Updated 13 months ago

Im an Indian Pharm D student and needs to know the procedure of getting job in Uk - 1 Reply

As told in the title, Im an Indian Pharm D student and needs to know the procedure of getting a job as a pharmacist in Uk. And also if its going to...

MrPharmD in New Jersey

Updated 14 months ago

Pass the MPJE .Get licensed in MD, VA, or DC - 1 Reply

This website is very good, a friend recommended to me and I was able to pass the pharmacy law in MD,VA or DC. Great site.

MrPharmD in New Jersey

Great eBOOK about Federal Pharmacy Law

This helped me, it is cheap 9.99 for those interested

xboxer in Cactus, Arizona

Updated 14 months ago

Can't find a job in pharmacy, thinking about alternatives - 3 Replies

I was in a 6 year pharmacy program and graduated in 2014 from a reputable program. I am immensely interested in healthcare, but I am interested in...

zikegcwk in Sunnyvale, California

Updated 16 months ago

DESPERATE for a JOB!!!! - 5 Replies

I am feeling completely and utterly hopeless about my career situation. I have 7 years of retail experience, including 2 years as pharmacy manager. I...

Beyonce in Portsmouth, Rhode Island

Updated 16 months ago

Looking into hospital and non-pharmacy health jobs, have only tried a little in retail but really don't want to do retail pharm. - 2 Replies

i graduated from pharmacy school a few months ago and have been looking at hospital jobs and a lot of alternative healthcare roles and careers. It...

Rick in Pleasanton, California

Opening a pharmacy in California

Does anyone know whether there are minimum hours required for the pharmacy to be opened? I want to open pharmacy for only 8 hours per week.

Lemessa in Ethiopia

Updated 17 months ago

Pharmacist jobs in Ethiopia - 2 Replies

Hi. I am currently exploring the possiblities of pursuing a Pharmacist degree here in the US and then hope to move to Addis upon completeing my...

Arifa in Bucharest, Romania

Foreign Pharmacist

Hello, I am a student in the last year of Pharmacy Collage in Romania and I would like to go to the US to practice pharmacy. I know that I have to...

boyettablate in Liberal, Kansas

Updated 20 months ago

Show me the money... - 62 Replies

What are typical pharmacist salaries? Do some companies pay a lot more for this position than others? What does a top earner make in this...

gurbir_pannu12@*****.*** in Ludhiana, India

Updated 20 months ago

internship in canada after pebc evaluating exam - 54 Replies

Hi, I'm a pharmacist from the Philippines and I'm planning to take the pebc evaluating exam in January 2011 and I'm planning to practice in Alberta....

hellokitty in Danville, California


I graduated in May 2014 and did not sign up for the NAPLEX yet due to some personal reasons. It has been four months now and I will be registering...

Ying in Arcadia, California

Best way to have a career in Managed Care (Health Plan) as a PharmD with no residency?

Does anyone have suggestions for the best way to have a career in managed care (health plans) as a PharmD with no residency? I referring to health...

Nntpa in Saint Petersburg, Florida



johnny in Saint Petersburg, Florida

Pharmacy Help

Well hello everyone I'm currently 18 attending community college. Currently not studying anything at the moment just trying for my AA. I never wanted...

thefinestwhoever in San Ramon, California

Non-Pharmacy positions with a pharmacy degree

I am a recent graduate from a six year pharmacy program. Unfortunately, during school, I did not get a single pharmacy internship and as a result I...

Jesse in Santa Maria, California

Updated 23 months ago

High school student wanting to become a pharmacist? - 17 Replies

I am a junior in high school and am interested in becoming a pharmacist. I know it takes good levels of math science and so far I have completed...

oxykitten in Salem, Massachusetts

Updated 25 months ago

2014 Pharmacy Graduate Advice - 3 Replies

I just graduated with a PharmD this year; unfortunately I do not have retail or hospital intern experience besides my IPPEs and APPEs. I am more so...

Tim N in Duluth, Georgia

Updated 26 months ago

pharmacist job requirement????? - 1 Reply

hello friends, iam registred pharmacist after doing 2 year DIPLOMA IN PHARMACY and having 4 years of exprience. i want to work in USA, CANADA,...

neha gupta in Newark, Delaware

Updated 26 months ago

How to get a job as a Community pharmacist in US? Please help - 3 Replies

HI, I wanted to find a job and work as a Pharmacist in the US.I completed my bachelors in india 4 yrs course in 2004 and did Masters of science in UK...

dgmindeed in Portland, Oregon

Updated 27 months ago

Retail pharmacist job market in Oregon - 1 Reply

My family is considering moving to the Portland, OR area and I am wondering how long it might take me to find a retail pharmacy position there. I...

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