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kamalbhatiamed in Karnal, India

Updated 70 months ago


Readily available

Lesley King in Nationwide, California

Pharmacy Manager needed in scenic Northern CA.

Located in scenic Northern California! Near the beach, hours from Tahoe, and steps from gourmet restaurants and shopping. The Pharmacy Manager is...

pharmacist in San Diego, California

Updated 70 months ago

pharmacisi - 3 Replies

I am looking for a job in long island area I have not worked for the past 6 years because i had kids back to back I want to go back now as a part...

Sidra in West Palm Beach, Florida

Updated 71 months ago

considering becoming a pharmacist - 7 Replies

I am 28yrs old and am considering going back to school to become a pharmacist. I already have a B.A in marketing but with this economy I am looking...

priscilla in Cape Town, South Africa

licensed california RPH

Hi, licensed RPH in CA ,USA from south africa. worked in san diego for 2.5 yrs looking to go back. needing visa sponsorship and re-location package

Anna in Los Angeles, California

Updated 72 months ago

Pharmacy Jobs - 9 Replies

I have great pharmacy jobs for all shifts in New Jersey and the nation. If you are interested you can check out some of our opportunities at...

sol in East Lansing, Michigan

Looking for an internship

I am a foreign pharmacy graduate and have already passed my foreign pharmacy examination in April, and i am looking for a position to work as intern...

nancy5208 in San Diego, California


hi im a senior in high school and i wanna become a pharmacist.i was wondering what community college i can go to start off my education to reach my...

Helen in Brooklyn, New York

Updated 72 months ago

schools - 5 Replies

Where is a good school in Florida where I can become a pharmacist.

mohit in Panipat, India

Updated 73 months ago

Pharmacist Job Offer - 2 Replies

No nights no weekends. Write me for more info: Ask for Kal.

mele kanamen in Meridian, Idaho

Updated 73 months ago

Pharmacist - 8 Replies

I'm really thinking about going to school to become a pharmacist, but I wanted to know would it be smarter to go to school to become a pharmacy...

Atieh in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Updated 73 months ago

Community Pharmacist Position - 1 Reply

To contribute to a pharmacy team as a Licensed New Jersey Pharmacist who serves the needs of a diverse patient population. Interested in the...

mehul in Kalol, India

Updated 74 months ago

Naplex and Mpje - 2 Replies

Any ideas about the Naplex and law in VA. i need to take it in a couple of months (2months) need any help or advice from all, books, references for...

Samantha E in Blue Springs, Missouri

Looking for a graduate pharmacist internship position in Kansas City

I am an educated pharmacist and chemist who has extensive experience in all areas of retail pharmacy. This includes such things as high-volume...

Susan Clark in Sarasota, Florida

Updated 75 months ago

Pharmacist position in NJ - 2 Replies

Hello, my name is janet. I am a registered pharmacist with NJ. I am a forign pharmacy graduate looking for a pharmacist position in NJ. I am also...

Meme in Houston, Texas

In need of Pharmacists nationwide..licensed in US interships offered here..

If you are a licensed Pharmacist in the US searching for a position in any of the areas of Pharmacy send me your contact info...We have positions all... Nurse Recruiter in Dayton, Ohio

Updated 75 months ago

relocating- when should i start applying for jobs? - 1 Reply

i'm a currently a clinical pharmacist,and am relocating back to my hometown in may or june 2009. i'm wondering if i should start applying for...

derniekk in Minneapolis, Minnesota

Looking for a DOP !

I am currently looking for a DOP and if you have any interest in the upper midwest please drop me a line. I also work the U.S. but have a urgent...

Safety First, Profits After That in Minneapolis, Minnesota

Updated 76 months ago

Expired Drugs - 1 Reply

It has come to our attention that large chains may be selling expired drugs, which may be less effective. Does anyone have any information about...

Indeed Help in Stamford, Connecticut

TRAVEL Pharmacist or Temp to Perm Pharmacist NEEDED in NEBRASKA :)

Need to have PEDS experience and hospital experience. Please email me if interested - THANKS! :)

munaver in Sydney, Australia

pharmacist relocation

Can any one guide me about relocating to the USA, I am an australian pharmacist and would like relocate to the USA .

xassdvfs in Dublin, Ireland

Updated 79 months ago

pharmacist - 2 Replies

i have a certificate in pharmacology what position can i have until i can futher my career in the medical field.

Helen Tjioe in Long Beach, California

Updated 79 months ago

Distance Learning - 1 Reply

Do you know of any reputable distance learning programs that are accredited and qualify to prepare one to get a Pharmacist license?

Gabriel BURKE in Washington, Puerto Rico

Pharmaceutical sales job?

I am recent college graduate with limited work experience, can I still get a pharmaceutical sales job? in Los Angeles, California

Updated 79 months ago

Heaf of Pharmacy Position Available - 2 Replies

Innotan is looking for a Director of Pharmacy or Pharmacist in Charge to run our pharmacy. We do not have a retail section. We strictly take...

Phil in Lake Orion, Michigan

Thinking about going to school but do not know where to start?

I have a Bachelors in Business Managment and am starting to really like the idea of becoming a pharmacist. can anyone tell me how many more years...

rane murders in Russellville, Arkansas

?? How many

I'm doing a project at school i want to be a pharmacist and i was wondering if anyyone knew the number of pharmacy jobs available? Please and Thankz!

__________ in Lubbock, Texas

Looking for Part-time Pharmacist Job without patient care responsibilities

Any thoughts on available opportunities?

MR.BENSY.V.V,P.O,BOX.337 in Doha, Qatar



Lucia in Frisco, Texas

average score for Naplex and MPJE

Hi guys, what is the score pharmcists usualy gets for Naplex and MPJE? I appreciate your comment. tks Lucia

nader in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Updated 83 months ago

Pharmacy Jobs - 2 Replies

Hello All, I have some really exciting jobs in the state of New Jersey with very hihg salary ranges that are on par with retail, these jobs start...

William Stamm

Employment Interest

I am interested in applying for any position from the floor to pharmacy tech. in your new Big Bear Lake Wallgreens. I can be reached at...

sitco in Saint John's, Antigua and Barbuda

pharmacist need to advice their patients on the proper use of medications

pharmacist need to check out on the proper use of medications.

Wendy in Calgary, Alberta

Pharmacist oppurtunities OUTSIDE of the dispensary?

Just wondering...I have worked in retail pharmacy since graduating back in 1999. I will be going off on Mat Leave with my 3rd child soon and I'm...

Kathie Cox in Scottsdale, Arizona

Updated 85 months ago

Pharmacist internshi[ - 2 Replies

My boyfriend is in Phillipines, his place of citizenship, waiting to get Visa for pharmacist in States. How long should this take, and what is...

Professional Building of Independence LL in Wichita, Kansas

Pharmacist Wanted

We have a PIC job open in a small southeastern town in Kansas.This pharmacy has an old time soda fountain located within.No Sunday work, competitive...

Magpie in Hood River, Oregon

Updated 85 months ago

workday - 2 Replies

How long is the average workday for a pharmacist

Jeremy Rodriguez in Spring Hill, Florida

Updated 85 months ago

Pharmacist - 2 Replies

Is pharmacist a good career to pursue. I want to know if it realy worth it.

Patty Padakis in Morristown, New Jersey

Pharmacist position need in Pompano Beach, FL

I have Pharmacist temporary positions available in Pompano Beach, FL. Duration 10 weeks. Pharmacist to work varying shifts Monday - Friday from...

anonymous in Grand Prairie, Texas

Updated 86 months ago

Getting ahead... - 2 Replies

What is the best training for becoming a hirable pharmacist? What types of ongoing training or certifications are necessary to be an effective...

anonymous in Grand Prairie, Texas

Updated 86 months ago

Schools - 1 Reply

Where is a good school where I can become a pharmacist and what is its tuition.

anonymous in Grand Prairie, Texas

Updated 86 months ago

Pharmacists - 1 Reply

I want to become a pharmacists but I dont know where to start. Can I get some help?

Jeremy in Spring Hill, Florida


Are there medical and life benefits for being a pharmacist

Jeremy in Spring Hill, Florida


Are there medical and life benefits for being a pharmacist

Jeremy in Spring Hill, Florida


Can you have a bad record and still be a pharmacist, such as a criminal record or bad credit

Steve in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

5th year Pharmacy student looking for Intern/Tech job

Hey all, I am a 5th year pharmacy student in Philadelphia seeking a pharmacy intern/pharmacy technician job for weekends.

Lya in Samarinda, Indonesia


i dont understand bout this thing... plz help me to understand... did serotonin and antagonist serotonin gave side efect for pregnancy and for...

Tom in Rochester, New York

WHat pharmacy school did you graduate from in the US?

I am in college and working on my undergraduate courses. I want to apply to pharmacy school and have heard it is possible to get in after only 2...

rubie in Brighton, Massachusetts

Updated 87 months ago

Statistics or Intro to Calc? - 3 Replies

Im going to be a senior next year and were picking classes for next year now. Im debating on taking statistics or into to calc. What should i take?

amparo rodriguez in Jacksonville, Florida

pharmacy technician

Seeking a Pharmacist Techinian position utilizing my education, in pharmacy where my experience will promote happiness in helping others

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