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Ashleygets in El Segundo, California

insight on pharmacy school. how old is too old? can you be too old?

Hello everyone, I am 22 and my bf is 49. I will be starting pharmacy school soon and have been talking about it with my bf and now he is thinking...

Kub in Vancouver, British Columbia

Canadian Pharmacist Looking to Relocate to the United States (California)

Hi there. I am a hospital pharmacist from British Columbia, Canada (no residency, worked in front-line dispensing and administrative positions)...

Pharmaciststeve in Panama City, Florida

Updated 22 months ago

Why were you fired as a pharmacist? What did you do if you were not working? - 2 Replies

I want to know to those who were laid off or fired...what was the reason?

Jane Doe24356 in New York, New York

Updated 22 months ago

Working in the US as a Portuguese Pharmacist ? - 1 Reply

Hi. I would like to know more about the next topics: - Are employers open to hire foreigner pharmacist? - Whats the average salary ? - What...

UsedRph in Madison, Alabama

Updated 22 months ago

Pharmacy job market - 17 Replies

OK, guys, I am a senior in college and I have been set on pharmacy school for sometime now. I did above average on the PCAT, have a good GPA, etc....

UsedRph in Madison, Alabama

Updated 22 months ago

Pharmacist Salary 2012 - 2 Replies

My question is how are our salaries? If you are lucky enough to have a job as a pharmacist, what are you earning? I work for the 'WALMART' and I...

UsedRph in Madison, Alabama

Updated 22 months ago

Will the job market for pharmacists improve anytime soon? - 5 Replies

Everyone's been talking about how the market for pharmacists is oversaturated, and how too many pharmacy schools are opening up, causing many new...

Rx Veteran in Maryland

Updated 23 months ago

New Career - 11 Replies

Has anyone successfully left the Pharmacist profession? Please share how you did it. I'm looking for a change because I can't find any pharmacist...

Shadwa in New York, New York

Updated 23 months ago

clinical laboratory scientist vs pharmacy - HELP! - 10 Replies

Hi all, Would like to get some advice on this forum - I'm a student debating to go into pharmacy or CLS (Clinical Laboratory Scientist - the guys...

J Smt in Hamilton, Ontario

Updated 24 months ago

Getting licensed after a DUI - 1 Reply

I was hoping for some advice about trying to get licensed in a new state after having a DUI on my record. I'm currently licensed in three states,...

glache in Australia

Is long-term relief work detrimental to the development of a young pharmacist?

I've been working as a relief pharmacist since registration, so a total of 18 months. Mainly in hospital, but with some retail chucked in. It was...

J Smt in Ontario

Anyone with experience reporting criminal convicition?

Any help would be helpful

Pharm_dont in Nashville, Tennessee

The New Pharmacy Schools

It is sad that the statement about a flood of pharmacist in the market was not made to students before they laid out close to $100,000 or more in...


Updated 30 months ago

pharmacist in Costa Rica - 7 Replies

Does anyone know what the requirements are for working as a pharmacist in C.R.? I am a RPh in Texas and am relocating in C.R. in about a year.

cas in United Kingdom

UK pharmacist to USA or Canada?

I am currently studying in the UK going into my final year of MPharm. I plan to come to either USA or Canada to practice pharmacy after my years...

cas in London, United Kingdom

Updated 30 months ago

pharmacy internship hours - 2 Replies

I am seeking a pharmacy intern position in the USA, completed FPGEE and iBTOEFL exams, FPGEC Certification being mailed. A NAFTA visa can be issued...

cas in London, United Kingdom

Updated 30 months ago

Grades needed to be a pharmacist - 10 Replies

Hi I'm a junior in high school planning to become a pharmacist and I was wondering what grades I would need in high school in order to make this...

ccc in Columbus, Indiana

Updated 31 months ago

Pharmacy or Computer Engineering? - 6 Replies

I am really good in science and math. And I want to go into the medical field, but reluctant to get my hands dirty, so I decided to choose pharmacy....

notapharmacist in Dublin, Ireland

Updated 31 months ago

How to start! - 3 Replies

I'm 26 years old. I've worked at an institutional pharmacy for 8 years now doing mainly the computer/ data entry work. 3 years ago I went and took...

Confused in Sunland, California



smitha in San Antonio, Texas

Pharmacy internship in Boston

At present I am in texas and I am moving to boston in a week due to my husband's job.I have got my FPGEC and according to Massachusetes Board i need...

dainty in London, United Kingdom

Updated 32 months ago

Pharmacy as a career 21st Century - 2 Replies

The party for retail pharmacists is over. No more sign on incentives of $20k or new cars, no more retention bonus of $20k no triple pay for...

dainty in London, United Kingdom

Updated 32 months ago

High School Student, What classes to take? - 6 Replies

I want to be a pharmacist when i grow up. I tried to fit all my credits in to my schedule. This is what i had planned. Should I take Senior English...

azhar in Toronto, Ontario

Updated 32 months ago

Hi in MICHIGAN for pharmacist - 1 Reply

Hello everyone, I am a registered pharmacist and looking for a h1 sponsor in MI if anyone can help me wih any kind of info it will be greatly...

Pt in La Jolla, California

California pharmacist jobs

When you look for job openings they are definitely there. I know that there are still pharmacy jobs in souther California, what I want to know is...

Kate in Gdansk, Poland

question about leaflet

I looking for leaflet of Cardace AM. I can not find it at internet pages. I would really appreciate if somebody could send me scan. With best...

whalid in Mount Prospect, Illinois

Updated 34 months ago

i am looking for job - 4 Replies

hii, am 24 years old phramacist and i wanna work in any medical field

sri in Wembley, United Kingdom

Updated 34 months ago

CANADIAN FPGEE Certified Pharmacist needs 300 hours Internship - 1 Reply

Hi all, I am a Canadian pharmacist who already got the FPGEE and the Washington intern license. I need 300 hours only before becoming eligible for...

Hello 12 in Glasgow, United Kingdom

Updated 34 months ago

Unique I doomed?? - 8 Replies

Graduated in 2009, took a year sabbatical due to family obligations, just took NAPLEX, working on taking MPJE. My last pharmacy experience was my...

joe in Manitowoc, Wisconsin

idaho pharmacy market

Wondering if anyone can comment or share some information on pharmacy opportunites and salary ranges in Idaho. I spent 2 weeks in the panhandle last...

Joshua in Waco, Texas

Updated 35 months ago

I am a high school student. Should I take basic physics or regular physics? - 85 Replies

Hi, I'm a sopho. from Honolulu, HI. I'm planning on becoming a pharmacist. I was wondering, should I take basic physics or regular phys. in my junior...

N in Beaverton, Oregon

Updated 35 months ago

A newly licensed pharmacist needs a job in Seattle area - 3 Replies

I am a newly licensed pharmacist but could not find a job in the Greater Seattle area in the past several months. It seems to me that chain stores...

Michael C Gravatt RPh in Saint Louis, Missouri

Updated 35 months ago

Small town has no pharmacy - 1 Reply

Our small town has no pharmacy and with an aging population is in great need of one. Population is approx. 1200, but there are 4000 people in Knox...

VIJIT AGRAWAL in Sirsaganj, India

Scope of Pharm D in India

Please comment on Pharm D in India course.

Mohamed in Dublin, Ireland

Is pharmacy worth?

It was worth, this career was very good, but now is not good any more.

Grets in Leicester, United Kingdom

Pharmacy tech jobs in Dubai

Im a regesterd pharmacy technician who has worked in a hospital for 8 years in the UK and i have been qualified since 2006 working full time on the...

Hello 12 in Glasgow, United Kingdom

Updated 36 months ago

What classes to take in order to become a pharmacist? Where to volunteer? - 1 Reply

Hello^^ I'm currently a 16-year-old sophomore and I finally decided on my career. I have taken Algebra 2, Pre-Calc, Geo w/Trig, and I will be AP...

Bipin kumar yadav in Bangalore, India

Updated 36 months ago

How can a US pharmacist (Pharm.D) work in the UK? - 14 Replies

I just finished my first year of pharmacy school and would like to look into getting a pharmacy job in London, UK once I finish school. I will be...

elway7777 in New York, New York

Updated 36 months ago

Pharmacist job market in NJ? - 39 Replies

Just wondering how the pharmacist positions are in NJ. Since I have pharmacy degree, I was thinking of taking FPGEE (I am green card holder) as a...

Abubakar Siddique in Bangalore, India

Updated 36 months ago

Looking for PhD programs in pharmacy in USA - 6 Replies

Hi I am a foreign graduate student in pharmacy, looking for a PhD program in USA. In Europe you can do PhD research project and be paid for it at the...

Amrisha in Burbank, California

Master In pharmacy from INDIA and 5 years experience in Medical writing. want H1 visa and job in USA

Hi Everyone!! I have completed Master In pharmacy from INDIA and 5 years experience in Medical writing. I want to work in the USA in the pharma...

fpgee_lecturer in Spring, Texas

Updated 37 months ago



Pharmacyjobs in Clifton, New Jersey

Updated 37 months ago

NJ jobs vs. relocating to another state - Suggestions? - 1 Reply

Hello all, I graduated with my PharmD May of last year, got licensed at the end of October , and have been unemployed since licensure. I've come...

seanman1224 in Ridgeway, California

Updated 37 months ago

What classes should I take? - 1 Reply

Hi, I'm in 8th grade. I want to be a pharmacy when I grow older and really want to choose classes in high school that will help me achieve my dream....

LilSkipper12 in Chicago, Illinois

Benefits for Pharmacists

Does anyone know if Walgreen's or CVS offers a short term disability plan to their pharmacists? I'm looking to change companies but need to have a...

apexone in Stittsville, Ontario

Why would you make a good pharmacist?

I would like to know what makes a good pharmacist. Thanks in advance!

scaredrx in Brooklyn, New York

Updated 38 months ago

Ethical Question - 5 Replies

Hi guys, I am actually a technician but I need to ask pharmacists about this. I just got hired at a pharmacy (and I won't give names out for my...

Pre-Pharmacy in Tujunga, California

How is the pharmacy job market in California?

Any thoughts/experience to share? please and thank you!

Anas in Syrian Arab Republic

Updated 38 months ago

I am a US citizen and i do possess a FPGEC certificate. I am looking for a pharmacy intern position in Philadelphia, PA. Can som - 1 Reply

Can somebody tell me what to do to for a pharmacy intern job

andhow in Upland, California

Updated 38 months ago

Getting a hospital internship, job, etc. - 1 Reply

Hello. I am a 3rd yr. pharmacy student with a graduation date of May 2013. I have been trying my hardest to score an internship but it has been in...

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