Should I retake the PCAT?

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Christine in Denton, Texas

74 months ago

I took the PCAT last year and made a composite score of 84. I made average scores in the bio and chem section, somewhere in the upper 50's-80 range. I've taken these science classes w/grades posted:

College Physics 1 Lec/Lab: A
Microbiology Lec&Lab: A
Biology I Lec/Lab: A
Biology II Lec/Lab: A
Chem I Lec/Lab: A
Chem II Lec/Lab: B
O-Chem I Lec/Lab: C
O-Chem II Lec/Lab: C
Calculus I: C

I've made A's in all the other prerequisites any pharmacy school might ask for, but those 3 C's are my only bad marks. I'm retaking o-chem 1 this semester (just the lecture, no lab) as well as taking a 3000-level biochemistry, and I'll be re-taking o-chem 2 and Calculus next semester. I've been working as a pharmacy technician since the beginning of the year, have a lot of service hours, and have a 3.52 undergrad GPA . Do you think I should re-take the PCAT this year? I'm applying to all the pharmacy schools in my native state, Texas, and I want to get in for next fall. My mom says I should retake it (she's a pharmacist) because my bio and chem scores were lower than my reading, writing, and english scores. What do you think? I really need your help before I spend/waste $250.
BTW, I'll also have 2 letters of rec from pharmacists I've worked with (not my mom,lol)

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