Unique Problem? Any solutions?

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Confused and Scared in Panorama City, California

79 months ago

Hi all:

I have a rather unique concern and hope someone can help me. I am a US licensed pharmacist and have not been practicing pharmacy since my graduation (4 years ago). I am now interested in entering the work force. I have tried residency but could not match with one.

I prefer patient pharmacy. As most of you know, the market is very tight especially in Southern California. Inpatient positions usually require experience or residency. Fortunately, I have found a volunteer position where the director is very much willing to teach me skills to improve my clinical skills. Here lies the problem: to learn anything clinical, we would have to access patients' profiles. My mentor is very much concerned about HIPPA violation. Because I am not an intern/extern/student, I have no business seeing these patient's files.

I am wondering if any of you have done similar thing and how did you go around the HIPPA rules and regulations. Many thanks in advance.

JB in Tujunga, California

78 months ago

Hi there, I'm a prospective pharmacy student so not a professional yet, but I don't see why you seeing patient files is a violation of HIPPA... I mean, you're still a pharmacist who is working on the patient's case, paid or not. Your mentor (like most people) probably is scared to death of HIPPA and doesn't understand the difference between a violation and not, what you need to do is contact the HR department there is usually a HIPPA case manager or something and they can reassure your director that it's ok for you to work with patients. It's kind of silly that a director would think that. I mean, if a doctor is volunteering his services at a free health clinic, does that mean he's violating HIPPA? ofcourse not.

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