need pharmacy intern position

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corn soup in Valley Cottage, New York

89 months ago

..i am also a foreign graduate, got my fpgec cert and would need to transfer my h1b with a pharmacy..problem is they dont want anything to do with you even if u just want to work part time with them, they dont like someone sponsored by another company to work for them even part-time only.. so have you had any luck finding an intern position?

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Wawa in Jersey City, New Jersey

70 months ago

This is so bad and my heart's broken. I've just spoken to the intern coordinator of CVS pharmacy and she just informed me that they no longer consider foreign pharmacy grad interns. I have a greencard and an fpgec. She said it doesn't matter. She said that the pharmacy grads/ students here in the US have been over saturated for years and companies like them cater first to their grads than the foreign grad pharmacists. She said that they don't accept foreign grad interns for over 2 years now and as she knows leading retail pharmacies such as rite aid, walgreens- duane reade; walmart, target, shop rite and the like- would prioritize US educated students than foreign pharmacy grads and that most of these retail co. no longer accepts FPGE certified individuals. I feel heart broken because i know i worked hard to get this certificate and was thinking that the hardest part is over. I was totally left dumbfounded after hearing what she said. She said I could work as a pharm tech but that's all and can't convert my hours to internship hours. I've been searching for a year. I still have hope but i'm getting tired. I feel as if they(nabp and ets) just allow foreign grads to get the fpgec just to gain financial advantage from the takers. I'm sure they know this situation and they know the large number of applicants and the money they spend just to get this certificate. I don't know what other foreign grads like me experience but this is the situation now in New Jersey.

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