I hate my new pharmacy tech job. How can I cope working there since I can't afford to quit.

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Brand New Pharmacy Technician in Colfax, Illinois

67 months ago

I really hate it...its high stress and awful...today during my lunch break I sat in my car and cried that's how overwhelmed I get with the job...Its my third day...yes day 3 and I'm ready to run for the hills (yes even if I did go to tech school) My stomach sinks in the Morning thinking I have to be there for 8 Hrs...its a retail pharmacy in a hospital but the staff never technically trained me they just threw me in there. I feel like my mind is going at 100 MPH per hour when the phone in the pharmacy rings, customers in line another call on hold...and yet I have no idea what is going on...I'm always "lost". How can I handle this I'm so miserable I can't even concentrate on anything when I'm off work because I'm thinking about pharmacy. I also can't afford to quit...how can I cope.

This pharmacy has had the same tech for the past 7 years so I don't think they have ever had to formally train a new technician. The technician that has been there for 7 years is always so stressed and aggravated that she stresses me out as well. I have also heard her throw me under the bus for stuff that I asked her for help with. I can't afford to quit even though I get knots in my stomach every time I walk through the door.

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