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Updated 13 hours ago


[QUOTE who="Chris L. in Davison, Michigan"]I am thinking of attending Penn Foster for $625 in their Pharm Tech program? Should I or attend a...

Tom King, RPh of

Updated 2 days ago

CVS Dress code? Pay and other - 18 Replies

If you live in the city, are experienced, and nationally certified in Missouri, then the pay range is $12.73 to $17.73, depending on who you work...

Tom King, RPh of

Updated 4 days ago

"Why becoming a certified pharmacy technician is not worth your time" - 136 Replies

The PTCB certification is more well known, but seeing how you can use the Illinois state recognized ExCPT to gain state license status, you can do...

Tom King, RPh of

Updated 4 days ago

"Why you don't want to start off your pharmacy technican experience at CVS/Pharmacy" - 80 Replies

While your negative advice for others not to become a pharmacy technician is maybe true for CVS, it most certainly is NOT true for the pharmacy...

Tom King, RPh of

Updated 4 days ago

CPhT- Frustrated and Disappointed!!! - 34 Replies

Your participation in a "pharmacy technician school" for OVER SEVEN MONTHS and thousands of dollars is actually the red flag that is making everyone...


Updated 12 days ago

"PTCB test is easy to pass once you have the right book" - 1101 Replies

[QUOTE who="slam in Augusta, Georgia"]Hi, urus. Could you please send me the books too at Thanks![/QUOTE] Hello there can...


Updated 12 days ago

PTCB EXAM RESULTS...along with a question - 1136 Replies

So I took my ptcb September 18 along with two other girls in my class. We all passed and the received their results yesterday and I still have not...


How to prepare for PTCB?

Hi! Friends, Can any one help me for study material or practice PTCB exam. I will b thankful ...plz help me out..I'm new in this...


Updated 18 days ago

waiting period for pharm tech license in california? - 132 Replies

Hi guys, I just passed the PTCE last wednesday and im reading the posts on how to register to Ca board of pharmacy. One of the requirements is a...


Updated 20 days ago

Not Sure How to Prepare for the PTCE, or What Books to Use? Read This! ^_^ - 10 Replies

[QUOTE who="PTCBEASY in San Francsico, California"]Hello,If you are struggling passing the PTCB exam or scared need that extra assurance, you are not...


Updated 26 days ago

pharmacy technician salary - 1270 Replies

Wow it seems pharm tech salaries regressed considerably over the past decade or so. I am no longer in the field, last worked as a tech in a pbm...

Updated 27 days ago

getting fired!!! - 2 Replies

The place I was fired from happens to be Eastwood Animal Clinic.


Updated 29 days ago

Thinking of a 2 year Pharmacy Tech program? Waste of time, money, and heres why.... - 166 Replies

How long long were u on school for that?


Updated 1 month ago

becoming a pharmacist technician PLEASE HELP! - 199 Replies

[QUOTE who="Marcia in Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania"]I'm currently studying to be a PT and I never thought I was good in Math/Science. I'm retiring...


Updated 1 month ago

"How to become a certified/registered pharmacy technician in a short amount of time" - 205 Replies

[QUOTE who="katery in Spring Lake, Michigan"]no, that's not true. there maybe some pharmacies that have that policy, but i'm a certified tech in...


Updated 1 month ago

PAY RATE - 1 Reply

12 years as a pharma tech? Maybe it's time to look into becoming a pharmacist. Why not go back to school and get your degree?


what to study

I'm in San Diego and would like to buy any/all study guides & books for Pharmacy Tech Exam. I let my license expire and now I have to retake the exam...


Apps to help study for exam?

Does anybody know of any good mobile apps that can be used to study for the PTCB exam? Anything for math or sig codes?


Updated 2 months ago

the worse place to work as a Pharmacy Technician - 493 Replies

[QUOTE who="SummerDay in Atlanta, Georgia"]CVS hands down!!!! -the pay sucks -understaffed -no breaks -no lunches[/QUOTE] If you want to...


Is Becoming A Pharmacy Technician Really Worth It?

I am 24 years old and I am going back to school next month for BA in Business Management. I see that my school offers a Pharmacy Tech Certificate. I...


pharmacy technician

I was certified two years ago, currently i am applying for CA pharmacy license. There are opportunities avail in my local, requiring license though....


Updated 2 months ago

I need help solving 3 math calculation problems if someone don't mind helping...! - 7 Replies

I have actually already taken my PTCB exam and passed it. I am currently working on getting my IV Compounding and Aseptic Technique certification and...

Tom King, RPh of

Updated 2 months ago

school for pharmacy tech..? - 1 Reply

In a nutshell, the easiest way to become a pharmacy technician in Michigan is to do the following; 1. pass the PTCB exam. 2. fill out the...

Tom King, RPh of

Updated 2 months ago

Can I work with my license from PR in the US? - 1 Reply

It depends. Your question is kind of vague. If you meant PTCB certification by exam when you said "license" then the answer is "it depends". Every...


Updated 2 months ago

Can someone tell me if is worth the money? - 5 Replies

Hi, I am Tom King, the pharmacist instructor for the pharmacy technician course at . Beware of courses that offer you a...


Updated 2 months ago

Walmart VS. CVS/Pharmacy - 46 Replies

I know this is a really old thread but wanted to toss in my 2 cents in case anyone coming across this is interested. I started working at Walmart...


Updated 2 months ago

I made a mistake? - 2 Replies

I am sorry for replying to this so late but I wanted to update with my current status of employment. After posting, I found a job and was hired at a...

Rowlett tx

Updated 2 months ago

Taking the pharm tech test - 831 Replies

I live in rowlett txt. I want become pharmacy tech trainee then pharmacy tech. Where do I start.


Pharmacy Calculations

I need some help on some pharmacy calculations if someone don't mind helping. #1 A prescription is received for a pediatric patient to receive 250...

Lindsey G

CPhT class question (pre-PA)

OK heres some useful/un-useful info about what I plan to do for my next 4 years. I am currently enrolled at a community college in New York and I...


Updated 3 months ago

Could a person become a pharmacy tech just by taking the test and passing? - 26 Replies

The laws vary from state to state. Not every state recognized the PTCB or EXCPT exam. Perfect example... I go online to see the requirements for...


Pharmacy Tech License in Georgia

How long does it take to get a pharmacy tech license? I recently got hired as a pharmacy tech and was told to register with the GA board of pharmacy...


Pay differentials for working inpatient/outpatient oncology

Hi all, I'm trying to gather some data and the answers aren't as easy to google as I had hoped. I'm wondering if those of you who work in...



Can someone please send me the new up to date book in pdf to my email. I have taken the pharmacy test and I failed it due to the math portion.


Updated 4 months ago

Best places to work for? - 220 Replies

People please read my earlier post and if you are about to get into a pharmacy tech job, DO NOT DO IT! Save yourself the misery if you have the...


Updated 4 months ago

pharm tech license - 61 Replies

[QUOTE who="kathy in Taunton, Massachusetts"]I can say that I work as a pharmacy technician at CVS and that is not what I experienced at all.. I...


Is Pharmacy Tech a good career

Currently work in the health care field making $1500 a week. The grocery store down the road has an opening for a pharmacy tech. I considered...

Sylvia Gonzales

Pharmacy Technician in General.

First of all I have been a tech for over 25 years. Worked Retail,Hospital, correctional setting and a Health Insurance company. Its a good job, and...


Want to change careers to Pharm Tech - major retail pharmacy or community pharmacy?

Long story short, I had a very hard time finding a job in my field (also in health care), even after getting all my certifications done. I do have...

jayydela in Sugar Land, Texas

Pharmacy Tech or Licensed Optician

So at my workplace, I am currently a non-licensed optician. Recently, there has been a job opening for a pharmacy technician and I was wondering if...

proudmommy in Saint Paul, Minnesota

Anyone from the twin cities area have any input on salary?

I'm currently working at a LTC pharmacy making bout 18/hr. Trying to transition to hospitals but not sure what to ask for. I was thinking $19-20. Any...

Lucas the Dog in Madison, Tennessee

study websites

Has anyone tried The website has a lot of useful info, but the tests seemed a little pricey.

wanttobethebest in Israel

Updated 5 months ago

I'm a new tech at Walmart pharmacy, i'm still confused on using the Connexus system such as billing problems and insurance info - 321 Replies

What are the steps to solve billing problems such as INCORRECT NDC NUMBER, REFILL TOO SOON, etc. or anything else would be helpful? thanks for the...

wanttobethebest in Ozark, Missouri

Inputting @ walmart

Has anyone heard, all Wal-Mart pharmacy Techs have to be 95% at inputting accuracy or will have to leave the pharmacy, even if they can fill and take...

missmooniesims in Texarkana, Texas

Updated 5 months ago

passing the ptcb exam - 1 Reply

urus is there any way you can send me study materials so i can pass my exam. Thank you soooo much. I really appreciate it.

kxeim99 in Garden Grove, California

Updated 5 months ago

volunteer intern permit - 42 Replies

Hi, what is the best book to study for PTCB test and is this book are up-to-dated? What about the math calculation does is have alot of it to...

GorGor in San Francisco, California

Updated 5 months ago

Kaiser Outpatient Pharm. Tech. Program - 15 Replies

Hello everyone! I'm a CphT and Registered Tech. here in Northern Cali. Been looking for a job for more than a year and still no luck. I tried Kaiser...

Ohyeah40 in Raleigh, North Carolina

Updated 5 months ago

Pharmacy Technician Education - 1 Reply

Anyone who says you can be a Pharmacy Technician without training is very wrong. They may have a job and a nametag that say Pharmacy Technician but...


Updated 5 months ago

Can I just learn the top 200 drugs for PTCB exam? - 83 Replies

This is 2015 but the connects are many months ago my question is that do I need to take college certification programming to do the PTCB test? Please...

mahe in Washington, Utah

Updated 5 months ago

Updated PTCB Exam - 8 Replies

Has anyone taken the new exam yet? I recently became interested in becoming a Pharm Tech but, with the new exam, I have NO CLUE what I should be...

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