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Updated 1 hour ago

I'm PTCB certified but making the same pay as someone who is not - 2 Replies

There are some places do not pay well, but I make almost $17/hour so do not get discouraged :)


Updated 7 days ago

How to get a Pharmacy technician job with no previous retail or hospital experience? - 319 Replies

BECOME A PHARMACY TECHNICIAN – TRY FOR FREE TODAY!!! CRIMSON INSTITUTE offers an online self-paced Pharmacy Technician Training Program Try...


Updated 7 days ago

Thinking of a 2 year Pharmacy Tech program? Waste of time, money, and heres why.... - 162 Replies

BECOME A PHARMACY TECHNICIAN – TRY FOR FREE TODAY!!! CRIMSON INSTITUTE offers an online self-paced Pharmacy Technician Training Program Try...


Updated 7 days ago

CPhT- Frustrated and Disappointed!!! - 26 Replies

I have a question. I'm looking to get some experience this year as a pharm tech and then applying to pharmacy school (i have all of the prereqs and...


Updated 8 days ago


[QUOTE who="Tara in Richmond, Virginia"] is an excellent way to prepare for the PTCB Exam. The course is available online, and you can...


Updated 8 days ago

"Why becoming a certified pharmacy technician is not worth your time" - 157 Replies

[QUOTE who="pharmtech111 in North Carolina"]I really don't know why people waste their time going to school to be a pharmacy technician. I got hired...


Updated 8 days ago

"PTCB test is easy to pass once you have the right book" - 869 Replies

hi Urus, I will be taking the PTCB test in November, will you please send me some of your study information to pass the test. Thank you! My email...


Updated 9 days ago

I'm a new tech at Walmart pharmacy, i'm still confused on using the Connexus system such as billing problems and insurance info - 299 Replies

Just got hired at Walmart pharm as a tech , still doing my cbls stressing cause some of the test us covers some of what I do or should know . I can't...


Updated 12 days ago

How does tech get IV certified? - 176 Replies

Healthcare Careers Training Center in Atlanta, GA is now a Licensed Training Facility for NPTA. We offer the same IV Certification that NPTA offers....


Updated 13 days ago

waiting period for pharm tech license in california? - 117 Replies

It's seems like the board is even further back logged .... It's been 4 months since my application was mailed (exactly 124 days, YES I'm counting)...

Current Employee

Updated 18 days ago

the worse place to work as a Pharmacy Technician - 504 Replies

I just started working for CVS as a CphT about a month ago and I am in the same boat you are. The training seems to be more of a formality than...


Updated 21 days ago

FREE Study Group - 4 Replies

Took Pharmacy Tech course over a year ago and have not taken my exam and in need of a study/prep group in Humble area.


Frustrated CPhT

I've been working at my current pharmacy as a tech and only tech for 5 years, last April things changed. They sold the pharmacy to owners whom own 4...

Lovely Liz_71

Updated 26 days ago

"Why you don't want to start off your pharmacy technican experience at CVS/Pharmacy" - 80 Replies

[QUOTE who="brown_dude_CPhT in Boston, Massachusetts"]Later on I decided to try out the retail pharmacy experience which I did not find rewarding at...


Updated 1 month ago

Best places to work for? - 210 Replies

Just an FYI Cvs is still a horrible company. Go the other way its really not worth it. If you do work there, just stay long enough to get some...


Updated 1 month ago

Can't find a job as a pharmacy tech! - 62 Replies

I'm in the same situation here. Stopped by 2 retail pharmacy which I saw them clearly posted the hiring, but received the same answer "will...

Erin in Saint Louis, Missouri

Transitioning to California- Walgreens?

I'm a Certified Pharm Tech for Walgreens in Missouri, looking to transfer to a California store. I was just wondering if anyone knew the average...

JNEA in California

Updated 1 month ago

Updated PTCB Exam - 7 Replies

Has anyone taken the new exam yet? I recently became interested in becoming a Pharm Tech but, with the new exam, I have NO CLUE what I should be...

CPhT in Hazleton, Pennsylvania

Updated 1 month ago

Is anyone happy with their job as a pharmacy tech? - 8 Replies

Just finishing my pharmacy tech course-but all I read is how people hate their job. is there anyone happy with their job. Need to hear...

Momo in Saint Paul, Minnesota

Updated 1 month ago

Who all is using Penn Foster as their school of choice? - 229 Replies

I am, I currently have about 14 more tests to complete, so far I like it, I've been halted a bit due to other reasons, but it seems very informative...

Mary in Midlothian, Virginia

Updated 1 month ago

"How to become a certified/registered pharmacy technician in a short amount of time" - 217 Replies

So you want to become a pharmacy technician. Well, if you are real smart you don't need to spend thousands of dollars( in this economy save your...

k8m in South San Francisco, California

Updated 1 month ago

NPTA Compounding Certification feedback - 2 Replies

Hello All, Does anybody here had gone through the NPTA Compounding program? Please share your experience. thank you.

Mary in Midlothian, Virginia

Updated 2 months ago

Pharmacy Tech online school - 529 Replies

Hi, I am interested in becoming a Pharmacy Tech and would like to study online. Could anybody please recommend a good school, I don't want to...

sherrie in Hobart, Indiana

Updated 2 months ago

pharmacy technician salary - 1266 Replies

I just saw the graph for pharmacy technician salaries posted on this site. Pharm tech's making 30k+/yr??? Is this true? I'm a certified pharm tech at...

Seriousaboutthis in Markham, Illinois

Updated 2 months ago

Wife has 15+years as Pharm Tech, what other career can she do? - 1 Reply

She is currently working at a hospital and has worked there for 7 years. Pay hasn't gone anywhere and I feel she has more potential than being a...

RxTechExam in Washington, District of Columbia

Updated 2 months ago

Bad Pharmacy Tech Schools - 214 Replies

I thought we could list schools that we've been to that are not worth it, so that other people thinking about going to pharm tech schools can make...

Lexiyaz in Orange, Texas

Updated 2 months ago

Questions Regarding the PTCB Exam - 9 Replies

I am currently studying for my PTCB Exam and I'm pretty much done with everything other than learning the "Top 200 Drugs". I'm having a hard time...

skhab in Sacramento, California

Raley's Pharmacy Tech Test- What should I expect?

Hi All, I applied to a Raley's Traveling Pharmacy Tech position online and the next day I got a call from the hiring manager to take a Pharmacy...

Seriousaboutthis in Markham, Illinois

Updated 2 months ago

Walgreens/CVS to Hospital Pharmacy - 2 Replies

I am not certified at this time. My long term goal to work in a Hospital pharmacy and I am wondering the best route to take to do so? I really don't...

Seriousaboutthis in Markham, Illinois

Updated 2 months ago

Can I just learn the top 200 drugs for PTCB exam? - 85 Replies

I am preparing for PTCB exam, and I find it is very difficult to memorize all the drugs from the book. It is like 70 drugs for every chapter, and...

CaptainGeech in Wisconsin

Can anyone in WI give input on Pharmacy Tech jobs in hospitals?

A local hospital is hiring a pharmacy tech, no experience or certification needed. I'm just curious about pay. I'm not expecting it to be a lot,...

PTCBEASY in San Francsico, California

Updated 2 months ago

Not Sure How to Prepare for the PTCE, or What Books to Use? Read This! ^_^ - 11 Replies

Hello everyone. I have seen many people on here who are unsure about how to prepare for the PTCE or what books they should use. I hope my posts helps...

PTCBEASY in San Francsico, California

Updated 2 months ago

Boston Reed Pharmcay Tech Class?? - 125 Replies

Hi, i am deciding whether i should attend a Boston Reed Pharmacy Tech course, which is about a 7 month program, or Enroll in a regular vocational...

ptcbeasy in Watsonville, California

Updated 2 months ago

Taking the pharm tech test - 833 Replies

How difficult is the test? I am about to complete my first year in college, majoring in biology. Would it be possible to study some books and not...

ptcbeasy in Watsonville, California

Updated 2 months ago

CVS Dress code? Pay and other - 39 Replies

Awaiting my background check, but just curious about something about the job. Havent really had a chance to talk to manager about this. What is the...

PTCBEASY in Watsonville, California

Updated 2 months ago

PTCB EXAM RESULTS...along with a question - 1181 Replies

I took the test on aug. 27th which was the first day of the testing window. It took up until 30 minutes ago [midnight] to get my results [I PASSED...

PTCBEASY in Watsonville, California

Updated 2 months ago

Did you take your PTCE Exam? Please come here and help others.... - 939 Replies

Greetings, If you taken your PTCE Exam, it would be of great help to everyone to know what you seen (if you can remember) on your exam. If you...

PTCBEASY in San Francsico, California

Updated 2 months ago

PTCB and Pharmacy Technician License Question.. - 21 Replies

Hello everyone , I am kind of confuse ... about the Pharmacy Tech license and the PTCB .. This is my situation I almost end with my Pharmacy Tech...

PTCBEASY in San Francsico, California

Updated 2 months ago

Question regarding to PTCB exam - 100 Replies

Hello I wish to take the PTCB exam soon, and was going to register via the internet but one of the rule they have is "I acknowledge that I will not...

kia in San Antonio, Texas

Updated 2 months ago


I need help with some math calculations, i think the percentages and ratios throw me off. Can you please help me set-up the problem or tell me which...

scooterinnc84 in Lewisville, North Carolina

What material should I cover in my review book for the ptcb test for this year....

I got the most up to date book called the complete review for pharmacy tech 3rd edition through the American pharmacy association. A professor at a...

Seriousaboutthis in Markham, Illinois

Updated 3 months ago

Do you have to go to school in order to register for the board of pharmacy Association in North Carolina, not to take the test? - 1 Reply

I just purchased the updated Complete Pharmacy Review book 3rd edition through from American Pharmacy Association website. I plan on...

reneegavin in Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania

CVS will train and pay for PTCB exam

Hello everyone, I have worked for CVS in the past, and the location I was in was horrible. However, I think it was the location and the huge...

Liz in Cranston, Rhode Island

How much do you make as a Pharmacy Technician II in Rhode Island?

I'm looking for a career change and am considering enrolling in the Pharmacy Technician program at the local community college. The program would...

cathytangonanrph in San Diego, California

Applying for PTCE in California

i signed up at for the pharmacy certification exam and they asked me to pay $129. i would just like to ask what are the requirements for the...

hufflinpuff in Frankfort, Illinois

Updated 4 months ago

Bachelor Degree rather than high school diploma for applying the pharmacy technician? - 1 Reply

Hi. I have already got my Bachelor Degree of pharmacy in my country. If I want to apply for the pharmacy technician, the Education Requirement on...

chrisk in Steger, Illinois

Updated 4 months ago

Finding a job - 7 Replies

I passed the PTCE about a month ago and I'm about to turn in my application to get my license. During the mean time, I've been trying to find a job...

SJS in Salem, Oregon

Updated 4 months ago


Hi, I live in California, and I was wondering if it was a requirement to go to school and take classes and get a degree like aa for pharmacy tech....

sassy p in Bell, California

Updated 4 months ago

externship - 85 Replies

I finished my in-class Pharmacy Tech program and now I need to just do my externship to finish the course. What can I expect during the externship...

PharmTechNewbie in Ozark, Alabama

Best Books for New Pharmacy Tech

I am starting as a Pharmacy Tech Trainee in a couple of weeks. In the state of Alabama, all that is required is that I send $60 to get my state...

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