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yb prajap

Updated 4 hours ago

"PTCB test is easy to pass once you have the right book" - 1225 Replies



Updated 18 hours ago

Is pharmacy technicians a worthy job in Nj? - 1 Reply

Don't be a Pharmacy tech at all unless you are a pharmacy school student PLEASE ! You gain no money and there is no advancement in this carrier .


How to become IV certified Technician in Los Angeles ?

I am a 7 year experienced Certified Pharmacy Technician looking to gain IV mixture and compounding certification in Los Angeles . Does anyone know...


Updated 4 days ago

"Why you don't want to start off your pharmacy technican experience at CVS/Pharmacy" - 82 Replies

Hey sorry that was your experience. Its the same everywhere...pharmacists are also treated bad. I was in'training also which was just me doing...

Pharmacy Tech Review

Updated 10 days ago


[QUOTE who="JP3 in South Richmond Hill, New York"]Rx calls for hydrocortisone 1% mixed with mupirocin 2% in a 70%/30% combination for a total of 60...


Updated 19 days ago

Walmart VS. CVS/Pharmacy - 47 Replies

[QUOTE who="Joe in Elmira, New York"]There are too many typo's in this forum and not enough real experience for anyone to give good advice. Do what...


Updated 19 days ago

Kaiser Outpatient Pharm. Tech. Program - 25 Replies

[QUOTE who="GorGor in Atlanta, Georgia"]The HR is kinda slow, it takes forever! Just send them email and ask abt the process! For me, they did a...


Updated 26 days ago

I hate my new pharmacy tech job! How can I cope with it since I cant afford to quit? - 26 Replies

I have been a pharmacy tech for 4 years. It sucks. You are expected to be certified and licensed, take "ownership" for everything that happens in the...


Updated 28 days ago


[QUOTE who="Tim in Tahlequah, Oklahoma"]You should have taken the PTCB exam...It is the ONLY national board test recognized by state boards of...


Updated 1 month ago

How does tech get IV certified? - 177 Replies

Anyone looking for IV Amixture Training should look no further. You can have it done in Richland College in DallasTx. Just go to their website and...


Updated 1 month ago

waiting period for pharm tech license in california? - 133 Replies

I sent in my pharmacy technician license application on march 18th and it was appoved and up on the site on april 15th. Process was fast and easy.


CVS Pharmacy Technician Questions

Hello all! I've been working at CVS Pharmacy for a couple of months now, and still have ways to go on perfecting my job. So the other day, a patient...

Joey in boston, ma

Updated 1 month ago

"Why becoming a certified pharmacy technician is not worth your time" - 163 Replies

Hi I'm Joey and I like to update this and give you a true outline of a pharmacy Technician career. A pharmacy technician in today's world does...

Cristina moon

Pharmacy tech licensing

I have been reading posts regarding certified pharmacy technicians and have one observation : licensing and certification are not the same...


Very wierd of Walgreens unprofessional.Pharmacy Technician

I noticed its very wierd if Walgreens to be so unprofessional. Seems like they just want to throw you under the bus infront customers lol and enjoy...


Updated 2 months ago

Who all is using Penn Foster as their school of choice? - 233 Replies

[QUOTE who="Dan in Peoria, Illinois"]Penn foster now has an externship program with CVS & Walgreen's.[/QUOTE] actually they do..and I think they...


Interview as a Pharmacy Technician in a few days...

I've been looking into the field for awhile, because I thrive in fast-paced environments and want to try to make a career out of that, but I must...



I just received the book Mosby's Review for the Pharmacy Technician Certification Exam. I opened the book and felt very overwhelmed by it. Oh each...

Zana S.

Updated 2 months ago

CVS Dress code? Pay and other - 20 Replies

[QUOTE who="Sana Shafiuddin in Glendale Heights, Illinois"]Going to school for a pharmacy technician program is a total waste of time and money,...


Updated 2 months ago

Can somebody please help me with this pharmacy calculation - 1 Reply

[QUOTE who="Daisy Beets in Birmingham, United Kingdom"]ive been trying to do this question but I keep getting to the wrong answer, can someone...

Daisy Beets in Birmingham, United Kingdom

Pharmacy calculation auestion

I've been trying to do this question but I keep getting to the wrong answer, can someone help? For a script, calculate the quantity of each...

tlb5859 in Dallas, Texas

Updated 2 months ago

PTCB EXAM RESULTS...along with a question - 1140 Replies

I took the test on aug. 27th which was the first day of the testing window. It took up until 30 minutes ago [midnight] to get my results [I PASSED...

Angela in Phoenix, Arizona

Updated 2 months ago

Best places to work for? - 219 Replies

I am taking the certification test on December 13th. I was just wondering where the best places to work at are? I work at walgreens as of now(not in...

Joe Medina, CPhT, BS Pharmacy in San Antonio, Texas

Updated 2 months ago

PTCB/Pharmacy tech test - 1 Reply

I'm preparing for the PTCB test for the first time. Any info that you can provide me to help prepare for this test would greatly be appreciated. You...

Dan in Peoria, Illinois

Updated 3 months ago

Pharmacy Tech online school - 527 Replies

Hi, I am interested in becoming a Pharmacy Tech and would like to study online. Could anybody please recommend a good school, I don't want to...

schreb84 in Keokuk, Iowa

Updated 3 months ago

Thinking of a 2 year Pharmacy Tech program? Waste of time, money, and heres why.... - 166 Replies

Thinking about attending a 2 year legit jr college? Your probably thinking that this 2 year degree means something, as a pharmacy tech it really does...

Khang in Falls Church, Virginia


Hi guys, My name is Jeff and I am from Virginia. I passed PCTB exam in 2004 in another state and it's expired more than 10 years. Now, I have to...

Katherine Ashby in Union City, New Jersey

Updated 3 months ago

"Rethink the Pharmacy Technican Career Path" - 52 Replies

This post is to take a serious look at the field of a pharmacy technician. High Stress/Low Pay = not worth it This field is not worth it: 1....

Shanna Garza 69 in Hollister, California

Updated 3 months ago

How do I become Pharmacy Tech in a hospital? - 3 Replies

Hi I have no experience as a Pharmacy Tech and was wondering the process of becoming one. I have wanted to become one for so long and to work in a...

Pharmnat in Texas

Technicians earn very little money

Techs make very little money, but work very hard. Earn extra money giving patients a discount on there medications. visit today

S.Curtis in Denver, Colorado

Updated 3 months ago

The *ONE* thing they can't teach you in Pharmacy Tech school... - 10 Replies

Third-Party Billing is the most difficult task retail pharmacy technicians will face once they are in the field. Due to patient privacy issues, the...

QuickTestPrep in Dallas, Texas

Updated 4 months ago

Can someone tell me if is worth the money? - 6 Replies

I've been thinking of paying the $75.00 online course to compliment Mosby's Pharmacy Technician book and Essential Math and Calculations for...

Tech Lectures in Littleton, Colorado

Updated 4 months ago

Taking the pharm tech test - 832 Replies

How difficult is the test? I am about to complete my first year in college, majoring in biology. Would it be possible to study some books and not...

Barb24 in Wheaton, Illinois

Updated 4 months ago

How to get a Pharmacy technician job with no previous retail or hospital experience? - 331 Replies

Been turned down for 4 years as a Certified Pharmacy Technician. Went to school got certified and registered. The problem, I have No experience. So...

Memory76 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Updated 5 months ago

CPhT- Frustrated and Disappointed!!! - 36 Replies

Is it just me or does it seem like a total waste of time and energy to obtain a CPhT? I enrolled in a vocational school in May of 2012, spent seven...

max in Hong Kong

Updated 5 months ago

Can I just learn the top 200 drugs for PTCB exam? - 83 Replies

I am preparing for PTCB exam, and I find it is very difficult to memorize all the drugs from the book. It is like 70 drugs for every chapter, and...

Question in Summerville, South Carolina

Updated 5 months ago

externship - 89 Replies

I finished my in-class Pharmacy Tech program and now I need to just do my externship to finish the course. What can I expect during the externship...

Richard in Chicago, Illinois

Updated 5 months ago

How Do You Renew an Expired Pharm Tech License?? - 23 Replies

I am an Illinois resident, and I did not renew my pharmacy technician license this year because I could not find a job as a pharm tech, and my...

Dragon Knight in South Carolina

Updated 6 months ago

What to do when you're stuck on register ALL the time? - 3 Replies

I know that sales are part of a Pharm Tech's job, but how much time is considered average, for being on register? I work at a retail pharmacy...

Mary Cohen Registered Pharmacist in Manhattan, New York

Updated 6 months ago

becoming a pharmacist technician PLEASE HELP! - 201 Replies

I am interested in becoming a pharmacist technician.I was told you have to good at math and science? is that true? and could somebody tell me what I...

Jeff in Portland, Oregon

Full time pharmacy tech position open immediately in Portland, Oregon

Full time pharmacy tech position open immediately. Requirements: -A strong sense of urgency,energetic,hard-working -Ability to work weekends...

Hiren dobariya in Auckland, New Zealand

Updated 7 months ago

"Volunteer for 2 years to get experience as a pharmacy technician at a local hospital" - 9 Replies

Nobody wants to work for "Free". However, because most of the employers who advertise for open pharmacy technician positions have this as a...

Sujata in Santa Clara, California

How to prepare for PTCB?

Hi! Friends, Can any one help me for study material or practice PTCB exam. I will b thankful ...plz help me out..I'm new in this...

leyley in Clearfield, Utah

Updated 8 months ago

Not Sure How to Prepare for the PTCE, or What Books to Use? Read This! ^_^ - 10 Replies

Hello everyone. I have seen many people on here who are unsure about how to prepare for the PTCE or what books they should use. I hope my posts helps...

James in Houston, Texas

Updated 8 months ago

pharmacy technician salary - 1269 Replies

I just saw the graph for pharmacy technician salaries posted on this site. Pharm tech's making 30k+/yr??? Is this true? I'm a certified pharm tech at...

msf275@*****.*** in El Paso, Texas

Updated 8 months ago

getting fired!!! - 2 Replies

I got fired from a job because they said I wasn't flexible. The other technician came up with some story that was believable but had no proof to back...

Shelby in Florida

Updated 8 months ago

"How to become a certified/registered pharmacy technician in a short amount of time" - 205 Replies

So you want to become a pharmacy technician. Well, if you are real smart you don't need to spend thousands of dollars( in this economy save your...

YYaWannaNO in Chicago, Illinois

Updated 9 months ago

PAY RATE - 1 Reply


evansfine in California

what to study

I'm in San Diego and would like to buy any/all study guides & books for Pharmacy Tech Exam. I let my license expire and now I have to retake the exam...


Apps to help study for exam?

Does anybody know of any good mobile apps that can be used to study for the PTCB exam? Anything for math or sig codes?

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