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Why do Some pay for PT schooling? in Warwick, Rhode Island

Isn't it a waste?

I've been doing some research about this field, and I've come across a lot of discussiona about people talking about taking classes at a local school...

Aashley in Moncks Corner, South Carolina

Bachelor of Science degree in Pharmaceutical Studies??

Is this a good degree? will I be successful?

Laura in Moncks Corner, South Carolina


does piggly wiggly, cvs, target, walmart, and walgreens train their pharmacy techs? and how long is the hiring process?

CPhT in Frederick, Maryland

Updated 44 months ago


I have looked at my local hospitals to see if they are hiring in the pharmacys and they are not. What would you suggest is a good place to work. I...

Steven in Little Elm, Texas

Updated 44 months ago

Pharmacy tech school options? - 1 Reply

Hoping to get some good feedback...I'm thinking of going to Pharm Tech school, the goal is to be a Pharm Tech at a drug store or hospital...I am...

unhappy inschool in Columbus, Ohio

Updated 44 months ago

Hospital VS Mail-Order Pharmacy... - 9 Replies

what pays better? or are they about the same? i started working in an in-patient hospital pharmacy recently and i love it..but hate the hours. i'd...

Joe Medina in Denver, Colorado

Updated 45 months ago

Please help me find a right books to study for pharm tech exams - 1 Reply

I am a college student, has no experience in medical field but wish to be certified as a pharm tech. I started to study calculus I, chemistry I, and...

malick mboumoh in Miami, Florida

Updated 45 months ago

HOSPITAL JOBS FOR PHARMACY TECHNICIANS . why it's so difficult to get ?????? - 2 Replies

My friends I was questioning myself how the hiring process in the hospital works? Why it's hard for technicians to find a job in the hospitals ? I...

prchav210 in Garden Grove, California

pharmacy technician

I am considered a "senior citizen" and I decided to go back to school for Pharmacy Technician..After the program was over, I moved on down south...

emberose in Morganton, North Carolina

Updated 46 months ago

Isn't there ANYONE who likes being a Pharmacy Technician? - 16 Replies

To answer my own quesetion, I do. I got into the field through Wal-Mart in November 2007. Guess what? I had NO EXPERIENCE. None. Nada. Zip....

Michael in Little Elm, Texas

Updated 46 months ago

Pharm Tech Classes. - 1 Reply

Do need to enroll in any fancy or expensive classes to become a pharm tech? How expensive are these classes? Are there any online options for me?

Barbara in Virginia in Winchester, Virginia

Updated 46 months ago

Male Pharmacy Technicians - 56 Replies

I have to vent my feelings to someone so Im choosing this method. Im about to graduate from a Pharmacy Tech class and take my certification test. ...

Rara in Napoli, Italy

Meditec online school Pharmacy Technician realtime review

I'm writing this because I had previously searched high and low for a comprehensive review of the online program they offer for Pharmacy tech...

Phtech Instructor in Mobile, Texas

Updated 47 months ago

Pharmacy Tech Info - 3 Replies

Hello everyone. First time poster here and I was hoping some folks would be able to help me better understand the field of pharmacy technicians as I...

Sparkle in Brooklyn, New York

Rite Aid Store Manager

I recently walked away from Rite Aid because of their unethical practices and abusive upper management. I started as a cashier making 7.25 7 years...

reyesor in Boone, North Carolina

I need dire help

I just have a question for someone who is not in a pharmacy school. I go to Appalachian State and I am a freshman. I'm currently interested in...

Durstin in Texarkana, Texas

Updated 48 months ago

Pros/Cons of working in a retail store pharmacy - 1 Reply

Hi, What are the pros/cons of working as a pharmacy tech in a retail store pharmacy? Thanks

Durstin in Texarkana, Texas


Any tips for using Enterprise McKesson?


Pharmacy Technician Resume?

Hi, I passed my PTCE about 2 weeks ago & now I want to look for my first job as a Pharmacy Tech. I was just wondering, how would I write my resume?...

jane in Burlington, Iowa

Updated 49 months ago

Foothill College program - 1 Reply

Anyone graduated from this school? I hear that this college pharmacy tech program is excellent and ASHP accredited.

Leticia in Anaheim, California

Cal State Long Beach Continuing Education Certificate

Hi, I was looking at the Cal State Long Beach website and found that they offer a pharmacy tech certificate program through their college of...

D in Brooklyn, New York

Updated 49 months ago

Pham Tech - 2 Replies

So i apply to Pham Tech school, it is a month long, what do i need to know, was told going to given 3 test and i think a cert exam plus there is like...

sareena ann in Lexington, North Carolina

Pharmacy Technician: What is the best study material?

I've just graduated from Brookstone College for Pharm Tech, but had forgotten everything due to just having a baby in November & having to get...

Correa13 in Bronx, New York

Pharmacy Technician Salaries in Ithaca, NY

Hey everyone! I'm a Transfer student at Cornell University in Ithaca, NY and in dire need of a job. Here are my credentials: - CPhT -...

jtC32 in Sacramento, California

Updated 50 months ago

Pharmacy tech VS billing and coding - 1 Reply

I'm currently a medical assistant. I will take the AAMA exam in March 2013. I work part time but I'm earning just a tad above minimum wage. I get at...


Pharmacy Technician/Assistant in WA

Hi, Is there any training/education required for a pharmacy assistant beyond a diploma and registering with the state? What salary do you make...

scooterinnc84 in Lewisville, North Carolina

Can I work as a pharmacy technician without answering phones and dealing with customers in my case?

Probably not, but here is my situation.... I have trouble hearing people when talking to them due to some Auditory Processing Disorder issues, I get...


Question about the PTCE and the ExCPT exams

Which one of these exams should I take if I wanted to be certified to work as a Pharmacy Tech in Milwaukee, Wisconsin? Thanks!

Soon2BePharmTech in Conyers, Georgia

Any hints/tips you guys can give? Sending in resume...

Hello, I recently decided to pursue a career as a Pharmacy Technician. I just got back from meeting with the Pharmacy Manager (I guess that was...

Poyo in Washington, District of Columbia

Pay Rate?

Ive been working at CVS for about a year now and Ive recently got 95 cent raise to bring me at a whopping 9.95/hr. I was wondering if that is the...

Jeff in Conyers, Georgia

Misdemeanor offense??

I read somewhere that if someone has a misdemeanor offense in the past 5 years, he or she is not allowed to become a pharmacy tech? Is this true??...

GPerez88 in Webster, Massachusetts

Recieving my license

So I worked for this company that recently closed and laid everyone off, anyways before that they had given me my pharm tech test and I passed and...

a0369ncwm in Oceanside, California

Interviewing with Veterans Affairs (Pharmacy Tech)

Can anyone give me advice on what to expect during an interview with the VA? Thank you so much.

Misswifie in Brooklyn, New York

Updated 51 months ago

Which is better way is better? - 1 Reply

Hey there everyone i'm wondering if getting certified for pharmacist tech. through those 6 month classes is better or the classes where you have to...

Misswifie in Brooklyn, New York

Updated 51 months ago

Hospital Pharmacy Tech - 30 Replies

I worked at 2 different drug stores as a pharmacy tech when I was in my 20's. Even then and in very good shape, it was exhausting standing for 12 hr....

kyle in Canton, Ohio

need suggestions and/or input on a job situtation.

ok, so I am going to make this short as possible so i dont bore you guys. anyways I have been a retail tech for 3 years now and i actually really...

Rebecca Dorothy in Phoenix, Arizona

Updated 51 months ago


looking to take the test, willing to unload someones complete package or incomplete for the exam....way over priced for new books!!! please email me...


What is the best way to learn just hospital pharmacy work

I just passed the ptce and would like to start work in a hospital pharmacy eventually. I have 3 years tech experience in a retail pharmacy and it's...

Destiny in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Updated 51 months ago


Any idea's on how to keep up the materials learned in this field, can't get hired as a tech without experience, absolutely sure ill forget...

Robin in New Bedford, Massachusetts

Updated 52 months ago

I will help solve maths for pharmacy technician for free - 7 Replies

Hi all, i would really like to help students for solving the maths question for pharmacy technician exam. If you have any questions, kindly mail me....

Montika in Salt Lake City, Utah

I have seem to forgotten quite a few things.

Two months ago, I passed my program, certification, and am officially licensed to be a pharmacy technician. It took two months for me to find a job...

Don'tbelieveit in Phoenix, Arizona

Updated 53 months ago

Trying to hire on with CVS....should I continue to bug them? - 3 Replies

I just completed the pharmacy tech class at the college in my area, which took 6 months and the last part consisted of a 2 week externship at a local...

Amal_559 in Fresno, California

Updated 53 months ago

Boston Reed College for Pharmacy Tech - 26 Replies

Has anyone taken the training through Boston Reed College and what has been your experience getting a job?

April_tech in Texarkana, Texas

Updated 53 months ago

how often are pharm techs tested for drugs? - 3 Replies

I know they test you when you get hired but what about after? Are there random drugs tests? thank you

Benjamin Clifford in Seattle, Washington

Updated 53 months ago

Answering phone. Is it a difficult task? - 1 Reply

I know this question may be silly. English is my 2nd language. I'm quite good at face-to-face conversation, but answering a phone call is another...

April_tech in Texarkana, Texas

Registration with TSBP

I was wondering how long anyone else has had to wait for their TSBP registration. SO far it has been two weeks for me, but I would like to know the...

Benjamin Clifford in Seattle, Washington

Updated 53 months ago

What is the point of being registered? - 1 Reply

My boss told me this morning that I should get registered by the state after passing my PTCB, but I am not sure what the benefits are. I have to pay...


Please Help Me Prepare for the ExPCT Exam

I recently just got done with my Pharmacy Tech major here in Missouri. I'm planning to move to Milwaukee, WI to look for a Pharmacy Tech job, but...

Joey K in Trenton, New Jersey

Can you be certified both by ptcb and excpt?


Jeanetta Mastron in Signal Hill, California

Updated 53 months ago

Difference between ExCPT and PTCE exam - 23 Replies

Can someone explain the difference between the two for me?

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