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What is the best way to learn just hospital pharmacy work

I just passed the ptce and would like to start work in a hospital pharmacy eventually. I have 3 years tech experience in a retail pharmacy and it's...

Destiny in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Updated 59 months ago


Any idea's on how to keep up the materials learned in this field, can't get hired as a tech without experience, absolutely sure ill forget...

Robin in New Bedford, Massachusetts

Updated 59 months ago

I will help solve maths for pharmacy technician for free - 7 Replies

Hi all, i would really like to help students for solving the maths question for pharmacy technician exam. If you have any questions, kindly mail me....

Montika in Salt Lake City, Utah

I have seem to forgotten quite a few things.

Two months ago, I passed my program, certification, and am officially licensed to be a pharmacy technician. It took two months for me to find a job...

Don'tbelieveit in Phoenix, Arizona

Updated 60 months ago

Trying to hire on with CVS....should I continue to bug them? - 3 Replies

I just completed the pharmacy tech class at the college in my area, which took 6 months and the last part consisted of a 2 week externship at a local...

Amal_559 in Fresno, California

Updated 60 months ago

Boston Reed College for Pharmacy Tech - 26 Replies

Has anyone taken the training through Boston Reed College and what has been your experience getting a job?

April_tech in Texarkana, Texas

Updated 60 months ago

how often are pharm techs tested for drugs? - 3 Replies

I know they test you when you get hired but what about after? Are there random drugs tests? thank you

Benjamin Clifford in Seattle, Washington

Updated 60 months ago

Answering phone. Is it a difficult task? - 1 Reply

I know this question may be silly. English is my 2nd language. I'm quite good at face-to-face conversation, but answering a phone call is another...

April_tech in Texarkana, Texas

Registration with TSBP

I was wondering how long anyone else has had to wait for their TSBP registration. SO far it has been two weeks for me, but I would like to know the...

Benjamin Clifford in Seattle, Washington

Updated 60 months ago

What is the point of being registered? - 1 Reply

My boss told me this morning that I should get registered by the state after passing my PTCB, but I am not sure what the benefits are. I have to pay...


Please Help Me Prepare for the ExPCT Exam

I recently just got done with my Pharmacy Tech major here in Missouri. I'm planning to move to Milwaukee, WI to look for a Pharmacy Tech job, but...

Joey K in Trenton, New Jersey

Can you be certified both by ptcb and excpt?


Jeanetta Mastron in Signal Hill, California

Updated 60 months ago

Difference between ExCPT and PTCE exam - 23 Replies

Can someone explain the difference between the two for me?

JuneK in North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

South Carolina Certification

Trying to get certified in SC. I have my CPhT and attended a Lincoln College of Technology pharm tech program as well, but that program, in...

JuneK in North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Updated 60 months ago

Becoming Certified by the State - 1 Reply

If you are a pharmacy technician and have worked in a pharmacy for almost a year, yet has failed to pay the $30 dollars to become certified by the...

TechyNerd101 in Dayton, Ohio

Updated 60 months ago

What is the job outlook for a pharmacy technician? Hard to find work? Yearly salary? - 1 Reply

Just curious... looking into the career... I was looking into dental hygiene but now I'm getting more curious about this.

TechyNerd101 in Dayton, Ohio

Updated 60 months ago

Working for Kroger - 40 Replies

Is anyone currently working as a pharm tech at Kroger? I have an initial interview on Monday. ( I learned from a friend that Kroger has you take a...

Meg in Denison, Iowa

Which book is the best one for self-study of Pharmacy Technician in California?

Hello there, I am thinking about self-studying at home and then taking the Pharmacy Technician Certification Exam later, but right now i have no...

lin013190 in Chino, California

CVS Vs. Walgreen Pharmacy Technician - Need Advice Fast!

Hi, So the past month I've been dropping off my resumes at both CVS and Walgreens. I got interviewed at CVS a little over 2 weeks ago and they...

Jamie in Poteau, Oklahoma

Recertifying? Continued Education...

What is this? and where do I find them? I googled it and I got several articles. It's all very confusing to me. I'm about to start classes and...

La in Modesto, California

Updated 61 months ago

Math help... - 1 Reply

I need help with vet math. Can anyone help or refer, direct or answer my question? I need steps shown. I need to know the formula. order: 1000 ml...

a0369ncwm in Oceanside, California


Does anyone work for Coram as a pharmacy tech?

malick mboumoh in Miami, Florida

Updated 61 months ago

What is the right way for a pharmacy technician to become Licensed Pharmacist? - 2 Replies

just wondering how can I become a pharmacist?. right now I am a certified pharmacy technician who want to be pharmacist so bad. Because I like the...

Joe B in New Baltimore, Michigan

Updated 61 months ago

need vaccinations in hospital and retail? - 2 Replies

Sorry, I'm new here and this post showed up on some unrelated thread. I found how to start a new one. Do all pharmacy tech's working in a HOSPITAL...

Jacob Katz in Salt Lake City, Utah

Pharmacy Technician interview tomorrow at walmart, any advice? is it a bad place to work?

I just got licensed and I got a job with kroger, but today i got a call from walmart. Which would be better?

a0369ncwm in Oceanside, California

Sharp San Diego

Has anyone ever worked for Sharp as a Pharmacy Tech? Does anyone know where I can find info about their starting salaries?

Mercy Hill in Las Vegas, Nevada

pharmacy technician assessment

I am in the second step of a hiring process for a pharmacy tech position at a nursing home facility. The second step requires me to take a pharmacy...

pharmacistmk in Saint Paul, Minnesota

Pharmacy technician books for sale

I have had "Complete study material"for pharmacy technician certification exam including 1)Complete Review for the Pharmacy Technician,2nd...

Steph in Temple City, California

Updated 62 months ago

I self-studied and passed!- want to sell my books... - 39 Replies

Hey all, I took the PTCE last month and passed. To my surprise actually. While taking the test... I was pretty sure I was going to fail but I passed!...

amy mal in Long Beach, California

Updated 62 months ago

Pharmacy Math Question - 1 Reply

I am at a loss for the formula method to calculate this question; The volume in ml, of cherry syrup needed to dilute 100 ml of Phenobarbital 20 mg/5...

xkathybx in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Updated 62 months ago

How to answer these interview questions? - 1 Reply

My interviewer said I lacked experience, which is why they didn't hire me. The first interview I passed. The 2nd interview was going to be with...

LASHAUNTURNER in Fairfield, California

Updated 62 months ago

pharm techkaiser test - 15 Replies

what do they usually ask in the test? and does kaiser pay trainees?

Ginalynn in Lawrenceville, Georgia

Best company to work for? Retail?

I am applying for a ton of different pharmacy tech jobs and I really want to work in a hospital, but they require a lot of experience. I have a...

hanson in Sioux City, Iowa

tech pay in sioux city iowa

trying to find out what tech are making in sioux city iowa and if their place of employment has a maximum pay .....

a0369ncwm in Oceanside, California

Inpatient Pharm Tech Salary

I'm new to the San Diego area and wanted to know if someone could give me an idea about salaries. I'm a certified pharmacy tech with 8+ years of...

ptech in Paradise, California

Updated 62 months ago

Pharmacy Tech Program in Boston Reed? - 7 Replies

Hi, i am deciding whether i should take the Boston Reed PHarm. Tech. Course which is a 7 month program, or should i go to the regular in-town...

foodie in Moyock, North Carolina

getting your foot in the door

does anyone know. how to get experience? iam a little confused as to how to get experience in pharmacy. any suggestions?

RJ in York, Pennsylvania

Updated 62 months ago

Employment outlook for (Nationally Certified) Pharmacy Technicians in Oregon - 3 Replies

Hello, Could someone please tell me if this is a field with a reasonable amount of job/employment prospects/opportunities currently? Also, what...

Veronica in Michigan

Math Calcuations Will buy books

Hello, I'm doing at home studys to pass the PTCB. I'm having problems with the math section. I don't understand why I'm not comprehending it, I've...

Marjory C in Miami, Florida

Updated 62 months ago

entry level pharmacy tech - 4 Replies

Where's a good place to apply that will take somebody with no experience outside the externship? Everywhere I've applied wants somebody with more...

squirrelgirl51887 in Mesa, Arizona

PTCB Criminal History Review

Recently, the AZ St Board issued me my tech trainee license. I had to send them all my court documents bc I have a misdemeanor charge on my record,...

Rak in Mendham, New Jersey

Updated 63 months ago

I have a few questions....HELP. - 8 Replies

For some reason I cannot find any chapters in my books that pertain to syringe sizes. I only have a few questions left before I'm done with all my...

Rak in Mendham, New Jersey

Updated 63 months ago

Pharmacy technician Maths Solutions - 6 Replies

Hi all, if any questions of Pharmacy tech maths, do post it. I will provide with the solutions. Just want to help students prospect in Pharmacy...

davood in Tehran, Iran, Islamic Republic of

Updated 63 months ago

Pharmacy Technician Test Dates - 2 Replies

I cannot find the available test dates for the technician test, can you choose to any date to take the test after signing up for the application? I...

Joe Gagill in Monticello, New York

Updated 63 months ago

Any good paying jobs left for veterans? - 3 Replies

I know everyone is struggling in this economy. If anyone has any legitimate leads on jobs for veterans, please, let me know. I'm in the same boat as...

babs in Palo Alto, California

Updated 63 months ago

How good is Mission College's Pharmacy Technician program in Santa Clara, California? - 2 Replies

Anybody know anything about this program? anybody

bby12 in Dallas, Texas

I've decided to bite the bullet. Advice?

I applied to Walgreens to become a Pharmacy Technician. I was wondering what were the hours? What is it like? I'm only becoming a Pharmacy Tech,...

Minh in Oakland, California

Updated 64 months ago

Feedback on school.. - 1 Reply

Has anyone by any chance completed the program at Contra Costa Medical Career College in Antioch, California? Opinions?

eunice in Torrance, California

undergraduate college student taking PTCB?

hello, I'm currently an undergraduate college student and I've recently found out about PTCB Exam. I'm leaning towards going to Pharm school but I...

achlys in Baltimore, Maryland

Success on the PTCB exam

Um....I see a lot of people here saying its easy but all of yu seem like older fol,I'm 17 and I completed a program(someone told me it took them...

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