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Cristina moon in Fayetteville, Tennessee

Pharmacy tech licensing

I have been reading posts regarding certified pharmacy technicians and have one observation : licensing and certification are not the same...

acee44 in Saratoga, California

Very wierd of Walgreens unprofessional.Pharmacy Technician

I noticed its very wierd if Walgreens to be so unprofessional. Seems like they just want to throw you under the bus infront customers lol and enjoy...

Paige in Trenton, Michigan

Interview as a Pharmacy Technician in a few days...

I've been looking into the field for awhile, because I thrive in fast-paced environments and want to try to make a career out of that, but I must...

Harn in Georgia


I just received the book Mosby's Review for the Pharmacy Technician Certification Exam. I opened the book and felt very overwhelmed by it. Oh each...

terri4 in texas, Texas

Updated 9 months ago

Can somebody please help me with this pharmacy calculation - 1 Reply

ive been trying to do this question but I keep getting to the wrong answer, can someone help? The question is exactly as follows ' For a...

Daisy Beets in Birmingham, United Kingdom

Pharmacy calculation auestion

I've been trying to do this question but I keep getting to the wrong answer, can someone help? For a script, calculate the quantity of each...

Joe Medina, CPhT, BS Pharmacy in San Antonio, Texas

Updated 9 months ago

PTCB/Pharmacy tech test - 1 Reply

I'm preparing for the PTCB test for the first time. Any info that you can provide me to help prepare for this test would greatly be appreciated. You...

Khang in Falls Church, Virginia


Hi guys, My name is Jeff and I am from Virginia. I passed PCTB exam in 2004 in another state and it's expired more than 10 years. Now, I have to...

Shanna Garza 69 in Hollister, California

Updated 10 months ago

How do I become Pharmacy Tech in a hospital? - 3 Replies

Hi I have no experience as a Pharmacy Tech and was wondering the process of becoming one. I have wanted to become one for so long and to work in a...

Pharmnat in Texas

Technicians earn very little money

Techs make very little money, but work very hard. Earn extra money giving patients a discount on there medications. visit today

QuickTestPrep in Dallas, Texas

Updated 10 months ago

Can someone tell me if is worth the money? - 6 Replies

I've been thinking of paying the $75.00 online course to compliment Mosby's Pharmacy Technician book and Essential Math and Calculations for...

Tech Lectures in Littleton, Colorado

Updated 11 months ago

Taking the pharm tech test - 832 Replies

How difficult is the test? I am about to complete my first year in college, majoring in biology. Would it be possible to study some books and not...

Question in Summerville, South Carolina

Updated 12 months ago

externship - 87 Replies

I finished my in-class Pharmacy Tech program and now I need to just do my externship to finish the course. What can I expect during the externship...

Dragon Knight in South Carolina

Updated 12 months ago

What to do when you're stuck on register ALL the time? - 3 Replies

I know that sales are part of a Pharm Tech's job, but how much time is considered average, for being on register? I work at a retail pharmacy...

Mary Cohen Registered Pharmacist in Manhattan, New York

Updated 13 months ago

becoming a pharmacist technician PLEASE HELP! - 201 Replies

I am interested in becoming a pharmacist technician.I was told you have to good at math and science? is that true? and could somebody tell me what I...

Jeff in Portland, Oregon

Full time pharmacy tech position open immediately in Portland, Oregon

Full time pharmacy tech position open immediately. Requirements: -A strong sense of urgency,energetic,hard-working -Ability to work weekends...

Hiren dobariya in Auckland, New Zealand

Updated 14 months ago

"Volunteer for 2 years to get experience as a pharmacy technician at a local hospital" - 9 Replies

Nobody wants to work for "Free". However, because most of the employers who advertise for open pharmacy technician positions have this as a...

Sujata in Santa Clara, California

How to prepare for PTCB?

Hi! Friends, Can any one help me for study material or practice PTCB exam. I will b thankful ...plz help me out..I'm new in this...

msf275@*****.*** in El Paso, Texas

Updated 15 months ago

getting fired!!! - 2 Replies

I got fired from a job because they said I wasn't flexible. The other technician came up with some story that was believable but had no proof to back...

Shelby in Florida

Updated 15 months ago

"How to become a certified/registered pharmacy technician in a short amount of time" - 203 Replies

So you want to become a pharmacy technician. Well, if you are real smart you don't need to spend thousands of dollars( in this economy save your...

YYaWannaNO in Chicago, Illinois

Updated 15 months ago

PAY RATE - 1 Reply


evansfine in California

what to study

I'm in San Diego and would like to buy any/all study guides & books for Pharmacy Tech Exam. I let my license expire and now I have to retake the exam...


Apps to help study for exam?

Does anybody know of any good mobile apps that can be used to study for the PTCB exam? Anything for math or sig codes?

RoguePharmacist in Meriden, Connecticut

Updated 16 months ago

the worse place to work as a Pharmacy Technician - 489 Replies

CVS hands down!!!! -the pay sucks -understaffed -no breaks -no lunches

jordanalexis in Braidwood, Illinois

Is Becoming A Pharmacy Technician Really Worth It?

I am 24 years old and I am going back to school next month for BA in Business Management. I see that my school offers a Pharmacy Tech Certificate. I...

linda in Chico, California

pharmacy technician

I was certified two years ago, currently i am applying for CA pharmacy license. There are opportunities avail in my local, requiring license though....

DNJMK in Fort Worth, Texas

Updated 16 months ago

I need help solving 3 math calculation problems if someone don't mind helping...! - 7 Replies

1. A neonate is to receive an infusion at 60ml/hr for a total of 12 hours. How much of the following electrolytes should be added to the...

Tom King, RPh of in Dallas, Texas

Updated 16 months ago

school for pharmacy tech..? - 1 Reply

Hello. I have questions about going school to be pharmacy tech. First, I just moved to states and i have foreign bachelor's degree in Health care....

Tom King, RPh of in Dallas, Texas

Updated 16 months ago

Can I work with my license from PR in the US? - 1 Reply

I'm a certified and registered Pharmacy technician in Puerto Rico. Can my license from PR works for me to get a job as a technician in the US?

Luna in Siren, Wisconsin

Updated 17 months ago

I made a mistake? - 2 Replies

I've been a PT since 2009, but I didn't go to school for pharmacy except a 5 week course in the basics. I worked a few months in retail (moved up the...

DNJMK in Fort Worth, Texas

Pharmacy Calculations

I need some help on some pharmacy calculations if someone don't mind helping. #1 A prescription is received for a pediatric patient to receive 250...

Lindsey G in New Windsor, New York

CPhT class question (pre-PA)

OK heres some useful/un-useful info about what I plan to do for my next 4 years. I am currently enrolled at a community college in New York and I...

T R CPhT in Texas

Updated 17 months ago

Could a person become a pharmacy tech just by taking the test and passing? - 25 Replies

What I mean is that, if I take the test and pass it, would I be able to get hired as a pharmacy tech, without any prior training, or schooling?

jasmine7 in Duluth, Georgia

Pharmacy Tech License in Georgia

How long does it take to get a pharmacy tech license? I recently got hired as a pharmacy tech and was told to register with the GA board of pharmacy...

Alf in West New York, New Jersey

Pay differentials for working inpatient/outpatient oncology

Hi all, I'm trying to gather some data and the answers aren't as easy to google as I had hoped. I'm wondering if those of you who work in...

Brittany in Fort Worth, Texas


Can someone please send me the new up to date book in pdf to my email. I have taken the pharmacy test and I failed it due to the math portion.

DelhiR in Jersey City, New Jersey

Updated 18 months ago

pharm tech license - 61 Replies

Is it mandatory to get a pharmacy technician LICENSE before even applying for a pharmacy technician job? And if so, how do you get one? And then what...

Running1987 in Waterbury, Connecticut

Is Pharmacy Tech a good career

Currently work in the health care field making $1500 a week. The grocery store down the road has an opening for a pharmacy tech. I considered...

Sylvia Gonzales in Fresno, California

Pharmacy Technician in General.

First of all I have been a tech for over 25 years. Worked Retail,Hospital, correctional setting and a Health Insurance company. Its a good job, and...

momo517 in New York

Want to change careers to Pharm Tech - major retail pharmacy or community pharmacy?

Long story short, I had a very hard time finding a job in my field (also in health care), even after getting all my certifications done. I do have...

jayydela in Sugar Land, Texas

Pharmacy Tech or Licensed Optician

So at my workplace, I am currently a non-licensed optician. Recently, there has been a job opening for a pharmacy technician and I was wondering if...

proudmommy in Saint Paul, Minnesota

Anyone from the twin cities area have any input on salary?

I'm currently working at a LTC pharmacy making bout 18/hr. Trying to transition to hospitals but not sure what to ask for. I was thinking $19-20. Any...

Lucas the Dog in Madison, Tennessee

study websites

Has anyone tried The website has a lot of useful info, but the tests seemed a little pricey.

wanttobethebest in Ozark, Missouri

Inputting @ walmart

Has anyone heard, all Wal-Mart pharmacy Techs have to be 95% at inputting accuracy or will have to leave the pharmacy, even if they can fill and take...

missmooniesims in Texarkana, Texas

Updated 19 months ago

passing the ptcb exam - 1 Reply

urus is there any way you can send me study materials so i can pass my exam. Thank you soooo much. I really appreciate it.

kxeim99 in Garden Grove, California

Updated 19 months ago

volunteer intern permit - 42 Replies

Hi, what is the best book to study for PTCB test and is this book are up-to-dated? What about the math calculation does is have alot of it to...

Ohyeah40 in Raleigh, North Carolina

Updated 20 months ago

Pharmacy Technician Education - 1 Reply

Anyone who says you can be a Pharmacy Technician without training is very wrong. They may have a job and a nametag that say Pharmacy Technician but...

mahe in Washington, Utah

Updated 20 months ago

Updated PTCB Exam - 8 Replies

Has anyone taken the new exam yet? I recently became interested in becoming a Pharm Tech but, with the new exam, I have NO CLUE what I should be...

renireni in Shenandoah, Pennsylvania

Updated 20 months ago

Hours/Current Wages of a Pharmacy Technician - 1 Reply

I am currently in the process of becoming a Pharmacy Tech. I soon hope to take the PTCE. I've been looking on this forum for quite some time now. I...

Marlene Cortese in Jacksonville, Florida

Pharmacy Tech License in Florida

Does anyone know of lost cost schooling approved by the board of Pharmacy in Florida to obtain a Florida Pharmacy Technician license ? I am a PTCB...

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