Can I work as a pharmacy technician without answering phones and dealing with customers in my case?

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scooterinnc84 in Lewisville, North Carolina

59 months ago

Probably not, but here is my situation.... I have trouble hearing people when talking to them due to some Auditory Processing Disorder issues, I get distracted and lose focus because of my ADHD when interacting with customers like taking orders or talking on the phone, I get afraid and impatient. I can talk with no problem, just understanding requests and carrying them out in a high stress environment with more than one thing going on; however, my mind is clear and I am relaxed and everything when I am dispensing medications, counting them out. I am great with medical terminology, have a great memory with that, and understanding medications and have a good memorization for knowing generic medicine. I am a veterinary assistant, so I have a lot of experience counting medicine out in a veterinary environment, which a lot of meds are used for humans too, so I am aware of the drugs. I have taken medical courses off and on at community college over the years, one intro to pharmacy class, so I have medical knowledge. I can count medicine without any distractions. I would probably easily get thrown off if I were to count and answer phones at the same time, so I just want my employer to allow me to dispense the medicine only, and If I were to work in a hospital setting, I could deliver the medicine to the patient rooms, maybe. But, I know I can't have the job the way I want it. I just want to know if there is any way I can just get certified, studying on my own, and take the PTCB exam online, without going to school? I just want my pharmacy employer to work with me with my conditions. I'm taking medicine for my adhd part of things, but my mind drifts, and it would just be hard to answer every question on the telephone appropriately because back ground noise distracts me with my ADP issues. But, something about counting out the medicine and learning about the drugs and medical terms and anatomy relaxes me. I just need a career quick.

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