Do you have to go to school in order to register for the board of pharmacy Association in North Carolina, not to take the test?

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scooterinnc84 in Lewisville, North Carolina

23 months ago

I just purchased the updated Complete Pharmacy Review book 3rd edition through from American Pharmacy Association website. I plan on studying for a couple months and taking the test to be certified. I talked with the program coordinator for pharmacy tech at my local college and she told me what book to get. Now my question is, do you have to complete a program to become registered, which is different than being certified? There was this hospital that was recently hiring in my area to which I applied for right away because you did not have to be a registered pharmacy tech, nor did you have to be certified, except that you have to get your certification within 2 years of employment. I also have experience working in a pharmacy area at a Vet's office, where I worked as a vet assistant for 13 years. My goal is to do pharmacy tech in a hospital setting. I want to avoid retail stores. I've also taken a variety of medical courses at community college, including an intro to pharmacology course, but I don't have a degree, but got A's and B's in the courses I took. I'm good at math, and looking up pharmacy tech study guides I found on the internet, I noticed that the majority of dosage calculations are pretty much algebraic in nature, and algebra is what I'm good at and there are rules for each calculations that are easy to do the problems once you know the rules. Any advice on how it is now days to go about working in a hospital setting? There are plenty of hospital pharmacy tech jobs available, I only found one where you have to be certified within 2 years of employment, and you have to be registered for most positions in a hospital.

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seriousaboutthis in Markham, Illinois

23 months ago - click on Technician and then click on the link that says Frequently Asked Questions (abbreviated) or you can call them and ask.

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