Is Pharmacy Tech. a good career change ?

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Mrs Unemployed in Dayton, Ohio

48 months ago

I'm thinking about becoming a pharmacy tech, but after reading much of this forum, I'm having doubts! In the past I was a (part-time) corporate travel agent, for 30 years. I worked for a small agency which could not keep the agency going after the economy tanked. I became unemployed Feb. 15th, 2010. I am not seeking another travel agent position, because the industry is dying and I need to have a job that offers 15 to 20 years sustainability (till I can retire, if any of us really get to do that in the future lol) and I need health insurance coverage for myself.

I thought pharmacy tech. sounded like a good match for my past job experience and a pretty good fit for my personality. I loved performing great customer service for my clients. I am use to having to perform detailed tasks in a fast paced environment with a phone ringing off the hook. I was considering the draw backs to a pharmacy tech. jobs to be standing on my feet all the time and dealing with retail hours. But now I am wondering if I am under estimating the draw backs to this position, including low pay! It also sounds like the working environment is not so pleasant, I worked very closely with 2 agents (we all loved working as a “team”) and of course I sat at a desk to perform my work.

I had also considered training as a medical coder, but I did not think it was as good a fit for me. I do not think I would be happy being in a back room somewhere encoding medical forms and talking to insurance companies all day long!

I think I may enjoy being a medical receptionist, but I have found very little detailed information on what the required education for this position would be, or how I would go about becoming employed in this area of work. If anyone can share that information with me I would greatly appreciate it!!

If anyone has any facts or thoughts on which job path is better to take I would appreciate the input.

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dd740 in Gladstone, Oregon

48 months ago

Much of what you read on this forum is not always the case. Too many people are always trying to take the easy way out and expect a decent wage without putting in any time or in some cases money for an education.

I can tell you that putting in the effort and time will get you much further than someone trying to buck the system. People seem to think that they can study some books and pass the necessary exams, which may be true. However, that will not get you a decent job as a Pharmacy Tech. If all you want is a low paying retail job, then by all means, take the easy way out.

I have put a lot of money into ensuring that my daughter went to school to become a Pharmacy Technician and not take some ill fated shortcut. She is at the top of her class and now is in externship with a hospital and will most likely be hired with said hospital upon completion of externship.

The good hospital jobs will increasingly go to people who are school trained, and have completed an externship to get practical experience. Many of these jobs are well paying with good benefits. Many can start out at over $20.00 per hour if you graduated from an accredited course, are certified and licensed, and do well at a decent externship. If you want get into a good position in this field, put in some effort to make something of it.

If all you want is retail hell, then listen to the folks on this forum who just want to complain because they want to take the easy way out and expect to be compensated as if they actually earned it. I suppose that is the way people in this country are nowadays. Pretty sad.

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Mrs Unemployed in Dayton, Ohio

48 months ago

"dd740 in Gladstone, Oregon" I have found a 40 hour program at a Community College that I hope to attend, the only thing I see that might be a slight draw back to this program is that they do not offer externship. But I hope to arrange my own externship with the local small town pharmacy, which has already let me "shadow" their pharmacy techs. for half a day (so I could see the job in action).

Thank you for your input.

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ale95u25u430 in Roanoke, Texas

34 months ago

dd740 you sound like a big snob!!! I am not lazy at all but trying to get by to pay bills most people arent lucky like you and your daughter and cant afford to go to school that long with no job! I am currently unemployed cause wells fargo Home mortgage just laid everyone off. I am 26 and have no choice be to find a fast track program to hurry and start working again... my mommy and daddy wont help with my bills so I think you should probably think before you get on here putting others down for just trying to make a living and get by with what they can

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1976 baby in La Place, Louisiana

20 months ago

hi im reading these comments and some of them are accuses i work and go to pharamacy tech school and im also a mother of a one year old yes it is hard out their but god is good and everything i do i put my all in it for myself and my son and i faith in believing that choosing this program is a good choice im a cna and i alo went to school for medcial billing coding and finished and didnt get a job in it with externship and i never gave up on that you can do anything you set your mind to

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ChicaSue in Parker, Colorado

3 months ago

Stop whining.

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Erica in Sacramento, California

2 months ago

I've been looking around for information on this field too. I found this site that gave me some good info: I read a really good article on picking out the best pharmacy tech schools at this website:

Good luck

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