Pharmacy Tech student looking for CpHT for mock interview.

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70 months ago

Hello. I'm Mark and I have an assignment for my class to interview a certified Pharmacy tech. I could go around town asking techs but I really don't want to disturb them at work. If any CpHT's want to do a quick 10 min interview with me for my class please respond!

These are your basic questions like "What do you like most about being a CpHT?" I can Skype, Text, email, FaceTime, or any other way to communicate these days. You must be a Certified Tech though thats the requirement. Hope to hear from someone soon!

NPTA in Houston, Texas

70 months ago

Hi Mark, if you do not get a response here check out our Facebook page and feel free to post this there for all our members to see. You might end up with lots of choices!

National Pharmacy Technician Association

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