How to answer these interview questions?

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Bloomers in Saint Louis, Missouri

71 months ago

My interviewer said I lacked experience, which is why they didn't hire me. The first interview I passed.

The 2nd interview was going to be with the pharmacist to ask more in depth questions. The hiring manager said she was going to give me a phone call but didn't... because of lack of experience.

My college teacher said "That's not true, you HAD to have done something wrong at the interview." (She's refusing to help me anymore...)

So these were the questions she asked, the ones I could remember. Did I answer them right?

Q: What do you see yourself in 10 years?

Me: As a pharmacist (should I have said CPHT?)

Q: You have a lack of experience, my main concern, why should we hire you?

A: AT my Walgreens Externship, lack of experience wasn't a problem. Even though I worked for only a month there, I knew the pharmacy operations inside and out. I learn quickly, and you can contact my pharmacist for a letter of recommendation. (I think I forgot to contact my pharmacist to mail it... I did. Ugh.)

So what other questions should I answer correctly... to a pharm. tech employer?

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xkathybx in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

67 months ago

For the first question, you don't have to lie about what you want to be. You sounded uncertain about whether you wanted to say a pharmacist or pharm tech. And don't just give a one sentence answer. You answered that you wanted to be a pharmacist so instead of just saying, "As a pharmacist", which isn't even a complete sentence; I would've said something like this:

In ten years, I see myself working in the healthcare field, and hopefully working as registered Pharmacist, which is one of my goals.

For the second question, saying that your lack of experience during your externship "wasn't a problem" isn't really a good answer. Instead, I would have said, I worked at Walgreens for an externship and that helped me gain the knowledge that I need to know for the job such as.... and explain what you have learned instead of saying, "I know the pharmacy operations inside and out." You may know that, but the person hiring you don't.

And you are correct, you should've had the letter of recommendation to give to the interviewer at the time of the interview instead of saying you can contact my pharmacist for a letter of recommendation. It's not their responsibility to get a letter of recommendation for you.

Hope this helps you next time!

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