What material should I cover in my review book for the ptcb test for this year....

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scooterinnc84 in Lewisville, North Carolina

42 months ago

I got the most up to date book called the complete review for pharmacy tech 3rd edition through the American pharmacy association. A professor at a community college suggested that book. I just got it and skimmed over it. I have taken medical terminology courses in the past as well as anatomy and physiology and an intro to pharmacology at community college among other courses in the past but no degree. Im trying to self study for 2 months than sign up for the test. The layout of the book is good. They have several pages of charts with brand name and generic named meds divided into categories like antidepressants, anti coagulants, anti epyleptic, etc with side effects and other uses of each drug. How should I study that for the test? Do I need to know spelling or is the test multiple choice. The only thing I dont like about the book is there are only a few pages about drug calculations and only a few practice questions. I do like the medical terminology charts with the prefixes. Do I need to know those? I know i need to study abreviations like qid q4hs, Od and OS, etc. How should I go about studying the book? Is there an updated website with extra practice problems for drug calculations? Do i really need to study the root words? They have a brief summary of each part of body systems. Do i need to know the anatomy for the test? Also about pharmacy tech laws and medical ethics section, what about that? Do i need a separate book for math calculations and math rules for each equation? I need any advice I can get. What about the chemistry section where they talk about protons and neutrons and electrons? And parts of a cell? I have taken chemistry and biology so that should be smooth studying if I even need to study that. Can someone give me a summary of what to go over and the layout of the updated tests? Do i need another book just with pharmacy calculations or is there an updated online math review? Any advice will be helpful. Sorry for the long thread

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