the worse place to work as a Pharmacy Technician

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Babydollrj15 in Columbia, Maryland

4 months ago

I worked for CVS for 10 months. Did extra work and always stayed late. Even did extra things to make the pharmacy look good. I have been a tech for many years and was one of the first people in MD to become a certified technician. I had a sudden leave for my father in laws death and two days after I returned I was fired for a mistake that happened two months prior. I can't even get unemployment due to the lies corporate told them. The conditions are horrible in a 24 hour store that is the second busiest in the state doing about 5000 prescriptions a week. They only allow 400 hours a week. With a store that size they really need 500 hours to get everything done correctly. That doesn't even account for all the extra bs like pcq calls and day 6 and esi calls. I felt used and abused when I was fired. Now I am just angry.

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CindyC in Columbus, Ohio

4 months ago

I've just started working at CVS a week ago and I can already experience all the horrible things that's being said about CvS in this forum. I've already dealt with angry, demanding, abusive and rude customers. We don't get any break. I can even barely go to the bathroom to pee. I'm a certified pharmacy technician but I feel like I really don't get that kind of respect. I'm just assigned at the drive thru and pick up and I've already working beyond my hours since I started because I cannot just leave the pharmacy when there are still customers and we are understaffed so the others are busy doing something else. How long does it really take to master everything at the pharmacy? They don't really teach you everything at Learnet or on OJT. There are some peculiar situation that you have no idea how to resolve. I've never really worked with a register before and I've got some problems dealing with coupons every now and then. I've never really dealt with coupons.

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Former Employee in Raleigh, North Carolina

2 months ago

This must be the most morally bankrupt company I have ever encountered. Not only do that not give you any breaks, the pay is ridiculous and they still will not hire enough workers. No benefits and good luck getting paid on any of the training modules, or surveys you are required to do on your own time. The pharmacists are also overworked, but at least they are making a good salary. Since they don't get a break they sure don't mind that you don't either.

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ptcbeasy in Watsonville, California

1 month ago

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