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Madamoiselle in South San Francisco, California

Updated 26 months ago

NPTE review course by Mr Candelaria - 3 Replies

Has anyone ever taken this course (therapy review course by mr candelaria)? Is it worth or recomended? Please let me know

aperry in Bonita Springs, Florida

independent doctors office versus jobs in independent PT offices, hospitals or nursing homes

I am interested in determining why some PT's prefer to work in independent doctors offices rather than in independent PT offices, hospitals or...

Tony in Brookline, Massachusetts

Updated 26 months ago

Do I need to be thin to do this job? - 1 Reply

I am very interested in this career and am in the process of applying to DPT schools. But I am overweight and wondering would my weight make me...

Peshal in Saint Paul, Minnesota

Updated 26 months ago

About stipend information for joint DPT/PhD - 2 Replies

Hello everyone, I am planning to join joint DPT/PhD program next fall. I am graduating this semsester. My CGPA will be around 3.45-3.5. I was just...

Lara in Hackensack, New Jersey

Pennsylvania PT application Foreign Grad

What are the requirements especially to those educated in the Philippines? I have a current NJ PT license.

ALAVOT in Lodi, New Jersey

Updated 27 months ago

How do I find a PT who wants to relocate to a remote location? - 6 Replies

Does anyone have any ideas as to how I can find PT's who would be interested in working in a remote location like Fort Mojave, AZ? Or Ausberry, CA?...

Freddy in Rio Linda, California

Updated 27 months ago

What do PT's or PTA's look for in an ideal job? - 1 Reply

I am part of Wild Women for Business ( We are currently working on a seminar and project for health care specialists,...

HHCPT in New York, New York

Updated 27 months ago

Physical Therapy Credential Evaluation - 2 Replies

Has anyone used FCCPT, ICA, or ICD for Physical Therapy Credential Evaluation? could you share your experiences and recommendation? Foreign...

Allegra in Lincoln, California

Updated 27 months ago

Are tailbone adjustments "normal/standard" procedure - 17 Replies

SITUATION: My PT found it necessary to evaluate my tailbone. This required him to reach down between my buttocks. He said it pointed to the left and...

Norma in New York, New York

Updated 28 months ago

RHA Certification for Physical Therapy Aide - 1 Reply

Hello, I was wondering if anyone in the Physical Therapy world heard of a certification for Physical Therapy Aides such as from the Rehabilitaion...

Physioguy in Winnipeg, Manitoba

Physical Therapy Opportunities in North Dakota

Hi, My wife and I are physiotherapists currently going through the credential process. My wife has got equivalency for North Dakota state and will...

rajashree in Portland, Oregon

Updated 29 months ago

Pt from india with 3 years experience - 4 Replies

Hi I am Pt from india. I have worked with a hospital in india for 3 years.I am in Chicago now on H4 visa. Can anyone please tell me all the pre...

jjpark90 in Fullerton, California

Interview questions for a Physical Therapist

Hi, my name is James and I have an assignment for college where I have to interview someone working in the field of physical therapy (PT or PTA). I...

dpka in Mumbai, India

NPTE exam 2012

Hiee m preparing for my npte exam and don knw where to start damn confused about everything .. esp the study material and online classes r dey req ?...

Determined in Irving, Texas

Home Health PT

PT for 2 years but new to the home health world. Quick question, can a PT expect to be paid more for an initial evaulation than a regular treatment...

jcullerton in Waukesha, Wisconsin

Updated 31 months ago

Do PTA 's have to do wound care? Can you refuse to do this!? - 2 Replies

So, I am in the very beginning of becoming a PTA, I am in the process of finishing my AS degree. Anyways, today I was in the cafeteria at my college...

schmidt in Panama City, Florida

rc 3-11

As an athletic trainer, I feel fully qualified to work for a PT and perform rehab. However, as we are appreciated for our abilities in providing this...

ahmad in Tripoli, Libyan Arab Jamahiriya

Updated 31 months ago

UK physical therapist looking to relocate to USA - 1 Reply

I am a UK registered PT looking into moving to the USA with my long term partner who is also a PT. We have found a staffing company called Medpro who...

Cat in Danville, California

Updated 31 months ago

Foreign Trained PT looking for job in CA - 1 Reply

I'm a new grad from a physiotherapy program in Australia (DPT) and I'm looking to get licensed in the state of California. I have already submitted...

Cat in Danville, California

Updated 31 months ago

Working in another country - 2 Replies

My husband's job might move him to Canada, Europe or Costa Rica. I was wondering if it is possible for a US citizen to work as a physical...

Le Cadeau in Doha, Qatar

Updated 31 months ago

can a romanian citizen work in usa as a PT? - 5 Replies a bechelor of PT in looking for a job in my field with knowledge especially in neurology orthopedics. I like much what I do and I...

C in Hertford, United Kingdom

Updated 32 months ago



mouliu in Central District, Hong Kong

Advice seeking: First PT job, which field?

I am from Hong Kong. Since here has a severe shortage of PT, I have the option to sign a 2-year contract with a non-profit organization NOW, even...

larthur in New York, New York

Updated 33 months ago

Can you get your doctorate in PT while working full time? - 4 Replies

Like can you take 1-3 night or weekend classes a semester while working? I am going for just a physical therapy assistant degree for now and already...

sameer in Westfield, Indiana

Updated 34 months ago

Florida - 1 Reply

HI, any PT's in Florida from India? need some help with credenteling and processing. does anyone know how are the jobs in Florida and the pay?

clockers25 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Updated 35 months ago

Do I have a chance - 3 Replies

So here is what happen Have 4 misdemeanor arrests on my record. No convictions, I am 31 and three of these arrests occured in 2002. 2 of them...

mom shaw in Seattle, Washington

Updated 36 months ago

PT jobs - 3 Replies

hi! im graduated of Bachelor science of physical therapy in the Philippines... How can i use my degree as a Physical therapist or PT assistant here...

DAVID in Burbank, California



Khan, PT in Farmington, Michigan

Updated 37 months ago

Physical Therapy Programs--does it matter where you get your DPT? - 2 Replies

Hi all, I'm preparing to apply to DPT schools, but am unsure what I want to do with it yet- whether private clinics, hospitals, home care, or...

CKPT in East Hanover, New Jersey

Updated 38 months ago

Does it make sense for me to become a DPT? - 1 Reply

I am a graduate student currently taking biology courses. I was thinking about becoming a PT but the school I want to attend does not offer...

iloveolive in Burnaby, British Columbia

NY verification

Hi, Is anybody here from the Philippines done a NY credential verification recently? I just want to know if our credential is still equivalent to...

chey in Calingcuan, Philippines

Updated 38 months ago

Physical therapist looking for a job in Los Angeles and around - 39 Replies

15 years of experience, owned a clinic and many different approches like, global posture reeducation, manual therapy, osteopathy technique,...

Jade in Dallas, Texas

PT aides, (past and present) how did you get your first position?

I'm going to start prereqs for PT school in the fall. This summer, I'd like to get my volunteer hours in, but I'd also like to carry on doing all of...

LJ in Wilmington, Delaware

Question about the DPT degree

Hello, If you have an associates degree for PTA and a bachelors degree in an unrelated business field can you apply for the DPT program or would...

T in San Diego, California

Updated 41 months ago

Schooling for Physical Therapy - 1 Reply

Hello guys and girls, Just a quick question. I've been wondering the minimum schooling needed to be able to work as a physical therapist.....

jborgers in Bend, Oregon

Updated 41 months ago

Traveler PT - 2 Replies

I've been working as a Pt for the past 16 yrs in South Florida. Question: How much does a traveling PT make in Hawaii?

jborgers in Bend, Oregon

Updated 41 months ago


I just want to ask those who are travelling therapists especially those who are working in FL about non-taxable allowances that your company is...

acumexx in Clearwater, Florida

Updated 42 months ago

It's hard to find Physical Therapy Jobs in Naples! - 5 Replies

I can't believe how hard it is to find a physical therpay job in Naples Florida... And there are several jobs posted. It almost seems as if there is...

Jenny_PT in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Updated 44 months ago

Physical Therapist Assistant Questions - 3 Replies

Hello, I tend to be a very quesy person when it comes to lots of blood and open wounds. I was wondering if working in outpatient clinics or nursing...

Natalia Lopez in Hollywood, Florida

Updated 45 months ago

Foreign trained PT - 2 Replies

Hi, I am a foreign trained PT who hold B.S. degree in PT and license in Taiwan. I worked for 3 years as a clinical research assistant under an...

dselva1979 in London, United Kingdom

regarding physiotherapy job

hi...i am physiotherapist having 6 yrs experience in the am doing masters in london...i want to work physiotherapiist or physiotherapist...

Eva in Tel Aviv, Israel

Updated 48 months ago

PT - 11 Replies

We are looking for a physical therapist in sunnyvale ca in Brooklyn, New York

Updated 48 months ago

Physical Therapy - 1 Reply

how to be a Physical Therapy and what should i do from start to end

Sugan in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Updated 48 months ago

Physiotherapy licensing in Pennsylvenia - 6 Replies

Hi im from India, have completed my BPT. Currently living in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvenia and Planning to practice physiotherapy in near future. Please...

Carlos in Winter Garden, Florida

Updated 49 months ago


Greetings, my name is Carlos and I'm looking for a Physical Therapist job nearby Winter Garden, Florida. I already have my 4 year degree back in my...

GKoller in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Updated 49 months ago

Foreign educated PT with Green Card - 1 Reply

I'm a foreign grad and has a green card already. Was wondering what's the process for me to take the NPTE?

eugene in Lynbrook, New York

Updated 50 months ago

Physical Therapists needed in Houston - 2 Replies

Hello everyone. My firm is recruiting licensed PTs for a Locum Tenens (contract) position with the VA Medical Center in Houston. You do not have... in Jersey City, New Jersey

Physical Therapy (Limited Permit) in New York

Hi, Could you please help me to get any reference/contact for a job in New York with physical Therapy (Limited Permit)license? Appreciate your...

steve in Inglewood, California

Updated 50 months ago

Physical Therapist or Physical Therapist Assistant ? - 2 Replies

I am 49 and thinking about changing a major from nursing to physical therapy asst or physical therapist. Concerned about my age and strength, I am...

- Indeed Host in Austin, Texas

Updated 51 months ago

PTLA looking for a position in San Francisco bay area - 1 Reply

Hi, I am a foreign trained PT with a bachelor degree from Israel and over a year of work experience .I recently passed the NPTE and the law exam. I...

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