To Finish A Bachelors or Not..Help! D:

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jharrin126 in Rhode Island

20 months ago

Hey all,

So basically it's taken me awhile to figure out what the heck I want to do with my life. At first I was thinking Special Ed but that did NOT work out. I then thought Speech Therapy but not knowing much about it. So now I am feeling pretty confident going into PT/PTA. However, I have been browsing on forums seeing that PTA may become obselete in the future?? What should I do?

Should I:
a) finish a bachelors in Bio and try to apply to PT school (knowing that it's competitive) or b) go back to a community college, work on the PTA degree, hopefully get a job as a PTA and work my way up to a PT degree

I have about maybe 2-3 years left before getting a bachelors and going back to a community college is definitely more affordable. I don't know, I just feel a bit stuck.
Any advice would be very much appreciated!

one confused 22 year old

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