How do you like being a PT?

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valgal in Port Townsend, Washington

35 months ago

I'm 21, I've been researching all possible health care jobs for years. I just want to have a job where I'm helping people and not have to deal with smells, bodily fluids etc. like a nurse.

I've been to many PTs in my life because 1. I have a chronic pain disorder and 2. I'm VERY injury prone. I can't run 200 feet without injuring tendons.

Believe me this is NOT the first time nor the last time that I research PT. Reasons I turned it down and moved on to something else was because I'm kinda shy and I don't feel I have enough confidence to touch patients in the way PTs do or mimic some of the exercises. But I've had PTs that just tell me to do something and walk away. I don't know if that is the norm or what.

I've also heard that schooling can be difficult. I'm not good with academics, but I was seriously considering becoming a respiratory therapist and I know that isn't easy. So if I want it bad enough I can make it happen, maybe. I do have minor learning disabilities.

Tell me what the challenges are of being a PT, what you like the most/least, what I should look for in a school, and what your hours are like.

I do have a passion for health and fitness and almost became a personal trainer.


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valgal in Port Townsend, Washington

34 months ago

Wow, okay

I've actually been trying to find my future career my whole life. I was always on a constant pursuit of what I might want to do, what I would love. Things I love are cooking, drawing, writing, music and dance, but none do I want to create a career out of. Why rush into things and fork over so much money for something I'm not sure about? I want to be sure before I consider anything. I work with a bunch of twenty year olds at whole foods who have degrees, but don't use them because they have no longer have an interest in that field. And then there area bunch who are like me and don't know what they want to do.

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SI Guy in Staten Island, New York

33 months ago


Nevermind the condescending comment above from Ashley. If you have a passion for this kind of work, I believe that you can overcome not being terrific academically. Having said that, it's a long road academically - you will need to have a bachelor's degree before you can apply to almost all PT programs. I assume from your posts that you don't have a bachelor's yet. So, if you are sure that you want to pursue something in the healthcare field, I would start working towards your bachelor's degree in a science related field and perhaps then you can narrow down your options and see if PT is right for you.

One thing to consider - if you are truly very injury-prone, PT could be a challenge for you, as many settings are physically taxing to the therapist.

Good luck,


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troutdreams in Louisville, Kentucky

31 months ago

Give some careful thought to the physical requirements and your interest in working directly with patients. I remember being 21 and dealing with "adults" as an adult was new and different but quickly becomes familiar and comfortable.
You might consider a career as a Physical Therapy Assistant. Lower educational requirements but I believe most find it to be rewarding in many ways. They're very high in demand, which brings a level of security you'll grow to appreciate.

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valgal in Port Townsend, Washington

31 months ago

Thanks! Funny thing is that im starting the pre requisites for the physical therapist assistant program this month. Yes, one thing that worries me about this career choice is all the interaction with people. i am an introvert, and too much interaction can be draining. but i do love helping people, listening, showing compassion etc. I also don't have good memorization ability or good recall.

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Lane future pta in Overland Park, Kansas

25 months ago

Yea What valgal said, does the interaction with people get to you sometimes? Too much would also possibly drive me a little crazy, I'm good with people even though I'm a little introverted as well. I chose PTA over RT because I didn't want to deal with the high stress of emergencies, blood, and there's more job security in PTA it seems. I've seen on youtube many places where a PTA could work, do you PT's like working with geriatrics, pediatrics, or a mix with all in between? Are most people willing to be nice and work with you? Will they always be talking about their depressing life stories of how they got injured? How often do you make good friends from some of your patients? Any cute girls? Lol. Don't worry I would take my job seriously and not hit on anyone, I'm human and curious just how you like your job, please explain more on where you work, what kind of people you interact with, how often you have to think on your feet, does the PT tell you the general idea of what you do on each patient? Pros and Cons. Thank you. -Lane

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