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Updated 17 hours ago

PTA career advancement ? - 7 Replies

[QUOTE who="PTABOy17 in Sterling Heights, Michigan"]hey bluelineman, I hear Texas PTA's make anywhere form 35 to 50 dollars a hour in a SNF ...any...


Updated 1 day ago

PTA School Difficulty - 29 Replies

[QUOTE who="PTAwannabe in Whittier, California"]I'm in a program here in honolulu. It used to be 3 semesters one you finish the year of prereqs but...


Updated 2 days ago

Physical Therapist Assistant- is it a waste of time or a good career? - 1094 Replies

(continued) I was an honor student, even though the program is ridiculously hard, and still the job scene in my area was saturated with PTAs and no...


Medical Terminology - what do I need to know for Kinesiology/PTA program.

So I'm taking 4 pre-reqs in hopes of getting into a PTA program. A & P 1 and 2. Medical Terminology. And eventually Kinesiology. I'm digging...


Updated 7 days ago

pta licensure exam review course - 1413 Replies

Do you know anything about it?? Wow so your gonna give the test??


Updated 8 days ago

How to get a PT Aide job - 6 Replies

In order to become a PT or have a better chance go to school and get a degree in kinesiology or have some type of knowledge of kinesiology. I have a...

Elaine Boyd

Updated 8 days ago

PTA and Personal Training - 15 Replies

[QUOTE who="bone1213 in Stafford, Virginia"]Has anyone worked as both a PTA and a Personal Trainer? Would it be possible or even a good...


Getting into School and Reflections on the career itself

As the name suggests im a pta hopeful trying to make it all happen. I know the subject is already up but why not get a fresher perspective and take...


Updated 10 days ago

PTA Program GPA requirements ESSEX COMMUNITY COLLEGE - 3 Replies

[QUOTE who="Alex in Elizabeth, New Jersey"]hello, Im going to apply for the PTA Program at UCC. I did all of my prerequisites work but im having...


Updated 11 days ago

San Diego Mesa College PTA program! - 55 Replies

I was hoping to go to a community college for this program ...but I hear that the average waiting time to get in is 3 to 5 years my thank...


Updated 14 days ago

PTA Laws & Regs Jurisprudence Exam for Florida - 463 Replies

[QUOTE who="Jeremiah in Macclenny, Florida"]Sure can, what's your email address?[/QUOTE] Jeremiah, can u send me one as well?

The Guy

Criminal background check

Currently in my second year of a PTA program and I have two dismissed weed misdeminor charges (never convicted) on my record one for possession and...


Updated 16 days ago

Coming out of High School seeking to be a PTA. ( Guidance/Thoughs Needed ) - 1 Reply

Most community colleges have 1 year of pre-requisite classes and 1 year of core classes. In order to get into the 2nd year of core classes you...

Le June

Updated 17 days ago

PTA glorified exercise instructor? - 40 Replies

Reading some of these comments from these so-called Athletic Trainers are rather depressing. Quite disgusting to see some individuals from this...


Updated 17 days ago

Kicked out of PTA school.. - 1 Reply

Hey I'm a guy looking to get into PTA school contacts and such would be nice and id love to pick your brain about getting into the...


Updated 20 days ago

In general are opportunities for PTA's growing or declining? - 1 Reply

..This is in response to a similar forum on the OTA board


PTA - Advice please for late career changer

Hello. Hopefully someone could help with making some decisions. I am career changer at 48. 18 years as a corporate executive in a small company. I...


Updated 21 days ago

Is it tedious to get licensed in another state after moving? - 12 Replies

I will be moving from TX to Lexington KY. And have been wondering what I need to do to transfer my PTA license to KY?


Updated 21 days ago

Advice about preparing for the board exam - 49 Replies

[QUOTE who="JG421 in Montana"]When everyone is saying they scored a "98, 103, 110, etc." on the practice exams, do you mean out of 200? I have taken...


Updated 24 days ago

PT or PTA degree? - 2 Replies

Thank you so much! I found your post really helpful. I just started working as a PT aide and so far I like it but I am far from making a decision...


Updated 24 days ago

Home Health opportunities in NY state for PTA? - 2 Replies

There is no home health for PTAs in NY either. I just relocated from California where there are lots if agencies hiring PTAs. In fact I have over a...


Thoughts on Concorde's PTA program.

Anybody graduated, or currently attending Concorde's PTA program? Is it worth the time and money? I'm debating on going to the Memphis campus.


Updated 27 days ago

Why so little opportunity for PTAs to pursue the DPT? - 84 Replies

As a PTA student, I think the bridge programs are important. There's the idea of making the PTA a BS degree now. If that eventually falls through,...


Updated 27 days ago

What is easier PTA or OTA school? - 1 Reply

It depends on your personality and style of learning. If you think you're more of a book-smart based psychology fan, OTA. If you're more of a hands...


Updated 1 month ago

Cerritos College Application Question - 1 Reply

Also, how does Cerritos College verify PT aide and volunteer experience?


Updated 1 month ago

Worried about my background check - 62 Replies

Michael in Indianapolis, Indiana 63 months ago (I know, LONG TIME AGO!) but please read on as the "village idiot" in Indianapolis managed to get me...


Updated 1 month ago

Working as a PTA in Oregon. - 1 Reply

[QUOTE who="Mamba 24 in Encino, California"]Hello, I wanted some insight on anyone who lives in Oregon, that can tell me how it is working as a...


Updated 1 month ago

Is There a True Demand for Physical Therapy Assistants? What are the Pros and Cons of this profession? - 68 Replies

[QUOTE who="bunnyv in Summerfield, Florida"]As someone who asked the same thing, I think it is a very valid question. Just because someone wants to...


Updated 1 month ago

Questions for Physical Therapist Assistants, please help me decide if this career is right for me. - 312 Replies

Why are PTA salaries soo low with little room to grow?? It almost doesn't seem worth it..40,000-55,000?? Seriously? LPNs make the same-maybe a little...


Updated 1 month ago

PT or PTA school - 180 Replies

I'm so confused on whether to go OTA or PTA. In the recent years I've heard talks of for-profit schools graduating a lot of students and flooding the...


PT or PTA degree?

I'm trying to decide between pursuing a DPT or becoming a physical therapist assistant. I'm 25, I have no student loan debt and a bachelors (not in a...


PT or PTA degree?

I'm trying to decide between pursuing a DPT or becoming a physical therapist assistant. I'm 25, I have no student loan debt and a bachelors (not in a...


Training for physio assistant jobs in Canada?

Hi there, I'm looking for people who trained for their careers through programs offered at private career colleges in Canada to complete a short...


Updated 1 month ago

Scope of practice, other certifications, "freelance" work, and more! - 1 Reply

Word!? Nothing?!

Terrified SAH PT Mom

Updated 2 months ago

jumping back into PTA career - 27 Replies

[QUOTE who="Maria in Ann Arbor, Michigan"]The APTA website has refresher courses. In fact under the Careers and Education tab, there is an article...


Updated 2 months ago

PTA Liscence Exam - 777 Replies

Hello all, Passed my board exam & laws exam this past July! Starting to look for work now. I'm looking to sell some books: -Scorebuilders 2014 by...


pta laws and reg study guide

hi, My name is gina moving to Florida need to take laws and regs test but need a study guide help!!!! My email is


Updated 2 months ago

July NPTE review - 16 Replies

Hi. I'm an unlicensed PT graduate from Philippines, permanent resident in US, and plans to take PT Assistant Licensing in CA. I haven't started...


Updated 2 months ago

Future of PTA and Healthcare Reform - 342 Replies

it's a shame that the word rapist is in therapist don't be one of them


Updated 2 months ago

PTA exam - 7 Replies

please contact me if you are still doing this. [QUOTE who="hometutor31 in Seymour, Indiana"]If you are struggling with Anatomy,Physiology ,...

Bobbie Abbott

Updated 2 months ago

PTA versus OTA - 73 Replies

Unless there is a dual licensed program. You probably have to do one then the other one, or if a college has both you possibly could be in both but...


Updated 2 months ago

PTA salaries nationwide - 503 Replies

[QUOTE who="ptaforreal in Wyandotte, Michigan"]I'm a pta New grad in Detroit, mi just accepted a full time position for $24.50 at a snf. Hospital...

Lady texan

Updated 2 months ago

Salary for full time home health PTA (TX) - 179 Replies

[QUOTE who="bluelineman in McKinney, Texas"]Check your email.[/QUOTE] Could you send me info on your company & if you happen to know other HH...


PTA in Florida

Hi everyone! I'm currently living in NYC but thinking about relocating to Tampa or Sarasota area. Can you share any info about the work situation and...


Updated 2 months ago

Insight from thoses in the PTA program - 269 Replies

[QUOTE who="JuanDaBocker in Miami, Florida"]Hey everyone, I applied to Miami Dade PTA program last year and didnt get in. I have a 3.67 program gpa...


Job market for PTAs in Florida

Hi everyone! I'm currently living in NYC but thinking about relocating to Tampa or Sarasota area. Can you share any info about the work situation and...


Updated 2 months ago

PTA program at LaGuardia Community College - 17 Replies

[QUOTE who="Norma in New York, New York"]Hi Mel, Thank u for your reply! And congratulations!!! I will try and do my best!![/QUOTE] Thank you! ...

manbesam martinez

Updated 2 months ago

Phyical therapist assistant with an exercise science degree - 1 Reply

Yes you'll still have to go through PTA school. I have an Exercise science degree from USF and as much as I loved everything I learned, unless you...


Updated 2 months ago

PTA in SoCal - 1 Reply

I don't think you're crazy for wanting to leave for school since it is expensive! I am currently a PTA and was part of the first PTA class that...


What pay shoud I expect for full time benefitted PTA in Home Health in Riverside County, CA.?

Hello I've been a PTA for 4 year with experience in Acute care and minimal in home health but have interviewed with a company for full time,...

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