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Updated 3 hours ago

PTA Laws & Regs Jurisprudence Exam for Florida - 364 Replies

Hi Jeremiah- Could you please send me a copy of the study guide. I appreciate it so much. My email is Thank you so...


PTA job opportunities in Phoenix, AZ

Hi, Does anyone know the PTA job prospects in Phoenix AZ? I am considering going back to school for PTA. I live in OH but am moving to AZ next...


Updated 19 hours ago

Having a Bachelors Degree as a PTA - 5 Replies

If your graduating with a bachelors in Psychology then why not just apply to a doctorate degree program in physical therapy instead of pta school....


Updated 2 days ago

Looking pta preparation school in ny - 1 Reply

[QUOTE who="Kataria in Brooklyn, New York"]Hi my all friends recently i got my pta exam result . It was my 1st attempt . I was very close to pass...


Best Per Diem Agencies in NYC or Queens?

Hey guys, maybe you can help me out. I've been working as a PTA for almost 2 years in the New York City area. I'm working full time in an outpatient...


STNA work as a PTA student?

Hello everyone! I am about to begin with the prerequisites for the PTA program at Sinclair Community College, Dayton, OH. I am currently halfway...


Updated 3 days ago

PTA Liscence Exam - 787 Replies

[QUOTE who="JP in Plainsboro, New Jersey"]Ps when you say big red do you mean osullivan? Lol. If so... I would just read the PTA score builders book....


Updated 3 days ago

pta licensure exam review course - 1422 Replies

What's the best study guide to buy to prepare you for the pta exam??


Updated 3 days ago

Future of PTA and Healthcare Reform - 310 Replies

[QUOTE who="cire777 in Beach Haven, New Jersey"]Well my fellow PTA's, I hate to drop this pipe bomb on you. Take a look at this web-site and notice...

Updated 3 days ago

Is it tedious to get licensed in another state after moving? - 11 Replies

hi i am new to this country, i have NY PTA license , i would like to transfer my license to texas, what you mean by traveling PTA


Updated 4 days ago

PTA salaries nationwide - 486 Replies

Are there no PT jobs in Dallas which sponsors visa for International PT.I am searching for one since 3 momths and no luck yet.

T Bol

Updated 4 days ago

Concorde Career College PTA program (San Diego) - 5 Replies

He did admit that it was very expensive but like others on here have stated, time is money, and the cost of the school is offset once you graduate...

homosassa girl

Updated 6 days ago

Is physical therapy assistant a good career? - 3 Replies

In Fl you can start anywhere from $21-30 an hour depending on setting. You can became a director of rehab with your business degree which means you...


Travel PTA Companies in FLORIDA

I know this is a broad spectrum but I am starting PTA school this Fall and I am looking for "traveling PTA companies" that I can call to speak to a...


PTA program at Oakton college in Des Plaines IL

Does anybody know how difficult is PTA program at Oakton college in Des Plaines IL? I just got accepted, and will be starting this Fall. I also still...

solo dolo

Updated 11 days ago

Physical Therapist Assistant- is it a waste of time or a good career? - 1074 Replies

Hello board, I am contemplating a career in the PTA field. I'd like to know if anybody living in Arizona can give me some input on how the job...

COTA Traveler

Updated 15 days ago

Moving in the USA - 15 Replies

Stay right where you are. Why would you want to come to the USA during a recession and take jobs away from Americans? You won't be appreciated or...


Updated 16 days ago

Concorde career college PTA Program (North Hollywood campus) - 257 Replies

I have my B.S. in Kinesiology and I recently got the VA to approve paying for my tuition at Concorde Garden Grove for the PTA program. I took a tour...


I want to be a PTA, but I need to work during school.

I really want to go back to school and become a PTA. I have rent, a car payment, and bills to pay. I don't have any family to help. I think I will be...


Updated 17 days ago

Questions for Physical Therapist Assistants, please help me decide if this career is right for me. - 319 Replies

Health Care Girl in Livermore, California you hit the nail on the head with my concerns and observations. Finding regular positions can be hard too,...


Updated 26 days ago

PTA or Radiology Tech field more in demand? - 6 Replies

Please do NOT I REPEAT DO NOT waste your time going to radiology school. The field is already saturated enough and its only getting worse. You will...


Updated 1 month ago

PTA versus OTA - 71 Replies lists 52 COTA Jobs in Oklahoma and lists 113, while lists 171 PTA jobs with Glassdoor showing over 400. Salaries...


Updated 1 month ago

Worried about my background check and clinicals PLEASE HELP!!!!! - 3 Replies

I was wondering the out come of your license? I am in the same situation.


Updated 1 month ago

Worried about my background check - 50 Replies

Hey i was wondering the outcome of anyone trying to get there license. I am finishing my last clinical and approaching my boards.


Updated 1 month ago

Bay Area SJ/MV/Fremont/Milpitas Area PTAs - NEED SOME INFO - 4 Replies

A friend of mine with a lot of experience got hired at a SNF for 39/hour. I haven't heard of much higher and seems higher than the averages I gave....


Updated 1 month ago

Backup plan in case the PTA license becomes obsolete - 81 Replies

If you had to choose a PTA school out of the following what would it be and why? 1.Laguardia community college 2.Kingsborough community...


Updated 1 month ago

What is the most difficult PTA class? - 3 Replies

Hi Eager...........great attitude. There are a lot of things you can do to learn. Flash cards are great and will help with testing. I find I...


Updated 1 month ago

question regarding california PTA license - 98 Replies

hello can anyone help on the 96 pages that everyone talks about? I've taken the California Law exam twice and on my third I want to make sure I Pass...

PTA new grad

employment opportunities for new grads

I graduate from an accredited PTA program at the end of July and am having a hard time finding companies that want to hire new grads. Any advice on...

Charity Jacks

Updated 1 month ago

Chattahoochee Tech College in GA - PTA program? - 5 Replies

[QUOTE who="AWil in Woodstock, Georgia"]Actually, it is a great program. Nothing is wrong with the school. Dr. Puffer, the new program director is...


Opinions on different fields

Can anyone out there working as a PTA give me opinons on the different settings available to PTAs? I have a friend who works in nursing homes and...


Updated 1 month ago

No Accreditation in Canada? - 216 Replies

i'm a physiotherapist from India.i hav done 4.5yr degree course of BPT. i have exp in Clinic's any one help what procedure and job details. How to...


Physical fitness tips for student beginning PTA program

Hello everyone! I start the PTA program next week and am very excited! However, I really need to get into shape! Currently, I walk quite a bit and...


Updated 2 months ago

PIMA Medical Institute - 84 Replies

[QUOTE who="Sunduby"]Honestly I haven't experienced that with them everything so far has been totally legit at the Las Vegas campus...[/QUOTE] HI...



Down here the local CC does not have and OTA or PTA's only at Pima Medical Institute or Brown Mackie. Both are incredibly expensive....


Updated 2 months ago

PT or PTA school - 178 Replies

Hi, I have just completed my Bachelors in Zoology and biochemistry from India and my masters in biodiversity as I was keen on doing wildlife...


Updated 2 months ago

I got into a pta program - 7 Replies

[QUOTE who="g_s in tinley park, Illinois"]It is a worthless program. I will not recommend to anyone. I have wasted so much money and time...


Updated 2 months ago

Austin, TX PTA pay for SNF setting - 4 Replies

Before taking that job transfer you better remember that PTA jobs here are no were to be found. So if that transfer does not work out, then you are...


Updated 2 months ago

Carrington College PTA program - 119 Replies

Hi everyone, I'm kinda bummed to hear so many negative reviews for CC. I have been in the application process for awhile. I will be graduating in...


OK to do this with degenerative discs in neck

Hello everyone, I was accepted into the PTA program at a local college and am due to start next fall. I was having some chronic headaches and...


Updated 2 months ago

Is PTA a good field to get into? - 2 Replies

Thank you for your reply. Because my school doesn't have a pta program, I am considering going for PT. But I am also considering occupational therapy...


Updated 2 months ago

A Question for Established PTAs - 2 Replies

I'd like to know the answer this myself.

Brenda Macias

Updated 2 months ago

jumping back into PTA career - 23 Replies

I too, have enjoyed being a full time mother. Now I need to work, I am much older but still very capable of being a PTA. I am only licensed in N.Y....

Helen Whiteley

Updated 2 months ago

Salary For Experienced Physical Therapist Assistant. - 81 Replies

The average annual physical therapy assistant salary is $52,320 per year.


Updated 2 months ago

Topics: Job Saturation and ACA phasing out PTA's - 1 Reply

Ok....this is totally just opinion from being in the field for a couple of years and reading. I don't think that PTA will be phased out. APTA is...

Recent Grad

Updated 2 months ago

How exactly would one go about becoming a Physical Therapist Assistant? - 3 Replies

To become a PTA, you need to get an associate's degree from a CAPTE-accredited school. The only "major" is "physical therapist assistant". You do...


Any PT Aide/Rehab aide or tech positions in Dayton or Columbus???

Have not found anything thus far. I'm taking prereqs for PTA program at Sinclair Community College in Dayton.


Updated 3 months ago


[QUOTE who="futurePTAstudent in Union City, California"]I think I will most likely going to Carrington. I think they dont have a pre-requisite. Also,...

homosassa girl

Updated 3 months ago

PTA vs. OTA, which is more desirable in a pediatric setting? - 1 Reply

[QUOTE who="Heather Lopez in Arlington, Texas"]Hello all, I am considering applying to the PTA program at a local community college. I have done a...

Heather Lopez

Updated 3 months ago

Females and Home Health - 7 Replies

This is a really late response, but I am just curious if you accepted that offer, bray? Do you like working home health? I ultimately want to work 2...

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