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Recent Grad in Tucson, Arizona

Updated 17 months ago

Loma Linda PTA Program!? - 38 Replies

I was wondering if anyone has applied for 2013 PTA program?? if so, have you heard anything back? I applied and I am hoping i get in! (:

PTAgirl in San Rafael, California

Updated 17 months ago

Physical Therapist with License for 2 States - 1 Reply

Hi, I'm currently practising in NY as PT, and I'm in a process of endorsing my license for NJ state. If eveything goes well, will i loose my...

JTT in Maine

Updated 17 months ago

PTA salaries in Vermont and New Hampshire - 1 Reply

Aloha! I am a new graduate and am licensed as a PTA. I would like to relocate my family to Vermont or New Hampshire as soon as possible. I would...

JTT in Maine

Updated 17 months ago

PTA or Message Therapy? Trying to become an actual PT!!!! - 2 Replies

I'm 24 going on 25 soon and, due to switching majors, I'm just about to finish my Bachelor's in Exercise Science. I know PT school is just about...

Isabella in Rutherford, New Jersey

Updated 17 months ago

PTA Spring admissions - 4 Replies

Hey, does anybody know of any PTA programs (anywhere in the U.S) that have spring admission? I'm trying really hard to get into a program asap. I'm...

Vanessa Mathuirn in Ruskin, Florida

Updated 17 months ago

PT or PTA advice needed - 7 Replies

Hey everyone, looking for some insight on my situation...(Have this posted in PT and PTA forums to get a balanced perspective) I'm 26 years old...

shiloe1 in Uniontown, Pennsylvania

Travel co. that will assign a new grad PTA?

Are there any travel agencies that will place a new grad PTA? I just graduated and only have my clinical internship's as experience. Anyone know...

Shootthemoon616 in Veneta, Oregon

Updated 18 months ago

PTA Student interested in becoming DPT - 3 Replies

Hello all, I suppose I'm here wanting some feedback about my plans- I am currently about to graduate from PTA school and have less than a year...

renren in Moscow, Pennsylvania

Updated 18 months ago

Really struggling with A & P 2- does it get much worse? - 10 Replies

Hello everyone, I was accepted into a PTA program, and am finishing up my last pre requisite, which is A & P 2. I am REALLY struggling with this...

Jqarcala in Sacramento, California

Updated 18 months ago

Military PTA - 14 Replies

Is there anyone out there who is a PTA in the military? I'm currently a traveler PTA, but I figure being in the military would offer a much better...

angela in Homosassa, Florida

Updated 18 months ago

Not sure what to think . . - 1 Reply

I sat for the PTA exam on Jan 15. Exam center says it takes 10 days to get results. So some of the people that took the test on Jan 15 with me,...

cassandra in Portland, Texas

Del Mar College PTA Program, Corpus Christi

I'm applying to the PTA program at Del Mar College in Corpus Christi, TX. They use a point system for acceptance into the program. The points are...

Helen PTA in Baltimore, Maryland

Updated 18 months ago

Productivity Rates - 12 Replies

I am a new PTA graduate and I was wondering what some of the productivity rates are for PTAs working in SNFs. So far, I have had 3 job interviews...

Trix1964 in Moreno Valley, California

Updated 19 months ago

New Grad trying to find an opportunity to get a job - 2 Replies

I am a 2013 certified by the state of Michigan New PTA grad and cannot find a job. At lease 1 year experience is required. How are any of you...

LAUREN14 in Kentucky

Updated 19 months ago

pta program @jctc in louisville - 1 Reply

Will be starting pta program @ jctc in August 2013. Wondering if anyone has any comments about this program. I have been a nuclear med tech for 18...

ptagreen in Perry, Florida

Updated 19 months ago

Loans and Debt for DPT - 2 Replies

Hi again, So I did some discouraging math the other day and realized it would cost $89,000 for a 3 year doctoral program at one of the schools of...

pta in Tonawanda, New York

Updated 19 months ago

PTA or DPT Program - Need Advice! - 3 Replies

Hi everyone, I need some advice on what to do in regards to career paths and education. First off, I'm 28 and I'm 30 credits shy of a bachelors...

Snowpaw in Florida

Kaiser college PTA program

I am a licensed massage therapist, and I want to expand into physical therapy for many reasons that aren't important to my post. I have two main...

Rafael in Stockton, California

Should I apply to a PTA program although I injured my back during my teenage years?

Hello everyone, I have been considering applying to a physical therapy assistant program but have been hesitant because I injured my back when I was...

reneegavin in Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania

Should I reapply?

Hello everyone, I applied to the only local PTA program near me. I was late in applying last fall, so I was told to reapply for this summer in...

Ryan23 in Hollywood, Florida

Updated 20 months ago

PTA glorified exercise instructor? - 42 Replies

Please don't take this as an offense, but every time I have utilized physical therapy, snowboard and ski injury, the PTA just showed me how to do...

StarSapphire in Lakewood, California

Updated 20 months ago

No PTA programs in San Diego - 24 Replies

I live in San Diego and am interested in pursuing a career as a PTA. Mesa College in San Diego has a PTA program but is not taking applications...

Foxinhawaii in Honolulu, Hawaii

Updated 20 months ago

PTA salary inquiry - 19 Replies

This may seem tacky, but i'm graduating PTA school in May and I would love to hear what people in different states are pulling in, salary-wise, from...

PTA in Texas in San Antonio, Texas

Beginning a PTA career in home health

To all of the experienced home health PTA's out there, what is the best way to pursue a career or gain experience in a home health setting? I have...

Lisa in Dallas, Texas

Updated 20 months ago

Salary in MA - 12 Replies

I am contemplating PTA and wondering what the avg. salary is in my area (Western MA) No specific info on this area. is all over the place...

Lisa in Dallas, Texas

Updated 20 months ago

PTA 13-week Travel Contracts? A good idea? - 2 Replies

Hi: Can anyone tell me how state licensing is handled when you travel - do you have to be licensed in that state to be considered? If so, how do you...

Patrick in La Habra, California

I need help im just fresh graduate from HS is PTA a good choice

Hi there. Im just a fresh grad from HS and thinking of getting PTA @ stanbridge college is it a good choice?.. Working environment- is this job...

Alfredo in Miami, Florida

Physical therapy assistant in to a DPT

I was just wondering if there is anyways to eventually get a Doctorate in physical therapy with an A.S. in PTA? I am aware you need B.S. in order to...

DELAF72 in Rancho Cucamonga, California


I have a Bachelor's degree in Kinesiology and am currently enrolled in a PTA program. I was wondering what my options were with the Army/Air...

JTT in Massachusetts

Updated 20 months ago

PTA job market in Texas? - 2 Replies

So I'm looking to relocate to Texas after graduating next year and I've heard texas is the only good spot left for PTA jobs, so does anyone know if...

JTT in Massachusetts

Updated 20 months ago

New PTA student asking questions about other peoples PTA programs and Traveling PTAs - 3 Replies

Hi I'm going to be starting the PTA program in Fall 2014 and I have some some nagging questions about other peoples PTA programs and traveling...

Sara in Fresno, California

Updated 20 months ago

Any San Juan College PTA Online Program graduate? - 20 Replies

Hi All, I hear that San Juan College in Farmington, New Mexico has a PTA online program (accredited). The actual program has two weeks each semester...

PTABOy17 in Sterling Heights, Michigan

Updated 21 months ago

PTA career advancement ? - 6 Replies

Looking to make a career change into PT. I have long debated whether to go DPT or PTA. More recently i have been leaning towards PTA as I am becoming...

Foxinhawaii in Honolulu, Hawaii

Updated 21 months ago

PTA salary in st Augustine Florida - 3 Replies

I'm thinking of relocating but I can't seem to find consistent info on the average local salary.

Lyssa in San Antonio, Texas

Should I go PTA or DPT ?? (graduating soon)

Hi ya'll! Names Alyssa (Lyssa),and I been having a lot of difficulties trying to pick which field to go in. At first I was all about just getting...

Karin Honda in Orlando, Florida

Best choice for PTA Program?

Hello all, I am a 17 year old teen that wants to hop on the train on quickly pursuing my future career but doesn't know where to start. From...

TAE in Santa Barbara, California

Updated 22 months ago

Has anyone in southern Ca, become a PTA in the last 2 years?? Advice please? - 2 Replies

Hi, I live in orange county CA near Disneyland. I am looking to start my PTA program, but the local colleges are no longer accepting...

dee in Garden Grove, California

Updated 23 months ago

It is time for change - 100 Replies

There are currently thirteen OTA to OT bridge programs and fifteen weekend OT programs. There are only two PTA to PT Bridge programs one of which is...

BUDO311 in Winter Haven, Florida

Updated 23 months ago

Herzing University Orlando PTA program - 25 Replies

Does any one have reviews of this program? I have been accepted to start summer 2012 and I am curious what experiences others have had. Thank you...

Arizona Grad in Tucson, Arizona

Updated 23 months ago

Pregnant while in PTA school - 3 Replies

Well, I worked really hard, got accepted into PTA school and now I may be pregnant. It was really hard to get in the first time because they only...

Determined in Parsippany, New Jersey

Updated 23 months ago

Will I be able to get hired at my age - 1 Reply

I wish I would've pursued pt when I was in college, but that was a long time ago. I'm 54 now. I'm in very good shape, can ride a bike 40 miles,...

beestrng in Farmington, Michigan

PTA schools

Hello, I wanted to become a PTA. I will be graduating with a BA this year. Already have AP 1 and 2 done. I was looking into Keiser, Concorde...

Arizona Grad in Tucson, Arizona

Updated 23 months ago

PTA to PT, is it possible? - 1 Reply

Hello, I understand that a Physical Therapist Assistant is unable to (or can rarely) transition to a Physical Therapist, but this is my...

BB in Las Vegas, Nevada

Does anyone have audio files that they made as a studying tool for the PTA board exam?

If anyone has any info that might help or has what I'm looking for I would greatly appreciate the help. Thank you.


Updated 23 months ago

travel PTA average salary? - 218 Replies

Does anybody know the average salary of a travel PTA? Also can anyone recommend any reliable travel companies?

Pointbreak85 in Orlando, Florida

IS the future job market for PTAs bright or very dark and depressing?

Im asking because im fascinated by the field and I want to start on that path but by doing research im getting mixed wtf is...

Jamie in East Providence, Rhode Island

Updated 23 months ago

Is PTA a good career? - 4 Replies

Hey, I'm a junior in highschool im looking for actual advice from people that have experience in this field.. preferably someone in PA I'd like to...

dee in Garden Grove, California

Updated 23 months ago

Intrested in doing the pta program at a school like kaplan or concorde will that be good enough? - 3 Replies

Im looking to enroll at either Kaplan or Concorde to get my Pta certification wondering if i will still get a job as any other pta graduate from a...

Arizona Grad in Tucson, Arizona

Updated 23 months ago

Are there alot of jobs for PTA? - 1 Reply

Im thinking of going to school to be a PTA and I wanted to find out if there are a lot of jobs for PTA? And also is it a very physically demanding...

EuroAsian in Maple Ridge, British Columbia

PTA salaries in Canada? Specifically in BC

Hey all, i'm 23 and finally need a career rolling and like to think of myself as a uplifting person who likes helping people. Initially I was going...

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