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Dana in Haledon, New Jersey

PT or PTA degree?

I'm trying to decide between pursuing a DPT or becoming a physical therapist assistant. I'm 25, I have no student loan debt and a bachelors (not in a...

Researcher in Toronto, Ontario

Training for physio assistant jobs in Canada?

Hi there, I'm looking for people who trained for their careers through programs offered at private career colleges in Canada to complete a short...

Jeremy in Los Angeles, California

Updated 20 months ago

Scope of practice, other certifications, "freelance" work, and more! - 1 Reply

All of the questions I'm about to ask are to help me figure out how "flexible" a PTA can be. The idea of a 9-5, 401k, same building type of job is...

Glewis in Uniontown, Pennsylvania

pta laws and reg study guide

hi, My name is gina moving to Florida need to take laws and regs test but need a study guide help!!!! My email is

alex74 in Carlsbad, New Mexico

Updated 21 months ago

July NPTE review - 16 Replies

Anyone here who's going to take the July NPTE? We can arrange an online group study. I am a foreign trained PT and initially wants to take the PTA...

alleycat in Lynnwood, Washington

Updated 21 months ago

PTA exam - 6 Replies

I have taken the PTA exam three times now and failed it three times. Once in Florida and twice in SC can anybody give me any advice on how to pass...

Adrian in Durham, North Carolina

PTA in Florida

Hi everyone! I'm currently living in NYC but thinking about relocating to Tampa or Sarasota area. Can you share any info about the work situation and...

Adrian in Durham, North Carolina

Job market for PTAs in Florida

Hi everyone! I'm currently living in NYC but thinking about relocating to Tampa or Sarasota area. Can you share any info about the work situation and...

manbesam martinez in Tampa, Florida

Updated 21 months ago

Phyical therapist assistant with an exercise science degree - 1 Reply

So I am just about to finish up my exercise science degree and am rethinking my career choice. For the longest time I wanted to be a personal...

hp2005 in Corona, California

Updated 21 months ago

PTA in SoCal - 1 Reply

So I'm currently living in Los Angeles. I can stay and get a PTA degree here (likely Concorde, a for profit college) for about 60k plus cost of...

hp2005 in Corona, California

What pay shoud I expect for full time benefitted PTA in Home Health in Riverside County, CA.?

Hello I've been a PTA for 4 year with experience in Acute care and minimal in home health but have interviewed with a company for full time,...

Jen, PTA in Austin, Texas

How to get equipment in budget strapped SNF?

As all my fellow SNF physical therapy peeps know, there have been a lot of cutbacks in the industry in the past few years. I recently transferred...

Kataria in Ozone Park, New York

peat exam

Hi, I m going to appear pta exam in July . Last time I took peat but this time I m confuse ,anyone tell me this june peat exam is same as March or...

MagicJack in Louisville, Kentucky

Updated 22 months ago

Starting the path to become a physical therapist - 1 Reply

Would anyone say that starting college at 23 is too late to eventually become a physical therapist? I've been at community college for a while now...

Jadeyp in Miami, Florida

Home health in South Fl?

I just relocated to south Florida and im looming fire the best company and setting to work for. I'm interested in home health and outpatient clinics...

1 in San Francisco, United Kingdom



1 in San Francisco, United Kingdom



Mark in Los Angeles, California

Updated 22 months ago

PTA or PT - 38 Replies

I have two options. I live about an hour and a half away from Sacramento City college. They offer a PTA program that I am ready to apply to. In...

Running1987 in New York

What can you do as a PTA?

Hi, currently hold a bachelor's degeee in business. Going back to school for nursing taking my pre requisites. However, if held up on a waiting list...

PTA-Mark in Los Angeles, California

Board exam tips/advice

Hi everyone, I'm was hoping to pick the brains of people that have taken the NPTAE to find out what is important to focus on so I can study as...

Alex in Elizabeth, New Jersey

Updated 23 months ago

volunteer hours at a physical therapy place - 9 Replies

Hi I been trying to find out how to get volunteer work as its a prerequisite to get into the PTA program in Union County College. I'm not exactly...

Barry2 in Austin, Texas

Updated 24 months ago

A Question for Established PTAs - 3 Replies

Hello, Considering what you know about the current state of the physical therapy field, about the effect of the healthcare reform, about insurance...

LovinMe in Coos Bay, Oregon

Updated 24 months ago

Best cities for PTA's to relocate? (demand/salary, cost of living) - 1 Reply

So I'm a single guy with no ties and I'm going to be finishing up the PTA program at a community college, and while I'll probably stay in the area...

LovinMe in Coos Bay, Oregon

Updated 24 months ago

PTA Program in Portland, Oregon? - 2 Replies

I was wondering if anyone out there has graduated or is in the process of the PTA program in Oregon. I'm specifically interested in hearing from...

verylblakely@*****.*** in San Diego, California

Updated 24 months ago

To be a PTA: how long will it take? which school to go to in CHicago? - 98 Replies

I'm thinking about going into PTA. I'm 43 years old. My questions are: I read some jobs posted on Monster, a PT has to graduate from an accredited...

DCspta in Albany, Georgia

Updated 24 months ago

pta rant - 6 Replies

I worked full time right out of high school attended community college for years with no real direction thanks to my advisors telling me physical...

Hadi in Southfield, Michigan

Updated 24 months ago

HFCC PTA Program (Michigan) - 10 Replies

Hello-- My name is Misha and I've started a Facebook group for Henry Ford Community College students who are either currently in, starting this...

PTAgirl in Windsor, California

Updated 25 months ago

How exactly would one go about becoming a Physical Therapist Assistant? - 5 Replies

I am currently attending a community college and would like to know what one would have to do in order to become a PTA. Also what are the differences...

Running1987 in Naugatuck, Connecticut

Looking to go back to college for PTA

Hi, I currently have a bachelor's in business administration. I worked in the past as an EMT, Anesthesia Tech, Psych Tech, Sterile Processing Tech....

Relentless in Marietta, Georgia

Updated 25 months ago

Struggling in PTA school - 9 Replies

I'm a second year pta student in pennsylvania. I've had to spread out the program by another year because it is so demanding. I'm worried about the...

Connor in Orrville, Ohio

Does having a bachelor's degree as a PTA benefit yourself?

Currently I am going to school for athletic training, but what i really want to do is PTA. However, I want to get my bachelor's degree because i do...

Gary in Pleasant Hill, California

Updated 25 months ago

Did everyone have to do observation hours to get accepted into PTA program? - 12 Replies

I don't see it listed as a requirement at the school near me. I want to work full time until I actually get accepted into the program to do my...

PTAintraining in Florida

Updated 25 months ago

Criminal record and PTA career - 1 Reply

I want to become a PTA but back in 2007 i pleaded guilty to OUI/DUI. Unfortunately it was not my first one because i had got one back in college....

Rebecca in Knoxville, Tennessee

Updated 25 months ago

PTA for Mature students? - 101 Replies

Is PTA feasible for a more mature person - late 30s to early 40s? I am interested in the field but have been cautioned by some that the intensive...

JoeDeePTAcee in Garfield, Arkansas

Updated 25 months ago

Prerequisites & Financial Aid Questions? - 1 Reply

hi everyone. I finally decided to go back to school this year and get an A.S. degree in Physical Therapy Assistant at a community college. but first...

bigchevydude in Springfield, Illinois

Updated 25 months ago

PTA or Radiology Tech field more in demand? - 11 Replies

I am currently living in the Seattle area and am a student taking my preq so I can apply to either the PTA or Radiology Tech program at a college. I...

bigchevydude in Springfield, Illinois

Updated 25 months ago

First Day at Your First PTA Job - 6 Replies

Hi! I'm a PTA student in my first senior rotation. I have 5 weeks left at this clinical site, then another 5 weeks at a different site, graduation,...

Healthychick2 in Idaho

Updated 26 months ago

PTA's and immunizations - 4 Replies

I would love to be a PTA, but I do not want to be immunized. I have never been immunized because of my religion. Is there a lot of pressure to be...

Stephanie in Milton, Florida

Updated 26 months ago

Physical Therapy Assistant volunteer? - 1 Reply

Hi I recently started the process of trying to get into the Pta program.. I have my associates already so I have some of the classes fulfilled. My...

Stephanie in Milton, Florida

PTA program Pensacola State College

Hi everyone! I love reading everyone's comments and seeing the different discussion topics. I am about to start my observation hours for the PTA...

lilbitacrazy in Fort Wayne, Indiana

Northeast Indiana PTA Jobs-Are they out there?

Thinking of starting a PTA program in NE Indiana. I want to make sure the jobs are out there though. What can I expect directly out of school in...

PhillyPTA in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Updated 26 months ago

PTA salary in Philadelphia - 1 Reply

Can anyone tell me how much is the going rate for a full time position in a SNF. I'm a PTA w/ 14 years experience. Thanks for any info

Nikky in Salem, Massachusetts

Being a PTA with condromalacia patella?

I have been working the past few months to get into a PTA program. I handed in my application a few weeks ago, and will find out in april if I made...

Turn Key Therapy in Austin, Texas

Home Health Therapy Contract Companies?

Does anyone work directly for a home health therapy staffing company instead of directly for an agency? - Paul Bynum, PTA

PTAgirl in Windsor, California

Updated 27 months ago

Should I get a degree in the state I want to live in?` - 1 Reply

So I want to continue living in Southern California.. its the best place in the world.. but I want to go back to college and possibly get a PTA...

PTAgirl in Windsor, California

Updated 27 months ago

Age & Experience limiting new job abilitiies - 1 Reply

I got laid off last November 2014, after working for 23 years & 3 months at a hospital. I am thankful I do have unemployment benefits, but those only...

PTAgirl in Windsor, California

Updated 27 months ago

Need Advice - 1 Reply

Hello, I'm a 19 year old looking to become a PTA or PT. I'm currently in the second semester of my first year in college. I've been planning my...

Jed in Washington, District of Columbia

Professional Reputation

Hoping this might be interesting for a lot of you - it's the best way to build a professional reputation and claim out a stake for why you're so...

Kataria in South Richmond Hill, New York

looking someone in ny for preparing my pta exam

Hi, this is Gurdeep Kataria, I appeared in pta exam two times but I didn't pass actually I'm near to pass.i m looking someone study with me .I m...

Lori in Windermere, Florida

PTA job market in Central Florida

I am currently in PTA school and expect to graduate in 2016. Does anyone know what the job market for PTAs is like in the Central Florida area and...

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