Is CSCS worth it for a PTA

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Jak in Columbus, Ohio

49 months ago

I have my bachelors degree in exercise science with a backgtound in strength and conditioning and I'm working towards an associates of applied science for PTA. I'm just wondering if its worth the fees to get my CSCS or not being a PTA

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bluelineman in McKinney, Texas

48 months ago

How much are the fees? If you are working in a sports medicine oriented outpatient clinic or with athletes it might be worth it (depending on cost). In any other setting, probably not.

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taurus20red in Lawrenceville, Georgia

46 months ago

I'm curious to know why arent you applying to a PT school to become a physical therapist instead of a PTA? You already have a bachelors degree and you will have more opportunities and more money instead of pta.

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Jak in Columbus, Ohio

46 months ago

I get that way more often than I'd like. I'm a people person. I spent my entire undergrad thinking I was going to be a strength and conditioning coach, then the summer before my last year of undergrad I got an internship with a division 1 football team strength and conditioning program and learned a tremendous amount about strength and conditioning. I also talked to roughly 7 head strength and conditioning coaching ranging across all NCAA Divisions and every one of them told me if I could see myself in anything else do that instead. Outside of division 1 strength and conditioning coaches are over workers, under paid, a dime a dozen, and the people that hire them don't know anything about the area they are hiring for. Another internship I did was under my own strength and conditioning coach where I attended undergrad. I went to a division 2 program and we had one Head S/C coach and one GA that was getting paid for 1 class, and I was a volunteer, to do the programs for 18 sports teams and being severely underpaid and under appreciated given the progress the teams had made.

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Jak in Columbus, Ohio

46 months ago

At the D1 school there was a Head S/C coach of football and only football, 3 assistants that had football plus 1 other sport, and up to 6 interns at one time during the summer just for football. I would estimate the D1 made roughly 3 times as much as the D2. That being said the D1 coach made moved from Illinois, to Ohio, to Tennessee, To NC, to Florida, in the course of 9 years while trying to raise a family. Neither sound too appealing to me. Anyway hence why I am all about the patient interaction and why I got out of SC. My last internship for my Exercise Science degree I did at an outpatient physical therapy center and loved it. I'd been through PT a million times while doing track in college but being on the other side to me is just strength and conditioning for a different reason. I don't want to just evaluate and pass along and then hit the paperwork. I need the interaction. I want to take you through it, make sure you are doing it right, motivate you when you think you can't, and then see you walk out the door the most improved I can do with the time I'm given. I know the pay isn't even close but I don't need all the bells and whistles, I'd rather feel like I was active in the process not just monitoring. I know there are PTs out that are extremely active throughout the whole process but this is the best fit for me to be devoted solely to it. And I figure if I am, then I will get the best results, and if I get the best results I will be compensated. If I don't then I wasted a whooooooole lot of time and effort...

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trainer99 in Kittery, Maine

31 months ago

Sounds like I'm doing the same thing..BS Exercise Science did CPT CSCS..wanted to S&C at first..really enjoyed the field and the work that I did..but did not want to do it long term..Doing PTA currently, will use CSCS stuff on the side for $ to complement the PTA job

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