Please Help!!! Finish BS in health Education Or go To PTA school

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Nysgirl6 in North Charleston, South Carolina

41 months ago

Hello everyone I have a big issue.. I have currently finished 78 credits toward my BS degree in Health Education along with thousands of dollars in student loan dept. I have a big passion for Physical Therapy and find it way to competitive and expensive to get into The physical Therapist program so I have applied for a PTA program.
The question is would it be a waste of 78 credits if I stopped pursuing my BA degree and went for the PTA program this fall??? Would it be worth it too finish my BA in health education and then go to PTA school? It would take 10,000 more dollars and another year and 1/2 to finish my BA with no job placement. It would take me 2 years to finish my PTA degree at around 4,000 and I have more chances for work..however I would have wasted at least 60 credits and aloooot of time.
I have no guidance on what to do and never have which has gotten me in this situation.. Currently I drive a school bus and HAVE to get out of this profession.Is there something I can still do with these 78 credit?? Can someone please help with this as I can not waste anymore time and money in school.

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jrmavc in you'll never know, California

41 months ago

Go to PTA school. Good job, Good money, and you can have a life after work and on the weekends. Plus it will cost you less and you can work on the weekends.

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manbesammartinez in Tampa, Florida

40 months ago

Go to PTA school!!

As far as your 78 credits, they will not be wasted becasue can always go back and finish your Bachelors degree at a later time. Go to PTA school, graduate, pass the boards and get a decent job then later on down the road go back and finish up those 40 or so credits to get your bachelors.

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funtwo123 in La Habra, California

40 months ago

of course ur credit didnt come to waste. well in california, most of the pta programs require u to finish general education, anatomy and physiology. More competitive programs requires physics and chemistry. you can a lot of money as a pta in california.

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