Will there be more BRIDGE programs from PTA-to-PT in the future? Any thought?

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AspiringPTA in Trenton, New Jersey

64 months ago

Thanks. Also, Aside from the bridge program in Ohio, I've heard there one in California, if so what school? Are there any others that I am unaware of?

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Vkinnaird in Fayetteville, North Carolina

62 months ago

I haven't seen anymore. I am starting school for PTA and was interested in this too. So I researched a bit. They say going from PTA to PT isn't an advancement it's a complete career change. So that's where there isn't any programs out there. But I will say that most PT classes need a bachelors degree to get into the DPT program. So with that being said PTA is an associates in applied science, then you could look into what pre reqs are needed for the DPt program, get a bachelors- kinesiology maybe? But make sure the pre reqs are completed too. Then go to the DPT program. They say the DPT program takes 3 full years (summers included) to complete. So it'll be a year or two longer doing it this way, but if you can work and go to school I think it would be okay. Plus the experience is needed to get into the DPT program. So I think this is what I am going to do. Because I want toget started in the career! So ill do PTA, work for 2 years, then start finishing my bachelors in kinesiology then go to the DPT program. So hopefully I can be done by 32! Haha. Good luck!

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