physical therapy assistant training in southern california

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munroe34 in Pomona, California

66 months ago

I am considering going to school for physical therapy assistant. I live in southern california. What colleges offer the program? I know of Cerritos College and Loma Linda University. Are there any other colleges that offer the training?

Thank you

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Kim L in El Dorado Hills, California

66 months ago

listed on the APTA website california only has 5 and three are in the south. there may be some private college elsewhere but will cost a lot more then community college. i've heard Loma Linda is a great one because a friend went there. i'm in the north and hoping to go to Sac City.

good luck.

Cerritos College (D1, F2, PU)
Loma Linda University (D1, E5, F1, PR)
Ohlone College (D1, F4, F5, PU)
Sacramento City College (D1, F5, PU)
San Diego Mesa College (A3, D1, F4, PU)

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Lissa W. in La Mesa, California

66 months ago

Does anyone know of a company that pays for PTA school in southern california?

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Booskilaru in San Diego, California

65 months ago

I am about to graduate from San Diego Mesa College. It is an excellent PTA program that only costs $20/unit. If you are a california resident and qualify for the Govenor's Grant, it is possible for you to go for free! I believe it is too late for you to apply for this coming fall, but if you go on the web site it will give you info regarding information sessions that are held once a month (they are a requirement for admission to the program). I really recommend this program as it fully prepares you for the work force without incurring a huge cost...the true benefit to going for a PTA degree vs. a PT degree. If you are considering Loma Linda, I think you might as well go for the PT degree as the cost of both programs are only marginally different!

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centsa in San Diego, California

32 months ago

Hi Booskilaru.
Im planning on doing the PTA program at Mesa college. I finished all my GEs except for the pre reqs. Im currently finishing up the English portion but still need to finish up Math and (Anatomy/physiology)Bio160. Im looking at the 2013 program. It's going to be $46/unit by then. I'm going to start volunteering at the therapy program at the VA this summer and attending the information session this week.
Is there anything else I should do to make my chances better of getting into the program? I have a 2.11 gpa, I know it sucks. (I had some issues a couple of years back.)
Will being a military veteran give me a better chance at getting?, I don't quite understand how the lottery works?, is it just by chance or are they actually weighing your GPA, volunteer hours, etc.

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T Bol in San Diego, California

32 months ago

Hi centsa!
I applied for Fall of this year and I am really really hoping I get in! I hear that 300+ people apply and only 30 get in! =O
If you attend an info session they will have lots of your questions answered. The next one is February 7 at 530.
It sucks that the tuition keeps increasing! But it is still pretty cheap overall.
Being a military veteran doesnt make a difference at all. The lottery is just that, a lottery, by random chance. As long as you fulfill all the prerequisite, your name pretty much is thrown in a pool with other applicants and I believe a computer chooses randomly out of those qualified applicants. So if someone had straight A's in all the prereqs and another has straight C's, they both have the same chance of getting chosen.
Cerritos actually has a point system so that if you have a higher GPA and work hours and extra science classes, you can earn more points and get a better shot at being chosen. Hope that helps!
It really is just luck to get into Mesa. It has been on probation for a while so Im sure when people found out that it is no longer on probation, a slew of people are going to apply!

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leo in Northridge, California

25 months ago

Hi all,

I've been really doing a lot of researching on what I really want to do and it looks like PTA is something I'm really interested in doing. I've already graduated with a BS in exercise science, what schools have a reputable program? Cerritos and San Diego Mesa College are both choices I'm considering applying for...Any help would be great!

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Tippy in Los Angeles, California

24 months ago

Hi everyone,

I recently decided to pursue PTA as a career. Which California programs do you recommend? Thanks!

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Dee in Garden Grove, California

24 months ago

I've have been thinking a lot these past years about continuing my education, and getting out of my current dead end job. I had a few choices, and shadowed an RN for 32 hours, and nursing isn't for me. I have been looking into the PTA programs, but the only 2 i can see in my area is Cerritos college, but I think there is a long wait.

Are there any other options in my area?


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