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ashleymls in Luverne, Alabama

47 months ago

I am a 27yr old Medical Laboratory Scientist certified by the American Society for
Clinical Pathology with 3 yrs of experience. Most of my patient contact comes from phlebotomy. I graduated with a BS in biology in 2007 with an overall GPA of 3.49, and then completed a 1yr accredited Medical Technology program in 2010. It took me a couple of yrs to really figure out what I wanted to do with my life, working as a restaurant manager and then an environmental field analyst before getting into the medical field. I became interested in the PA profession while completing my medical technology internship, and I have the prerequisites to apply to some PA schools in the country. My only concern is that I entered college in 2003, and I have noticed that most PA schools have a time limit on science prerequisites. So I am going to apply to the PA schools that do not have a time limit . Right now I have about 8 schools in mind. I am going to start shadowing in January. I took the GRE last yr and scored 1109, but I have to retake it because I skipped out on the analytical portion. I feel like I could also improve my overall score. I am hoping that my completion of a medical technology internship/program and having more than 6000 hrs of experience will be noticed more than the fact that has been 7-10yrs since I have taken the prerequisites. I was just curious to see if anyone had a similar story to mine and if anyone has any advice? I plan to apply next yr for the 2014 class. Some of the schools I am planning to apply to is USA in AL, South University in GA and FL, Campbell University in NC, Quinnipiac University in CT, UT Southwestern in TX, Anne-Arundel in MD, and a couple more.

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Antoinette in Port Saint Lucie, Florida

46 months ago

mattfl. in Jacksonville, Florida said: I need some help here.
What was the school that offered this in Florida?

I have recently decided after a career in real estate that being a PA has always been a goal and a life passion of mine. I am 31 years old and I don't think I can go to school for another 4 years and not work full time . I have begun classes again and will complete my bachelors by this summer. I only needed electives to finish so I elected to take A&P 1 and 2 and next semester probably Chem and Micro Bio. to finish up. I am completely prepared to live off of loans and part time work for two years to complete my dream and do something that I can be proud of with the rest of my life. Ideally a bachelors in PA would be great and fit my plan very well. However I can't really find one here in Florida. I don't mind leaving the state but it will make it harder to live on small income.

Any help would be greatly appreciated and if anyone knows of a school that might work for an associates or bachelors program.

I really don't want to settle for like a Physical therapy assistant or occupational therapy assistant program


FAU's website shows the PA schools available in Florida, although FAU doesn't offer the program itself.

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