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richardriche in Boca Raton, Florida

101 months ago

Hello All

i'm hoping someone can guide and tell me what to do in my situation. i graduated a few years ago in health care administration, i was not very focused in school so i graduated with a very low GPA...after working in my field for a while i've decided that what i would really want to do with my life is becoming a i know that might be far fetch for someone who has not applied himself in pass, but its worth the try i and understand its a lot of hard work and i'm willing to do it. my only problem is that Med school requirements are very high and requires a GPA of over 3.5 and a high Mcat score, after i've calculated my current GPA even if i have As in all the pre-rec for Med school i will still be under a 2.7, i dont know what to do in that sitsuation. i'm stuck between a rock and a hard place. is there a way i can start over and only transfer my good grades to my transcript. i could try to start from scratch from another school but i'm not sure if that possible not to mention there are some classes that i would rather not do over because i didnt do too bad in them.

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2nd yr md student in College Station, Texas

99 months ago

i'm a 2nd yr med student and would advice u to either do a nurse practitioner specializing in mental health psychiatric PA, clinical psychology, or go to a foreign med school. psychiatry residencies are not very competitive and a lot of foreign MDs get in

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Pete in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

98 months ago

One of my friends had a 2.7 GPA, but did very well on the MCAT exam and got admission.

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suriyah in Arlington, Virginia

70 months ago

In terms of medical school, all is not lost. Several colleges have pre-med baccalaureate programs in which you can repeat the core medical school entry subjects ( biology, org chemistry etc) and get better grades. These will be considered separately from your undergrad courses. A lot of admissions offices take the time to review each individual application and recognize that not everyone was an A student the first time around. You can also just repeat those courses one by one - so if you got a low grade in org chem just retake that and they will see the improvement. Another option is visiting the school that you are interested in and asking " what can I do to improve my chances"? I would never give up.....

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